Humans are so strange.

Kaname had decided a long while ago that this was the case. Kaname was a brilliant, strong and beautiful tiger. Sometimes, whenever a human would pass by, he'd follow them when he had nothing to do. Of course, he'd never show himself to them unless necessary. He learned that humans were really picky about food and that they hated sleeping on the ground.

Humans are also enemies.

The orange tiger also knew that humans loved to capture tigers and use them as…entertainment of some sort. He shook his head and let out a huff of anger at the thought. They were not slaves or pets! Humans would also sometimes skin the tigers. The first time Kaname had seen tiger skin hanging off of lines and the rest of the tiger left to rot on the floor, he had lost control of his anger and attacked the humans. No one was left alive.

So, Kaname would often tell other tigers –when they crossed paths- to stay away from humans at all costs.

Humans aren't easily discouraged.

But even so, the humans had still managed to kill more tigers and find all their hiding places. The human population was growing fast and more hunters were coming. Kaname had injured countless humans to scare them, but none of that worked. He had even killed a few, but they still weren't discouraged.

They didn't know how to give up.

Kaname huffed and found a great tree that looked comfortable to sleep in, so he climbed up using his strong claws to the second lowest branch. He put his paw underneath his chin and if he were human, he might have let out a long dragged out sigh of satisfaction. The weather currently was nice, warm and slightly breezy –though the tiger could tell that it would soon be wet and very stormy. He could smell it in the air. So, he would enjoy every moment of the beautiful weather as much as possible.

His ears and tail twitched to every small sound that they picked up. The trees rustling, ants scurrying about, fish swimming through the stream and the birds that were currently gathering around him. Kaname made no move to scatter them off though –as he was in a good mood today and the birds weren't doing any harm.

Suddenly a loud thump, leaves rustling, branches crackling and a yelp was heard. Kaname lazily opened one eye to see what was making the racket only to see a red cloth that had a slight hump shape. Curiously, the tiger hopped down from the branch –landing on all four paws- and cautiously went over to the object. The cloth moved slightly, making Kaname halt and circle 'it' instead of heading directly towards it. The 'red thing' moved a little more before stopping for a few seconds, making Kaname wonder if this was a rabbit or some other small animal not knowing how to get out of something made by a human.

The tiger swatted at the cloth lightly and almost immediately the 'thing' jolted up, almost making Kaname jump back in surprise. He growled loudly at it in irritation for surprising him and even more so when he saw what 'it' was.

It was a human: a human with the most brilliant round lilac eyes, pale skin and hair as white as the snow. Kaname didn't care if the human was just a cub –he looked around six or seven years old at least. The boy had the scent of gunpowder on him; a familiar smell to Kaname and the tiger knew it didn't mean any good.

The boy shrunk back when he saw the tiger's angry eyes and how his lips were pulled back showing some of his fangs. The tiger looked hugefrom where he was sitting and the fact that the beast was growling didn't help. The boy's eyes darted around trying to search for a branch or a large enough rock to hit the tiger with; he wouldn't just stand there and cry right? His father told him that crying wasn't manly!

But…the boy started crying anyways. Obviously, this threw Kaname off –and he had absolutely no idea what to do. So, the tiger went over –making the boy think that the tiger was going to eathim, so he wailed louder- and nuzzled against the boy, trying to make him stop crying.

The boy giggled a few moments later, much to Kaname's relief –he didn't know whathe'd do if the boy continued, he swore that his ears got a beating from the high pitched crying. Soon the huge tiger found himself being "glomped" by the boy and the two fell over onto the grass, making the boy giggle and laugh.

"My name is Zero! I'm gunna call you Kia!" The boy smiled at the tiger and scratched the tiger underneath the chin, earning him a satisfying purr making the boy's smile wider.

Kaname frowned at the name, but he would deal with it. He wanted to sleep now; maybe he'd correct the human called "Zero" later.

Humans are cuddly, well their cubs are anyways.


Written by Cookie
Now, this is not supposed to be realistic –fanFICTION people-, so if you're a tiger fanatic then please don't yell at me for this. Also not meant to be a chapter fic, but if enough people like this, then I might.
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