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"They failed, so you bring in these doll's? They aren't going to give him to us, they're going to keep him for themselves and kill him! Have you not seen what they've done to those other people!" A confident voice screeched."Yes, I have seen but, master, if you have forgotten, they are under my control and shall do what I say." A calm voice replied." Claude.. How do you expect me to believe that when they've already left a mark on him! You don't think that butler of his hasn't noticed!" Alois Trancy screamed back with fury and annoyance heavily hinted in his voice. The small boy walked away from his butler clenching his fists so tightly the knuckles turned white. "I won't tell you again… I want him here….Claude." The master stated in a suddenly calm yet threatening tone. Claude pushed his glasses up before stepping towards his master, turning him around and holding him by his chin."Yes, your highness.." He whispered into the younger males ear causing him to gasp before he was pulled into a passionate kiss."C-claude…Not now… However much I'd like to you must speak with those dolls of yours.." Alois said looking up at the butler sadness showing in his eyes. The butler smiled and held his masters hand gently kissing the pale skin before bowing and disappearing in a flash. "Idiot…" The small boy whispered sliding down the wall and curling up into a tight ball covering his now crying face…


"Young master as much as I am worried of what will happen… The effect of not sleeping is taking it's toll on you.. Perhaps a rest is needed." Sebastian said worryingly as he finished changing Ciel into his bed clothes he lifted his weak master and settled him down on the bed that was placed next to the bathroom in the hotel room Sebastian had chosen."No…I can't…" Ciel croaked between yawns as he sat up and rested his head on the two pillows beneath him. Sebastian frowned. Not only was his master attacked in his sleep but he is irritable and can't concentrate on anything for long which is bothersome for them both given the reason they are there in the first place.."Young master, if you want to sleep please do, I won't leave this room in case you encounter anything in your dreams." He replied pulling a chair next to the bed and sitting down. The young teen smiled slightly before laying down snuggled under the covers. "Erm..Sebastian.." He said blushing pushing his hand out of the covers next to Sebastian, the demon, sensing his thoughts, smiled and held his hand until he fell asleep..

Ciel opened his eyes to find himself laying in a field dressed in white shorts and a baggy white blouse, he stood up and examined his surroundings, nothing was there just a field, no tree's no bushes not even an animal. He walked forward still looking around for anything he could see. ' This is weird, where am I? I know I'm dreaming but… I've never seen something like this before.. ' He thought to himself as he looked straight in front of him. After what seemed to be half an hour of walking Ciel saw something in the distance, he started running towards it until he could make out what it was. "Mother…Father…." He stood still wide - eyed, he had never once dreamt of his parents in any other situation than when they were burning…"Ciel… It's us sweetheart." Rachel called sweetly letting go of her husbands hand and kneeling down calling her son over, Vincent was merely smiling as he joined his wife on the ground. Half of Ciel was telling him it was real they're really here, the other half was reminding him they really aren't here it's just a dream he'll wake up to forget about, even so he walked forward and allowed his parents to hug him.'It…feel's too real to be a dream.. It's as if they're here with me I can touch them as if they were still alive..' He thought to himself as he was squeezed tightly. "We're … We are so sorry we weren't there for you Ciel, but I promise we've always been watching over you… We're always here.." Rachel said, Ciel could actually feel her warm tears on his shoulders, this only made him question if they really were real even more."We've watched you grow up. You've really become mature haven't you.. Unlike you're father, child to the end weren't I!" His father said smiling although Ciel could see he was on the verge of tears as well when they pulled away from the hug. " No more toy's for you eh? Just the paperwork, like a proper adult." He said holding Rachel who had stopped crying by the looks of it."Sweetheart, I'm not sure how long we have left to talk to you but, I just want you to know that we love you and we always will, that day…" She took a deep breath. " That day of the fire, when you came to us, I couldn't have been more sadder, I was so worried whether you could escape or not but I was wrong to have ever doubted that aren't I cause here you are grown up! And whatever you do however bad it is I don't care, I love you darling." She said smiling, Ciel felt tears fall from his eye's he couldn't speak, he couldn't find any words to say, his mother embraced him one more time wiping the tears from his face.

