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I didn't even wait for my friends after school, as was tradition. I wasn't sure they'd bring up what happened today, but I decided not to risk it. There'd just be too much to explain.

Rain poured down and plastered my hair to my face as I ran towards my car. I ripped the door open and dived inside, turning on the ignition simultaneously. Heat flooded the car and I sighed, happy to be out of the frozen downpour outside.

I had started to pull out of the parking lot when I noticed Dylan and Summer standing a few yards away from me. They were huddled under an umbrella, and Summer was looking straight at me. Dylan followed her gaze and frowned. He tugged at her arm impatiently, which thankfully drew her gaze away from me. He opened his car door for her and she stepped inside after casting one more suspicious glance at me.

A car horn blared from somewhere behind me, and I looked in my rear-view mirror to see a rather large truck only a few feet behind me. I blushed widely at the realization that I had pulled out in front of it. I mouthed "sorry" to the other driver -who was glaring at me lividly- before racing off.

When I finally arrived at my house I had driven myself crazy. What was it exactly that Summer wanted with me? Why should she care if I had a secret? Everyone had secretes- why was she trying so hard to uncover mine? I stopped in font of my house and slammed the car door shut after I got out. Why couldn't Summer just leave me alone?

"Ev'lyn!" A pair of arms wrapped themselves around my legs and I almost fell flat on my face. I struggled to keep my balance and looked down into the face of my attacker. "Oh. Hello Kevin."

Kevin flashed me one of his adorable smiles and released my legs. "Hi sissy!" He had bright blue eyes, which had come from Alaina. His hair, which was a dark brown, came from my father. He looked like a perfect, innocent angel, which was proof God had a sense of humor. It was hard to believe something so adorable could come from my stepmother.

"How was school?" he asked cheerfully as we walked back to the house.

"It was okay, nothing really exciting happened though." There was no point in making him worry about my problems, not that he would have understood them. "How was your day?" His eyes sparkled happily as he told me about school.

His teacher, Mrs. Sloan, who he had been completely in love with since the first day of Kindergarten, was pretty and the nicest woman in the world. He had peanut butter& jelly for lunch, and Mrs. Sloan was very pretty. They worked on reading and were told a story after snack, and Mrs. Sloan was the prettiest woman ever in the whole-wide world and he was going to marry her.

"Can I have a cookie?" he asked me as soon as we walked through the door. I sighed and shook my head.

"Sorry Kevin, you aren't supposed to have sugar, remember? It gives you nightmares." My brother pouted.

"But I'm not goin' to bed yet." That was true; he'd probably have all of the sugar burned out his system by the time he went to bed. There surely wouldn't be any harm in giving him one cookie…

"Fine." I grabbed a package Oreos from the top shelf of the pantry and handed him one. "Here you go." He squealed happily and ran off with his cookie to watch T.V. I sighed to myself; I'd defiantly get hell later for giving him any sugar. I heard a whimper from behind me and winced. Oh no…

I turned around and looked Lucky straight in the eye. "No." She whimpered again, her eyes flickering between me and a bag of Pupperonie. "No. Lucky, you don't deserve a treat." Lucky was a beagle/retriever/mutt with molted fur and large brown eyes. She also had a strange fetish for attacking my shoes, which was why she didn't deserve a treat. She looked at me pleadingly and I felt my reserve start to melt. Damn my soft heart. I tossed her a treat and she ran off, barking her thanks.

Neither of them bothered me after that. I was able to work on my Algebra II in peace. I was able to put of the moment that I was dreading for almost two hours. That was when Nathan got home.

"Daddy!" Shouting the name of whatever family member he was talking to was the standard greeting of Kevin.

"Hey sport." My dad laughed and ruffled his hair. Then seeing the question forming on Kevin's lips, he said, "Mommy will be coming home late tonight, she has to work late." Of course she was. Alaina's job that kept her away from home a lot. At least, that was her excuse.

I studied my dad carefully as he walked into the kitchen. It was amazing how much alike we look. He and I had the same grey eyes, and my face is only a more petite version of his. The only major difference is our hair color; his hair was a deep black color, and I had inherited my mother's caramel hair color.

Dad seemed to feel my eyes on him and looked up with a worried on his face. "Hello Evelyn," his voice came out slightly awkward. That wasn't unusual, he rarely knew what to say to me. It wasn't always this difficult between us. I contemplated telling him about Summer and Dylan, but decided against it. What would be the point of telling him that all of our caution had been for nothing when I had no proof that the Zenith team knew anything about me? It would only cause him unneeded stress.

"Hi Dad. Do you want any help fixing supper?"

"She's hiding something, I know she is; I just don't know what!" Summer growled for what had to be the seventh time. Conner groaned to himself. These bi-weekly meetings really were a pain in the ass.

"Summer, calm down. You're taking this way to seriously," Jack said in soothing voice. "Please, start from the beginning. I only got about half of what you just said."

Summer took a deep breath before saying, "There's this girl named Evelyn at my school, and she's hiding something. There isn't much more that I can tell you besides that. She keeps to herself mostly and has only two close friends, and she doesn't even talk to them much." Summer paused before changing her mind. "Well, she doesn't talk about herself at least. Any way, it's like I said, I can't tell what she's hiding, I just know that it's important." Jack nodded as if he could see the point of Summer's fretting. Conner, for one, did not.

"What exactly do you propose we do, exactly," Conner asked with an exasperated voice. Every one else at the table looked at Conner with surprised expressions-he didn't often speak up during the meetings.

"Summer thinks that we should stage an intervention for Evelyn and convince her to tell us if she's like us," Dylan answered before Summer could even open her mouth. The disgusted look on his face showed what he thought of her plan.

"Summer…" Jack said in hesitantly. He shook his head and continued, "We can't just force a girl to reveal whether or not she's a mutant-especially when we don't have any proof."

"The general agrees with me," Summer said in a soft voice. "I talked to him before the meeting, and he thinks that Evelyn is worth checking out." Jack looked at her with a shocked expression. He blinked a few times as he tried to think of a response.

"I see," his voice came out oddly strangled. "I suppose we will have to talk to this…Evelyn girl. But only," he added, spotting Summer's over-joyed expression, "after we've gathered enough information to even suspect that she belongs here. What did you say her full name was?"

Connor looked at his now older brother in horror. "You're actually doing this?"

Jack didn't answer right away. "It wouldn't hurt to check it out," he finally said in a soft voice that clearly meant that Conner shouldn't try to argue with him. Jack looked back at Summer expectantly. She looked confused for a moment before remembering what Jack had asked her.

"Durbin, her last name's Durbin." For some reason the name struck a chord with Connor, and he took a moment to remember where he had heard it before. When he didn't reach any likely possibilities, Conner gave up, telling himself that Durbin was a common name and that he had probably come across it thousands of times. Jack finished writing the name down and said, "I'll get this to Doctor Grant and tell him to see if he can find her birth records. There might be a clue some where in those." He dismissed the rest of the team with a rather downcast look and walked out behind them. He sighed to himself as he closed the Board Room door, wondering what he had gotten himself into.

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