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I apologize. I was browsing through my old documents and I had found this. This happened during the chapter "Incomplete." I kinda think people deserve to see this because I have a feeling a lot of people went "what the fuck Arthur proposed to Matthew?"

"We've met before." Arthur stated. Eyebrows knitted together, a slight frown on his face. A monotone voice.

This could not be good.

Laura and Antonio exchanged worried glances, the joyous atmosphere from only seconds before quickly vanishing.

A look of guilt blossomed across Matthew's face and Vy's hands flew to her mouth.

Something was said that should not have been said.

"Well, I'm just going to go now!" She awkwardly laughed. She sent Matthew an apologetic look before pivoting on her heel and rushing away.

Matthew said nothing.

"You're Alfred's boyfriend."


"Antonio, I feel like going outside for a bit." Laura declared as she glanced at Matthew and Arthur. Quick to pick up the hint, Antonio flashed a smile and hastily escorted Laura out of the restaurant.

That just left Matthew and Arthur alone.

"You're not denying it."

Matthew shrugged his shoulders. "There's nothing to deny."

"How did you two meet?"

"We went to the same high school. Your high school."

How could that be possible? Arthur had never seen Matthew before... or had he? Bloody hell, Arthur couldn't have remembered everyone. He was the school president, it was impossible to remember the names and faces of everyone. And yet, Arthur had even once thought that Matthew looked familiar.

"I'm hard to remember," Matthew admitted as he examined Arthur's confused face. "But I remember you."

Mixed feelings. Should Arthur be angry or happy? Two scenarios played out in Arthur's mind.

"You're Alfred's boyfriend. You bleeding arse, you lied to me. You fucking lied to me. You pretended not to know me, you acted as if we've never met. But we have. And you remember me."


"You're Alfred's boyfriend? My god, I've been looking all over for you. Matthew- I'm speechless. You... I just can't believe it. Sofia – she was your friend, wasn't she? She said you hated me. You're right, I deserve to be hated."

But it played out differently.

"You know about the accident." Arthur stated.


Arthur's heart plummeted fast into his stomach.


"Don't." Matthew gave Arthur a somber smile. "I've realized it's not all your fault. Alfred was 19 and underage. He shouldn't even have been drinking at all. It was a bad choice on his part."

"I'm still sorry."

Arthur searched Matthew's eyes for forgiveness.

"Words won't stop him from dying."

There was none.

"What are you doing?" Matthew asked, as Arthur uncorked the wine bottle that Vy had graciously placed on the table as a celebration for Antonio's proposal.

"Drinking away my worries," he stated as he poured his glass to the brim.

Five glasses later, Arthur pulls out a small box from his pocket.

"What's that?" Matthew asked warily.

"Alfred's dying because of that car accident."

"No," Matthew corrected softly. "He's dying because he has lung cancer."

Those words went unheard in Arthur's brain.

"I'm going to take responsibility. I'll be the one to marry you." Arthur opened the box revealing a very modest gold ring. It had taken Alfred forever to pick it out. Excluding the fact that most of the shops were closed and the other ones that were open couldn't tolerate the two drunk men.

"Will you marry me?" Arthur asked.

"You don't even love me."

"I do," Arthur said. Matthew could see it. He had already known. Because Arthur had fallen in love with Matthew a long time ago, and he's fallen in love with Matthew again.

Matthew doesn't say anything, but he accepts the ring. He pulls out a chain that was hidden by his shirt. It's thin and silver and would have been simply a chain if not for the small union jack hanging limply. With fumbling hands he slides the ring on and re-conceals it behind his shirt.

After paying for the bill Arthur and Matthew promptly leave the restaurant, the latter half dragging the former away.

"There's so much I want to ask you." Arthur's bitter breath punctuated the air and Matthew nearly gagged.

"I know." Matthew responded, fully aware that Arthur probably won't remember this night.

"I was told you hate me. If you did, why did you spend all this time with me?"

"I wanted you to love me," Matthew was talking more for his own benefit than Arthur's. He needed to hear his own words. "I wanted you to love me so I could break your heart. The same way you broke mine."

"For ruining the relationship between you and Alfred?"

"No. Just for breaking my heart."


Matthew doesn't know if Arthur isn't drunk enough yet to forget everything, and at this point he is actually coherent of thought. But he had kept this in mind for he somehow manages to pull Arthur on to the stool of some unknown bar and orders a round.

