A/N Okay this is my first Johnny Test fic. I thought I'd do one since one of my fans (ultimix) likes this show and so do I. This is a Johnny X Sissy romance fic because they're a cute couple. I don't own Johnny Test.

"Johnny," Susan said sweetly as she entered her now 15 year old brother's room with her twin sister, Mary.

"What do you want?" Johnny asked getting straight to the point so he could get back to his homework.

"What makes you think we want something?" Mary asked.

"Because ever since Johnny finally got interested in school you don't bother him unless you need him to be a lab rat," Johnny's talking dog, Dukey, said walking up on two legs.

"What he said," Johnny said, "Now what do you want?"

"We need you to test something for class," Susan said.

"What?" Johnny asked, "I have Spanish to do."

"It's called the Emotion Reader," Mary said, "All it does is show what represents a certain emotion in the person's life on screen."

"Okay?" Johnny said, "And this couldn't have waited until after my homework was finished?"

"Not really," Susan said, "You see, some people's emotions will show more clearly than other's. So, we invited someone over to help and they'll be here soon."

Johnny raised an eyebrow, "Who?" Johnny asked.

They heard the door close and someone coming up the stairs, "Sissy?" Johnny said in shock.

"Test," Sissy said.

"We needed to see which emotion is stronger with each gender," Mary said, "And we thought we might as well do one's who were close in age."

Johnny glared at his sister, "No," Johnny said, "And if you want the Spanish, NO!" Johnny yelled and turned to his Spanish homework.

"Please Johnny," Susan and Mary begged.

"I said 'no' in two languages what part of it don't you understand!" Johnny yelled.

Sissy rolled her eyes and went up to Johnny and grabbed his textbook, "Hey!" Johnny yelled and glared at Sissy.

"No haces la tarea," Sissy said. (You don't do the homework)

Johnny glared at Sissy, "Give me my textbook Sissy!" Johnny yelled.

"Después tú ayudas a tu hermanas!" Sissy yelled in Spanish. (After you help your sisters) (A/N Sorry for all the Spanish I was doing my Spanish homework before this.)

"Fine," Johnny said angrily.

Sissy smirked and handed the textbook to Dukey, "Hold that dog," Sissy said.

Sissy found out about Dukey when she was over doing a project with Johnny and Dukey didn't know. Dukey glared at Sissy, "There's an English word called 'please' you know and in Spanish," Dukey said.

"Por favor," Sissy said, "Happy?" (Please)

Johnny sighed, "What do we have to do?" Johnny asked his sisters.

"Follow us," Mary said.

Johnny, Sissy, and Dukey with the textbook in his mouth followed them to the lab. Johnny and Sissy saw two chairs with helmets and wires connecting them to a big black screen, "What is that?" Johnny said, "And will it hurt us?"

"Not that we're aware of," Susan said.

"You're kidding right?" Sissy said, "You haven't even done simulations?"

"They never do those," Johnny said.

"We're 94% sure that it won't cause any damage," Mary said.

Johnny started over to one of the chairs, "You're joking right Test?" Sissy said shocked.

"Hey, you're the one who wanted to do it Miss. I Know Spanish," Johnny said, "Besides it's one of their better percentages."

Sissy sighed, "Fine," Sissy and sat down in the other chair.

When she did metal bands surrounded their wrists, "Hey!" Johnny and Sissy yelled.

"It's just for precaution," Mary said, "Now to gently set the helmets down."

The helmets fell on them, "Ow!" they yelled.

"Sorry, wrong switch," Susan said.

Johnny and Sissy muttered things and Mary strapped the helmets on their necks, "Okay Susan turn it on," Mary said.

"You have your Will written out right?" Johnny asked Sissy.

"What!" Sissy asked as Susan flipped a switch.

Suddenly, the helmets started blaring and glowing a blue color around the wires, "It's working!" Mary cried.

Two colors appeared on the screen splitting the screen. The side Johnny was on was yellow and Sissy's side was red, "Yes!" Susan and Mary yelled high-fiving each other, "Now, we need to look at the different emotions," Susan said, "Mary, grab the clipboard."

Mary grabbed it and a pen, "Okay first emotion, sadness," Mary said.

