Old Goats and Auld Ways Chapter 2

Harry, Sirius and the elves appeared in the control room in a flash of light. The room was sparsely furnished with the main power core in the center in front of a screen with scrawling Alteran text and three different control panels behind that. The room was bathed in a deep blue light for a moment before the life signs detector sensed them and lit to a calm blue.

Harry turned to the elves and cleared his throat, "alright how is this done?"

"Master must state our names your name as master and our standing orders, magic will do the rest." Kearny explained, "this can be done with all of us or individually if you have different standing orders for us. You must also appoint one of us head elf." The old elf said nervously, Harry could tell it was because he was worried of losing his position. Harry decided to give into his marauder side and let the old elf worry saving him for last.

Harry nodded and straightened up as he pulled out his wand and tapped it to Avalon's power core, then himself, and finally Yoda. "I Heir Harold James Potter-Emrys do hereby accept Yoda as my personal House elf, his standing orders are to see to the care of me and my home in any way he deems necessary or that I might see need in the future." Harry spoke and as he spoke a gold ribbon of magic worked its way around the two of them and then to the power core of Avalon and the bond was complete. Harry did the same to the other elves, he appointed Fenris to take care of the gardens, Tugzy would be the cook and Kearny would oversee it all as head elf.

Once that was finished they went back up to the command room and Harry stood before the computer core. The hologram appeared but stayed silent, Harry took that as his cue to speak, "Computer, which tower is the residence tower?" Harry asked. The hologram flickered out of existence for a moment before coming back into view as a schematic of the building with the south and north towers highlighted.

"Each floor is an individual apartment complete with a sitting room, wash room, bedroom and an office, from basic scans I can tell you now that any magic you do here will not disrupt the flow of energy so you may transfigure and change the color scheme of the apartments as you wish." The computer said in a monotone. "if you wish to remove walls or change the lay outs please ask first as unlike wizard homes there are power and plumbing running through the walls."

Harry nodded and looked out the window to the south tower, "shall we go see which floors we want to take up." Harry asked walking over to the transporter closet. Sirius nodded and again they stepped into the transport closets and in a flash of light they were gone. After looking over the rooms Harry took the top floor so that he could have a good place to launch out of the windows if he decided to go for a flight. The apartment was very modern and colored in light greens and blues with bronze accents as was apparently common among Alteran architecture. Harry really liked the bedrooms that had an already pre-stocked closet with Alteran tunics and uniforms of each station and some basic wizard robes. The bed was comfortable and warm and the common area had a large screen that was voice directed to show anything from intercepted satellite feeds thanks to Avalon's advanced systems, to over five million years of entertainment history dating back to the very beginning of Alteran industry back in their home galaxy.

Sirius decided to take the bottom floor as it was set up as the 'wizards home' and he felt more comfortable there than in any of the others. There was a smokeless fire place that could be connected to the floo network if needed, a wizards study stocked with parchment, ink, and eagle feather quills. There were also old tomes perfectly preserved written by Merlin and his contemporaries from around the world. The bedroom had a large four poster bed with a down comforter and there was a kitchen and potions lab as well.

Merlin had set up the bottom floor of all the buildings to look like old wizard dwellings complete with fireplaces and an illusion on the rest of the building to look like a castle from the ground level. From there they had a short discussion on what to do next and decided to start training in Oclumency so that Harry would be able to learn what he needed to as fast as possible from the repository of knowledge left by Merlin. They sat in Sirius' sitting room with a roaring fire near them as Sirius began to guide Harry in the art of Oclumency.

"I want you to focus on your breathing Harry." Sirius began, "three deep breaths, five regular, then five deep breaths and three regular." Sirius' voice was low and soothing after two rotations of the breathing Sirius' acute dog senses could sense the boys muscles had relaxed. "Now search inside yourself look for the center of your magic, the inner source of your power. Feel the flow of your magic through you, like blood through your veins, like a river through the forest."

As Harry listened and followed his godfather's instructions he began to search for his core with his mind's eye. When he found it he was astonished. It was like a great golden pool in his center, "Follow the flow Harry, through its path to your brain." Even as Sirius spoke he traced a line from Harry's chest where he could feel the core, over his shoulder to the base of the back of his neck to the top of his skull. Harry could see the line of magical flow highlighted as Sirius directed him and followed that flow with his mind's eye. It was invigorating to be immersed in his own magic. As he reached the base of his skull he could hear the whispers of his subconscious. "Ignore them Harry, stay focused on the flow, come on." Sirius coaxed as he guided his godson. Harry listened and came to where Sirius was guiding him. When he got there all he could see was an empty blackness with the occasional memory floating by like a portrait in Hogwarts, some were good and some were bad. Harry was startled to see Sirius standing next to him, appearing in a flash of blue light. "Now you need to form your avatar here Harry, right now you are formless in your own mind, a mere entity of nothing floating in a sea of everything, solidify yourself so that you may solidify your world."

