Cinderpool's Journey

Chapter 7

We've made it! Cinderpool thanked StarClan. She could see the awe in Moss's eyes as she ran up to a black cat who she guessed was Ravenpaw, and the cat next to him was probably Barley.

"Oh please tell me you're Ravenpaw!" Moss dragged herself dramatically over to him.

"Yes I am" Ravenpaw chuckled then turned to Cinderpool. "You must be Cinderpool." He told her. "Spottedleaf didn't tell me you brought a friend along."

"Spottedleaf talked to you too?" She asked him.

"Yes, she told me you would be coming" Ravenpaw replied.

"So what am I supposed to do?" She asked him.

"Well um…" Ravenpaw looked nervous. Was this all she was getting? A whole journey over here just to hear two words? Then she saw him staring at Moss; who was intrigued in Barley. She then understood it. This conversation just needed to be between him and Cinderpool. "Barley?" Ravenpaw asked. "Can you go take Moss to catch some mice?"

"Okay" Barley walked back into the barn with Moss jumping excitedly behind him.

"You have a very adventurous daughter I see" Ravenpaw commented

"Excuse me?" Cinderpool meowed in shock. "She's not my daughter! I'm not that old!"

"Oh my…" Ravenpaw was embarrassed by what he just said. "U-Um sorry" he stated. "But anyway, let me tell you what to do. You need to head west."

"Why west?" Cinderpool stated. "There doesn't seem to be anything going on there. Can I go north? There are only plain old mountains in the west! In the east there's mountains and a lake!"

"No!" Ravenpaw's fur began to bristle but then forced it smooth. "Well… there are Twolegs there and you know them, their trouble." He lied

"So?" She remarked. Who cares about Twolegs? I can handle them"

"There are dogs too" Ravenpaw told her. Cinderpools fur started to bristle.

"D-Dogs?" She choked the word out of her mouth. That really got her to change her mind.

Think of the prophecy! She told herself "When the pools of cinder meet the rivers, winds, and trees, the frosty Clan will be formed…" Spottedleaf's prophecy rang in her ears.

"Okay" she sighed. "I will go" Cinderpool meowed to Ravenpaw.

"Hey!" Moss came out Barley with two mice in her jaws. "Want some fresh kill?" she asked

"Sure" Ravenpaw meowed and they all got settled to eat.

"So…" Cinderpool meowed. "Did you know my father?" she asked.

"Of course" Ravenpaw smiled. "We were very good friends. "Firestar was such a good cat. Your mother was nice too" he meowed

"Oh….yeah" she told him. Annoyed by the mention of her mother.

"Don't blame your mother" He meowed "She was a good cat. "They all make mistakes." He told her. "Please, don't blame her."

"If you say so" She shrugged. She would never meet her mother anyway. Why should she mope around and complain?

After they finished their meal the sun was beginning to set. "Can we sleep here tonight?" Moss complained. "I'm so tired!"

"Moss we don't want to-"

"I think that's a fine idea!" Ravenpaw interrupted Cinderpool.

"Are you sure?" Cinderpool meowed "Do you have enough room?"

"Plenty!" Barley meowed

"If you say so…." Cinderpool followed them, slightly unsure if it would be okay to sleep by cats that she just met.

"Just sleep now and you can head of tomorrow" Ravenpaw smiled "Goodnight"

"Goodnight" Cinderpool walked over to some feathers and hay and slept. It was like her own barn. She felt safe here.

But one question still bothered Cinderpool "What would they do tomorrow after they set off? But before she could answer, she closed her eyes, and she drifted into sleep

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