"Tiiiiimes uup~" Voices sang from around them, they were surrounded by the same doll's that had tortured Ciel. "Mr and Mrs Phantomhive I'm afraid we are going to have to ask you to leave, but, because we are that nice we'll give you 10 seconds to say good bye~" They sang in unison again."Ciel, we have to go now but I promise that even though this is a dream we were really here! Everything we've said was true, we love you!" Rachel said crying even more harder than she had the whole time, Vincent held her with a pained expression on his face before nodding to Ciel."Good luck, Ciel." He said before the doll's snapped their finger's and they vanished in a flash of fire."They were really here.. But how?" The young teen said facing the doll's with a scared and confused expression."Our master let us use our powers for a little gift to say 'sorry' for hurting you last time.~" They said, Ciel wanted to run away, to wake up but where would that get him? He would just look like a coward. "To make it up to you we've also decided just now that seeing your parents again might not have been enough to cover it so, how about you join them permanently?" They whispered walking slowly forward closing Ciel off from any exit, not that he could escape anyway."Wait..No stop! Get away from me!" He screamed collapsing to the floor curling up in a ball."Aghhhhh!" A high pitched scream echoed through the empty field, Ciel flung his head up and saw that one of the doll's was screaming and rolling around on the floor in pain."We cannot! Agh! Kill the damn boy! Ugh! M-master forbids it! Agh!" She screamed the other dolls circled her in shock. She screamed once more before she was set on fire and vanished."Ciel Phantomhive… Our master obviously wants you for something, we will not harm you for now but we'll have our fun at one point master cannot keep us in chains for much longer…" They said the sing song tone in their voices was no longer there, Ciel ran away until he could no longer see them before thinking of his parents and what they had said to him before they disappeared, he curled up into a ball and sobbed.

Ciel opened his eye's only to see Sebastian still sitting beside his bed, how long had he been asleep for? "Young master, how was your sleep, did anything happen?" The butler asked staring at Ciel."Ye- No, nothing happened…" He lied, he didn't want to tell Sebastian, he would think he was a coward…Crying like that. "Why do you ask…?" He said hugging his knee's as he sat up."Because you were crying in your sleep, my lord.." Sebastian replied his eye's slightly filled with worry."Well, nothing happened!" The teen replied not looking Sebastian in the eye. "I…. I saw my parent's.. But, unlike usually instead of dreaming of them burning, they were talking to me. Saying they were proud and they loved me." Ciel said resting his head on his knee's slightly smiling, his smiled soon vanished when he recalled the rest of the dream. " Then the doll's came back and they… they got rid of them, said that they used their powers to let me talk to my parent's as a 'sorry' gift.." He clenched his teeth and looked at Sebastian who was absorbed in what the boy was saying paying attention to every detail. " They then said that they would kill me so I could be with them forever but as soon as they got close one of them was screaming in pain saying that their 'master forbid's them to kill me' and that he wants me for something." He took a deep breath and sat up straight waiting for a reply from Sebastian."Master..? I have a feeling who that might be but I can't be sure for certain unless there is proof.." He replied standing up from his chair and looking out of the window. "What the.." He murmured to himself, outside the window standing on the ground were life size doll's staring up at him smiling eerily their heads tilted, he looked at Ciel and back to the doll's. 'Could it be these doll's he is seeing in his dreams..' He thought. "My lord, may you please come look out the window." He said not taking his eye's of them. Ciel got a out of bed confused as to why he should look out of a window.. But the curiosity is what made him go. He looked at Sebastian then down at the dolls, he staggered backwards hitting the wall staring wide eyed at the window." It can't be.." He whispered tearing his gaze to Sebastian who was walking over to him worriedly and guiding him to the bed to sit down. He gulped. " They're the doll's from my dreams.."

"Ciel… You look surprised to see us~" The doll's had somehow appeared in the room but there were less of them this time, there were only five when usually there are at least 50 of them.. They sighed before walking over to Ciel but were blocked by Sebastian who stood in front of his shocked master. "Aww, we was hoping this would be easy but.. Apparently not." They said sadly. "Move." They demanded. "We won't tell you again now move!" They shouted, but he wouldn't budge he just stood there motionless. "Fine.. We'll do this by force shall we." They said. Suddenly, they multiplied so there was now ten of them. "Hopefully this will be enough we don't want to bother anyone else.." Five of them rushed at Sebastian and attacked unsuccessfully but Sebastian couldn't do any damage to them either as whenever he went to punch them they just disappear and re appear at will."Sebastian!" Ciel yelled, the butler whipped his head around only to see his master in the hands of the five other doll's, one holding his neck two on his legs and the other two on his arms, he tried to break free but couldn't, Sebastian ran at them but they vanished and came back behind him."Hehe.. We'll just be taking him now then~" They chuckled. "Bye~" Sebastian tried to grab the screaming Ciel but was too late, they had vanished already…

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