"So let me get this straight," the black-haired girl, Rei, said. "This girl is our sixth scout?"

"Yeah!" Serena said. "This is Hisaye, aka Sailor Earth, the Soldier of Life."

"Soldier of Life?" The blonde, Mina repeated. "So can she, like stop people from dying and stuff?"

"Possibly. We may never know for sure," the brunette, Lita said.

"Here, I've found it!" the blue-haired girl Amy exclaimed. Everyone gathered around her computer. "Sailor Earth, the Soldier of Life. It is said that the emerald in her staff holds the life essence of all living things, and she uses it to give life wherever places are desolate, or to cure any fatal ailment."

Hisaye was stunned. "I...I can do that?"

"Yes. You can," a new voice said. It was coming from outside. The girls all went outside and shrieked. Standing in front of them was a gray wolf!

"Wh-Who...what are you?" Hisaye yelped. The wolf inclined her head.

"I am Gaea, your guardian," the wolf said. "It is my mission to protect you and guide you, Hisaye. No, Sailor Earth."

"Um, OK, but won't people be startled by a gray wolf following me around?"

"Do not worry. I am only visible to the Sailor Scouts."

"Kyaaaaaa!" Everyone started at the sudden scream.

"Wh-What was that?" Serena cried.

"Jedite is nearby! Transform, everyone!" Luna cried.

"Moon Prism Power!"

"Mercury Power!"

"Mars Power!"

"Jupiter Power!"

"Venus Power!"

In a flash, the five girls had become Sailor Soldiers. Hisaye hesitated.

"Come on, Hisaye! Transform!" Rei urged.

"Yeah, don't worry! We all have your back!" Lita reassured.

Hisaye nodded. "Earth Celestial Power!"

With another flash, Hisaye had transformed. She gripped her staff tightly. "Let's go."

It took a while for the Scouts to locate Jedite. When they finally found him, he was stealing energy from a group of girls.

"Stop Jedite!" Jupiter called. Jedite turned.

"Oh, the Sailor Scouts!" His eyes fell on Earth.

"Well, well, Sailor Earth. How nice to see you again."

"I defeated you last time, I can do it again!" A heated battle ensued, but Jedite gained the upper hand. He simply blocked all their attacks!

This is bad, Sailor Earth thought, panicked. My Nourishing Gale isn't working! He's brushing it off like's it's nothing!

"Sailor Earth!" Gaea cried. The young soldier turned her head to look at her. "You can still win this!"

"How?" she cried. "My Nourishing Gale isn't working!"

"True, but you have a power greater still. Listen to your heart! Speak the words it cries!"

She was right, Sailor Earth's heart was crying out. She raised her staff and allowed the words to burst forth.


A blinding wave of golden light rippled from the gold staff and struck Jedite full force.

"Sailor Moon, now!"

"Moon Tiara Magic!"

Sailor Moon's Tiara went flying through the air and hit Jedite right in the chest. He fell to his knees. The battle was over.

"Don't think this is over, Sailor Scouts!" Jedite snarled, vanishing.

"Wow," Mars said. "What a fight."

"You were amazing, Sailor Earth!" Sailor Jupiter praised.

"You really saved the day," Sailor Venus chimed in.

"Come on!" Sailor Moon chirped. "Let's go celebrate!"

Sailor Earth laughed as she followed the other Scouts, walking the path of her destiny.