Matthew inspects the liquid, not entirely sure of what he has ordered. "Do you remember our school musical? The one about gay rights?"

Arthur sat up straighter. "Of course. I was the lead singer."

"I was the person who filled in for Gilbert."

Then everything becomes clearer, and Arthur can't help but mentally berate himself for being so stupid.
"Go home," said Arthur. Matthew had given him this worried look but was waved off with by Arthur's hand. "I need some time to myself."


"Just go," The words start to slur. "Go. Please."

With great reluctance Matthew stands and briskly walks out of the bar. He is pleased but disappointed at the same time. His plan is successful but inside he wishes that Arthur won't forget this.

As Arthur ordered another round someone else sat down in Matthew's seat.

"Drinking away your worries, hm?" He asked.

"Happily." Arthur had said, though his expression begs to differ.

The man laughed a hollow laugh. "We are one and the same."

He then ordered two bottles of vodka.

"I am Ivan." he had said, as he offered the second bottle to Arthur.

"Arthur." Arthur replied as he accepted the bottle.

Matthew leans over the railing, blond hair fluttering in the wind.

"Thanks for coming here," he says in that ever soft voice of his.

"No problem." Comes Gilbert's reply. It really was no problem. Gilbert would have done anything for Matthew and he knows Matthew is taking advantage of this. He doesn't care though, because he deserves it.

They spend forever and a day just staring at the water from the Villa del Balbianello.

"I have a plan." Matthew says.

"Does it involve Arthur?" Gilbert asks. "And is it passive aggressive?"

"Yes and extremely." Is the reply.

Matthew turns his head to the side and Gilbert and him are so close that all he has to do is lean a bit further and their lips will meet.

"Let's pretend we're dating." Matthew suggests. "It'll piss off Arthur."

Gilbert is enticed by the idea. He loves pissing off Arthur, for everything he's done. Most especially, he would have loved to just tell Matthew that they should date for real and not pretend. But Gilbert missed his chance long ago and he's glad that Matthew even lets him be this close.

Gilbert smiles a devilish smile. "Sure," he says. Then he forces a kiss on to Matthew's lips and pulls back quickly; a brief and light peck.

"Practice." he says, even though it is the most stupid excuse he has ever made.

A day later Arthur arrives at the exact same spot.

"You're a fucking bastard, you here? Fucking git."

Arthur begins to say. Matthew continues to look and pretends that he has not yet seen Arthur.

"Bloody hell," Arthur continues. "I've had a horrible shit excuse as a vacation because I'm spending most of it chasing after you. You know what I did for you? I fucking prayed. I prayed to God and I made a deal with him. I said, if you let me find Matthew, I'll pray everyday. And here you are."

Matthew is happy. He's happy that Arthur actually cares about him. He's happy that he's rediscovered this side of Arthur that isn't discriminating, isn't disappointing. But he continues to remain silent in hopes of hearing Arthur speak more truth.

"You are important to me, you know? I would do anything to help you find that British accent guy who swears in French and whatever the fucking else it was. So cheer up lad, I'm here to help you whether you like it or not."

The words Matthew had waited so long to hear. The words that neither Alfred nor Gilbert could have ever given him. Yet, Matthew felt as if he no longer needed these words. He was finally able to give Alfred a chance; finally able to tell Alfred he loved him. He could finally survive on his own without Gilbert. And if Matthew heard these words, he might fall in love with Arthur again.

So for his own benefit, Matthew turns to Arthur and pretends to look surprised. He pulls out an earphone from his ear - even though he never had any music playing to begin with and says,

"Arthur, when did you get here?"

I understand that a lot of people are confused. I admit, Happenstance was a confusing story but this is mostly because it's the ending. There are only supposed to be three stories, Sarcasmus, Journey, and Happenstance. Penance was kind of a story that I pulled out of my ass and I don't think I'll finish it.
(I don't really like how it's going to end)

Plus I'm more interested in finishing Manifestation Imagination than Penance.

I'm probably going to make a new story thing and call it, "Excerpts" and for those who care, it'll be the things that were never written in the story. (Because Happenstance is supposed to be from Arthur's perspective and there are some things he has purposely left out)

P.S. Arthur had once fallen in love with Matthew but had never known who he was.

I swear after this I'll leave this story forever. It just feels incomplete without this part.