Once they reached the lake, they spotted Aido splashing and diving in the water; where he was throwing leaves and other debris around as if they were toys. Kain chuckled once more at his cousin before following Kaname, who was heading into the water with Zero still on his back.

The water was cold, and Zero nearly froze in place when the water reached his stomach. Aido approached the child carefully and nudged him, wondering why the child still didn't look happy.

"M-M-Mister Tiger aren't you c-cold?" Zero's teeth chattered.

Aido shook his head and splashed a bunch of water onto Zero; most of the mosquitoes were dead in the water by then –thankfully-. Zero squeaked and fell off of Kaname's back: into the water.

"Whoops." Aido stared at the bubbles where Zero fell in and watched as Kaname quickly ducked his head underwater, grabbing the young child by his shirt.

Zero opened his mouth wide and gasped for air and rubbed his face, trying to get all the water out of his face. He coughed a little, but other than that, he seemed fine to the three tigers.

"Kia I'm fine! I want to go play in the water now. I don't feel that cold anymore!" Zero exclaimed smiling cheerfully at Kaname.

Kaname huffed affectionately and gently put Zero back down into the water. The little boy claimed that he saw fishes over there and pointed to where he was going; like a child telling their parent where they would be playing: just in case they needed them.

"Aido be careful next time." Kaname said with a warning undertone.

"Of course Kaname-sama. I'm sorry."

The three looked up when Zero came splashing back. They all thought that he was running to Kaname, but he ran up to Aido instead, which surprised them all.

"Mr. Tiger!" Zero said loudly, "Play with me! You like water right?" He smiled.

Aido looked at Zero in a moment of surprise before turning to Kaname for permission, "May I Kaname-sama?"

"Go ahead. Just watch him carefully and don't play too roughly with him."

"Yes Kaname-sama!" And Aido ran ahead of Zero.

Zero giggled and ran as fast as he could to catch up with the other tiger. He seemed to have forgotten that this was the tiger that attacked him earlier. The young boy dove under water again, smiling and waving at all the colorful fish that he saw. He swam through schools of fish all the way to the playful tiger before going to the surface of the water.

Gently, he placed his chubby, small hands onto the tiger's wet fur and grinned up at him, "Hey Mr. Tiger!"

Aido looked curiously down at him before he jerked back. Zero had thrown seaweed at him! It was resting on his head like a wig now.

Kain chuckled, "You look like a girl."

"Shut up Kain."

"Ah-ah-ah, no language in front of the child. But seriously, look in the water. You do look like a girl."

Aido glanced at the water, hoping that he would be able to prove his cousin wrong. "Ah! What the heck! How did the flowers get there!"

Zero giggled as he put more daisies onto Aido's head, "Mr. Tiger looks pretty now!" He smiled.

Aido growled at the child. How dare he treat him like a girl!

Zero shrunk underneath Aido's glare and darted behind Kaname's right front leg, "Kia, Mr. Tiger looks angry. Did I do something wrong?"

Kaname glared at the other tiger after reassuring Zero, "Aido he's a child."

"S-sorry Kaname-sama."

"Kia?" The lilac colored eyed boy clung to Kaname's fur as he shivered, "I'm cold."

The large tiger smiled at the little child and gently nudged him to shore. Time to get warm.


Zero slept soundly on Kaname's back as they walked. Kain was walking silently on the side that Zero's face was turned to and Aido was ranting on the other side.

"Do children need to name everything? Alex? Why is my name Alex?"

Kain rolled his eyes, "He can't call us Mr. Tiger number 1, Mr. Tiger number 2, and Mr. Tiger number 3. Be grateful that your name is 'Alex'. My name is Kika."

Aido glared at his cousin before softening his gaze and turned to Kaname, "Kaname-sama, how long are you going to keep the child? He lives with hunters; we should return the child before they find him with us."

Kain nodded, "Yes, they'll think that we brought harm to him if we don't give him back. You don't want a war with the hunters do you?"

Kaname sighed; he knew he couldn't keep Zero with him forever. "We can't exactly let him wander around in the forest alone either."

"He probably wouldn't even get the hint either. He's so attached to you he'd probably think you're saying something else." Aido piped in.

"We can't get too near humans either though." Kain sighed before halting.

"Kain? What's wrong?"Kaname asked.

"There's a circus around here that feeds us sometimes right Aido?"



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