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Johnny and Sissy looked at the front doors of the school. It's been two days since the school found out about them and they were a nervous wreck. Johnny grabbed Sissy's hand and she took a deep breath. They opened the doors to the school and all chatting in the halls stopped. Johnny and Sissy looked at each other before slowly walking down the hallway, "This doesn't feel right at all," Sissy said.

Johnny squeezed Sissy's hand, "Maybe we don't belong here anymore," Johnny said quietly.

'Are you nuts!' Suntron yelled at Johnny.

"No," Sissy said, "I think Johnny's right."

'What?' Elementa and Suntron yelled.

"I mean Susan has gone insane because of who Johnny is," Sissy said, "Dukey, Lila, Hugh, and mom won't let us leave the house without the necklace or the sword, and now the school is scared of us."

Elementa and Suntron were silent, "I-I can't stand it Johnny," Sissy said and ran off.

'I guess this is too much for her,' Suntron said.

Johnny barely heard what Suntron said before he ran after Sissy. Johnny found Sissy with her head in her hands under a tree. Johnny ran over to Sissy, "Sissy?" Johnny said softly.

"I c-can't take i-it Johnny," Sissy said, "Nothing's the same a-anymore. Our families want us dead and everyone we know is scared of us."

Johnny held his girlfriend close, 'M-maybe you two should leave,' Elementa said.

Johnny and Sissy looked at each other and nodded. They got up and ran, ran away from Porkbelly.

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