Harry mentally nodded, then remembered that he couldn't be seen, he laughed and it echoed throughout his mind and happy memories came and surrounded them. Harry started pulling from these memories images of his body from all ages. He formed most of the body based on the more recent memories but pulled the hairstyle from the re-growth that had happened due to his aunt trying to lop of all his hair. "How does this look?" Harry asked with a smile.

"Long hair looks good on you. I think that is good for now. you expended a lot of energy brining your avatar about and I don't want to overtax your core." Sirius said as he left in a flash of blue light.

Harry opened his eyes and found that he indeed was tired from the magical exercise. After a little bit more small talk the two decided to go to bed and leave the rest for the morning.

Harry went to sleep that night hoping to get some good sleep but was sadly mistaken in his endeavor. As he settled into the comfortable Alteran style bed and went to sleep his mind became plagued by memories of a few weeks ago at the end of the tri-wizard tournament when Voldemort had been resurrected. It was a very bad night to say the least. He tossed and turned as the shrill voice of the deformed homunculus body calling out 'Kill the Spare'. The green flash of light consuming Cedric's body and the sickening thud as the poor unsuspecting Hufflepuff fell lifeless on the ground.

He jerked up in a cold sweat looking around frantically. Avalon sensed his consciousness coming to full awareness and turned the lights on in his room. He looked out the windows to notice the sun hadn't risen yet and only the twilight of dawn was beginning to show. He sighed in resignation and pulled the covers off his body. "Yoda," He called out walking over to his desk.

The young elf appeared and bowed, "What can Yoda do for you master?" he asked kindly.

"Bring me the book of shadows, I wish to start studying." Harry ordered, "And tell me when Sirius wakes up so I can have some breakfast." Harry added as an afterthought.

"Right away master," The elf said with a flourish as he left. He came back moments later with the family book and then disappeared again. Harry opened the book and began to read through battle spells and different forms of defensive magic.

Ice Arrow: Level One (subsequent levels will be given as the book deems you ready) Spell written by Gavin Potter, Battle Mage For the Council of Mages and Head of House Gryffindor

The incantation is as follows: Glacies Sagitta along with a combination of the wand movements for a state to state transfiguration and a levitation.

I developed this spell for use on a winter field but found I could later conjure the ice shards and send them as needed. The first level uses my first variation, transfiguring snow or water into shards of ice and launching them at an enemy with an over powered reverse summoning charm.

The book went on from there explaining theory behind simple transfigurations or out of context uses for common spells that Harry had not thought of himself that could be used in battle.

After reading through a few spells he stood and called out, "Computer, did Merlin have a room where he practiced his energy manipulation?"

"The third floor of the central tower was dedicated to such purposes, it is shielded against damage from strong energy attacks and a read out screen will give you the power level of your casting. Although it comes out in Alteran so I will have to read it out for you until you learn the language."

Harry grumbled something about stupid computers and their annoying tendency to know too much before he went to the floo-closet as he was now calling it and teleporting to the third floor of the central tower. For the next week and a half it would be like this. Harry would get up early in the morning to train in battle magic; once Sirius woke up they would duel for a while before calling it quits. Once they had finished dueling they would each spend an hour working on Oclumency before going to the Alteran computer and learning more about the technology they had inherited. After a quick lunch they would go back to physical training then more magic and finally they would finish with Sirius beginning to train Harry in becoming an Animagus.

One of the things Harry thought had been interesting to learn was that the Department of Mysteries that was set up in the ministry had been set up specifically by Merlin. It was a sort of shadow government that would be there to support the Heir of Merlin should he arise. Their main objective was to work to keep Ancient and alien technology from reaching the eyes and ears of muggles and magical alike. Harry made a note to seek out the current director, a one Alejandro Croaker according to the self updating log in the computer.

Despite it only having been a week Harry had jumped leaps and bounds in his training after the first few days when Sirius said his mind was organized enough to start using the chair. Harry had immediately downloaded all knowledge of the ancient language. Despite the fact that it took nearly three hours to allow his mind to assimilate the knowledge into a workable format Harry knew that taking it in one go had been worth it.

