AN: So, I'm on my sister's laptop, my friend is snoring on the couch next to me, it's exactly 02:52 no... 02:53 and I'm on Cream Soda :D I was going through her documents and I found this! Stupid, yes. Cheesy, I know. Rubbish, very. But, hey, I got nothing better to do... sleep? I scoff at you!

Disclaimer: ...

'Twas Valentines eve and all was well

All the gifts had been bought

The cards had been wrote

The shops were all closed;

Nothing left to sell

The besotted lovers trembled with glee

Hoping all would be dandy

Praying for candy

Baubles and rocks

Flowers, even socks!

It didn't matter what

(It was the thought)

You see

But one little girl

Wanted to hurl

At the thought of such treasures and treats

The idea of sweets

Made her want to greet

She'd rather sniff Wario's feet!

But all her friends

Knew her mood depends

On her small associate

Should he deliver

(And make her quiver)

Then she'd be reluctant to hate

His fur was red

As red as her eyes

She enjoyed using hatred as her disguise

For if anyone knew

How her feelings grew

She'd really enjoy being dead

But that wouldn't stop Red

No, not that night

He'd break into her head

He'd put up a fight

He'd give her a gift

A unique little trinket

But something unusual you'd surely think it

You certainly wouldn't find it at Thrift!

He'd have to be swift

The sun was starting to lift

He didn't want to hear her "Pfft!"

He ran to the store

Though the rain did pour

And was home in five minutes, no more!

So when Ashley woke up

And Red spoke up

She gave him a hug, a kiss, a loving look

And trembled with glee at her new spell book

AN: Yay for hyperness! God, I don't know what I was on when I wrote this, the sofa probably, hehe.

Yep, I know the rhyming (is that spelt right?) scheme (is that?) is all off and whatever, and the end is a bit of an anti-climaz, really not my best work but still... I wrote it eons ago and it gives that nostalgic joy thingy you get when reading your old (crappy) writing, *sigh* oh, to be young...

Also, I don't know if Thrift is a real shop... they don't have any that I'm aware of in Scotland but I'm pretty sure I read it in an American book... and so, true to my "be as American as I can whilst writing something American" style, I threw it in there, plus it rhymes with "ift" :P

PS: It's now 03:02 ;)