Susan pushed a blue button and ran to the front of the screen to watch. The yellow side disappeared and showed a video of 13 year old Johnny over a tombstone that read, 'Helen Test. Mother, Grandmother, Friend.' Johnny winced and sunk a little in the chair, "Grandma," Susan and Mary said.

"Your grandma died?" Sissy asked.

Johnny nodded and looked away, "Okay, Sissy," Mary said and hit a button.

The yellow screen returned and the red screen disappeared and showed a video of 7 year old Sissy walking in the rain, "Huh?" Johnny, Susan, Mary, and Dukey said.

Sissy looked away, "Change it," Sissy said.

"But what's-"

"I SAID CHANGE IT!" Sissy yelled.

Mary yelped and pushed the button making the red screen appear again. Johnny looked at Sissy, "What was that about?" Johnny asked her.

"Nothing," Sissy said, "What's next?"

"Uh," Mary said looking at the clipboard, "Happiness."

Susan pushed a yellow button then went back to Mary. The yellow screen disappeared and showed Johnny playing with Dukey at age 10, then flying as Johnny X with Dukey, "Well, that makes sense," Susan said, "Okay, now Sissy."

Mary hit the button and the yellow screen appeared and the red screen disappeared and was replaced with a video of 11 year old Sissy getting out of a car and slowly walking to her house, "I remember that," Johnny said, "That's when you moved to town, but what's with the car?"

"Nothing you need to know about Test," Sissy said.

Mary hit the button and the red screen appeared again, "Okay, next is fear," Mary said.

Sissy went wide eyed, "No!" Sissy yelled, "I'm done!"

Johnny was taken aback, "What's with you?" Johnny said, "I thought you would be a person with no fears."

Sissy looked down and clinched her hands, "After this emotion you can go Sissy," Susan said.

Sissy went wide eyed, "Please no," Sissy whispered, but only Johnny heard her.

Susan hit a red button and the yellow screen disappeared and showed videos of Johnny's family and friends being taken by his enemies, mostly Sissy though, "That's interesting," Mary said smirking.

Johnny blushed slightly, "No comment," Johnny said.

"Okay, Sissy, your-what are you doing?" Mary asked as she watched Sissy try to get out of the metal bonds.

"I want OUT!" Sissy yelled tears falling.

Johnny went wide eyed. Sissy never cried, ever, "Uh, guys, maybe you should," Johnny said, but Mary had already hit the button.

The red screen disappeared and showed 5 year old Sissy backing away from someone that looked like her father, "What did you do!" the man yelled causing Johnny, Mary, Susan, and Dukey's eyes to widen.

"N-Nothing," 5 year old Sissy said fearfully.

"Don't give me that!" the man yelled and grabbed the little Sissy shaking her.

Dukey dropped the textbook in shock, "Stop it!" 5 year old Sissy yelled.

"STOP IT!" 15 year old Sissy yelled her eyes closed and tears flowing down.

"TURN IT OFF!" Johnny yelled.

Susan ran to the main controls and turned it off and released them. Sissy fell to her knees and cried into her hands. Johnny jumped out of the chair and held Sissy close to him. Sissy cried into him and grabbed his shirt with her hands. Johnny slowly rubbed her back trying to calm her, "It's okay Sissy," Johnny said.

Sissy continued to cry so hard that she coughed and had trouble getting breaths in. Johnny continued to hold her until she finally calmed down. Even when Sissy stopped crying she didn't let go of Johnny's shirt, "T-they could never f-find him," Sissy said, "H-he's still out there."

Johnny held Sissy close to him, "He's going to find me," Sissy said, "It's only a matter of time."

"No his not," Johnny said, "But if he does, he'll have to go through me with a whole armory of weapons to get to you."

Sissy held onto Johnny's shirt tighter and Johnny held her so tight that he was sure he could break a bone, "He's not going to hurt you again and neither will anyone else," Johnny said, "I won't let them. I love you too much."

Susan, Mary, and Dukey went wide eyed, but stopped themselves from gasping in shock. Sissy looked at Johnny in the eyes and saw he was telling the truth. Sissy smiled, "Thanks Johnny," Sissy said and kissed him.

Johnny kissed back instantly and loosened his grip so he could securely wrap his arms around her waist. They broke away seconds later and Susan and Mary were gaping and Dukey had fainted.

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