Cinderpool's Journey


Cinderpelt sat in the middle of the forest with spasms soaring through her entire body. It had been one moon since Firestar and Sandstorm had left ThunderClan in search for the ancient SkyClan. Graystripe, The ThunderClan deputy, was taking care of all the leader duties until Firestar came back. The clan was doing well so far. All the apprentices made progress and Brightheart had moved into the nursery. All was good in Thunderclan, except for poor Cinderpelt.

Cinderpelt was devastated. How would she tell the clan? She knew it wasn't the right thing to do. She regretted what she had done. But how could she change it? There was no way she could.

After the battle with BloodClan, Firestar and Cinderpelt started to have feelings for each other. They were in love. They wanted to become mates so bad! In the back of her mind, she knew that sneaking behind everyone's back was wrong in the eyes of the clan, and StarClan, but she loved him. How could she deny it? His orange pelt looked irresistible in the sunlight. He loved her and she loved him too. But there were two things that got in the way of their love, being a medicine cat, and the hardest thing of all, Sandstorm.

She knew because of her leg she would never be able to be a full warrior. She needed to do something useful so the clan would think she was important so she became a medicine cat. She didn't have the irresistible feelings for Firestar back then but she did now, and there was no going back. Also, Firestar liked Sandstorm but this selfish she-cat only cared about herself! She was starting to get suspicious of the two and always asking him questions like, "Why were you gone so long?" and "You never get to spend time with me!" and the thing she hated the most, "Why are you mooning over that crippled medicine cat when you could have a strong, fast, pretty warrior like me?"

Who did this cat think she was? Leader of StarClan? She needed to get a grip but Cinderpelt couldn't think about that right now, she was expecting kits.

Cinderpelt was shocked when she figured out this news. How could she do such a thing? More importantly, how would the clan react? She was ashamed and couldn't face it. I was in love! She would always say to herself. She hadn't told Firestar but she didn't plan on doing it.

Cinderpelt laid their hurt. She couldn't wait for this kit to get out of her. Her crippled leg was hurting even more now and she was dying of thirst. Would she die her all alone with a helpless new born kit or kits at her belly? What would her clan do? What would Firestar do?

She looked up into the sky. The stars were burning brightly and one of them grew brighter. She thought it was going to explode. Its fiery hot flames grew and Cinderpelt watched in curiosity and fear. Was it going to hit her? Suddenly, the star came down from the sky and Yellowfang appeared to her.

"Oh dear you have done wrong" Yellowfang meowed sadly. "I didn't want you to face the same fate I had to with Raggedstar." She sighed "But you don't understand!" Cinderpelt meowed with fury. "I love Firestar and I would do anything to protect him!" A spasm shot through her.

"Oh here let me help you." Yellowfang came up to Cinderpelt with a ball of moss freshly soaked in water, she handed it to Cinderpelt. "Thank you" she replied. "You'll have many things to thank me for once I'm done with you" Yellowfang muttered to herself. "Ok, now I need you to push Cinderpelt." "Ok" Cinderpelt replied only to feel more pain. "I can't do it!" she cried. "This hurts too much! Oh Yellowfang I'll die here all alone!" The pain Cinderpelt was in was the pain she felt once before, getting hit by the monster. She was young then, free and able to do whatever she wanted. That monster headed strait for her crushing her leg making her bleed endlessly. She couldn't face that pain ever again.

"Cinderpelt you need to push for me, now!" Yellowfang meowed. Cinderpelt. Screamed with all her might. She tried again. Pain soaring through her belly, a she-kit rolled out. The kit was grey, like Cinderpelt, with orange patches like the blazing sun, like Firestar.

"Ok, let me kill it now" Yellowfang unsheathed her claws about to strike a death blow at the kit when Cinderpelt screamed "No!" with all her might. "Why not?" Yellowfang sounded shocked but then understood. "Listen Cinderpelt, she can't live, your destiny lies somewhere else, you need to be a medicine cat and she,"Yellowfang narrowed her eyes down at the kit. "Stands in your way."

Cinderpelt stared at Yellowfang in horror. How could she want to do such a cruel thing to a poor defenseless kit? "I can find a way to keep her! The clan will understand!" "No they won't" Yellowfang meowed being impatient. "StarClan can see the future for you Cinderpelt, and with her, it won't be good for you or the clan. Think about your clan.

Cinderpelt understood, but wouldn't kill her daughter. "You can't kill her, I will give her too a rouge." Yellowfang sighed. "As you wish" and started to fade away. "Goodbye my dear" and she disappeared.

Cinderpelt was in pain. Not just from giving birth but an emotional pain too. She would have to give up the one thing she ever dreamed of, having kits. She decided to sleep for now, and early in the morning, she would give her kit away. Before she fell asleep she prayed to StarClan Please, let her go to a good home…and then fell asleep with her kit at her side.

Cinderpelt awoke the next day. Why was she out in the forest? Why did she feel so soar? Then she remembered… her kit.

Cinderpelt set off that morning carrying her daughter. She mewled softly and was quiet, but Cinderpelt couldn't take it. Why did her daughter have to sound so sweet when she was going to just be thrown away to a bunch of no good rouges?

After a while of searching Cinderpelt saw three cats walking through the forest. She saw a cream colored she-cat, a dark brown tabby tom; she guessed they were mates, and another tom that was much younger with light brown fur and white paws. She assumed that was their son.

"Hello!" she called and the three cats turned and padded over to her. "Hi" the she-cat responded with delight. "Who are you?" "Listen" Cinderpelt meowed. She needed to get back to the camp before anyone saw her. "I need you to take this kit." All three cats gasped with shock "But why?" the she-cat asked. "She's so pretty and she looks so soft. Don't you want to keep her?" This cat was making things to hard for her. "I can't" Cinderpelt tried to stay calm. These cats were her only chance. "The three cats muttered something to themselves for a moment and then the tom spoke, "Ok."

Cinderpelt was relieved. They were going to take her! Then she was shocked with sadness. She was never going to see her daughter again. She looked so much like her and she wanted to keep her so badly. Was she really making the right choice? Yes, she was. She needed to do this for her clan and as much as it hurt her, she had to give her daughter up.

"Here" Cinderpelt gave the kit to the rouge and padded away but then heard a "Wait!" it was the she-cat. Oh no! I can't go through this pain again! "Yes" Cinderpelt answered with fear in her mew. "What should we name her?" Cinderpelt thought it over. Her kit looked a lot like her and she had deep blue eyes the looked like a pool. "Her name is Cinderpool." Cinderpelt decided. "Thank you" the she-cat added and padded away.

Cinderpelt looked at her daughter one more time as she was being carried away by strangers. She was devastated. Never again would he look into her daughters deep blue eyes. As she padded away with grief she thought. This shouldn't have ever happened….

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