After finally learning all he could about the language navigating the systems on Avalon had been much easier. Harry had begun to read Merlin's personal log that was conveniently at the front of the main computer systems, when he first discovered it the log had been written in a very old version of the Alteran language so they hadn't even recognized it for what it was until after the mind drop, and even then it had taken a while. Harry was learning a lot from Merlin's theory on magic and the way the energy flowed, both from within the wizard and the world/universe in general.

Working with Merlin's theory he had been able to learn magic that would normally have taken months in a matter of days. By the middle of the week a letter had been sent to Potter manor from Dumbledore requesting a meeting. Harry agreed on the stipulation that It was held in a conference room in Gringotts, with Remus and Sirius present as witnesses. So now Harry sat meditating in preparation for that meeting. He was making sure his Oclumency barriers where strong enough to repel anything Dumbledore might try.

He appeared in the bridge room of an Alteran Aurora class battle ship. The ship was the height of Alteran engineering both physically and technologically. It had the most sophisticated security systems and Harry had encoded all of his thoughts and memories behind firewalls in the 'ships' computer system. This was simulated by a unique form of Oclumency that allowed his subconscious to take control of his defenses taken from techniques from a Tibetan monk one of his ancestors had met a few generations ago,

He knew it was a little paranoid to think that Dumbledore, leader of the light was as much an enemy as he thought but with the old goat's track record; he had to be sure he was safe. He barely noticed the knock on his doorframe "come on pup time to head out." Sirius called.

Harry stood and nodded pulling on his dress robes, a set he found in the wardrobe and had Yoda resize and clean. They had the potter crest on them and where simple yet powerful all colored in silver and white trim with the crest in gold, very reminiscent of the Alteran ceremonial robes of old. "How do I look?" he said straightening himself out and striking what he considered a regal pose.

"Every bit the young lord, now come on grab hold of the portkey." Sirius demanded holding out a brass eagle. Harry snorted and grabbed one of the wings before he felt the all too familiar tug behind the navel and they were off.

Harry was rather proud of the fact that yet again he managed to stay upright and appear as the still strong and imposing form of Lord Potter. Many of the people in the lobby turned their heads at the arrival of Harry Potter and a large black dog. Harry smirked at that. Usually the Goblins would never allow a wizard to come into the bank under disguise but due to Harry's current good relationship with his manager and the wealth he was bringing into the bank they had allowed Sirius to come disguised. Harry walked off the arrivals platform and bowed calmly to the Goblin that approached him.

"May you dance upon the grave of your enemies Honorable Goblin; I have an appointment with Manager Ragnook, The right Honorable Chief Warlock Albus Dumbledore and the Moon Wolf Remus Lupin." Harry said formally in Alteran.

If the Goblin was stunned at the use of the Old Language he was well schooled in keeping his emotions under check as he simply bowed and motioned for the two of them to follow him. They entered a room off to the side of the main hall. Sitting at the head of the table was Manager Ragnook; to his right were two empty seats and to his left sat Albus and Remus. Once the doors fully closed and Harry sensed the privacy and security wards activate as Padfoot became Sirius.

Before anyone could speak even a greeting Ragnook took control of the meeting. "I will be acting as the legal mediator for this meeting, I will ask that all four Wizards in this room surrender their foci for the remainder of this meeting, both primary and secondary please." The goblin said calmly holding out a padded box while giving a pointed look at Dumbledore. All the occupants of the room handed over their wands, hand hold pointed towards the goblin, even a slightly frustrated Dumbledore handed over a white elder wood wand that looked slightly like a skelatin finger and another wand that looked rather plain and made of oak.

"Good, now Heir Potter you may proceed with this meeting." The Goblin said calmly indicating the young lord.

"Thank you Honorable Goblin." Harry said dipping his head in his direction. He turned a steely gaze towards Dumbledore, his eyes set like glass shards, "I want you to understand something Headmaster. The only role you will play in my life is as my headmaster, as a bringer of my education and nothing more if you do not answer my questions to satisfaction do you understand that?"

"Harry I hardly think-"

"As my magical Guardian it was your duty to inform me of my rights and responsibilities as the heir to an Ancient and Noble House. You did not do this, you in fact deliberately lied to me when I asked you if there was any other option than going back to the Dursleys. I could bring you to court for blocking the succession of a greater house. You also kept the information of a prophecy from me that concerned me and the Dark Lord, which is also against the law." Harry said calmly. "My question to you is why? And you should take your time in thinking out your answer Albus because the answer you give me will dictate what role you play in the future."

Albus Dumbledore sat stunned for a moment as he realized that Harry had him by his old wrinkly balls. He couldn't deny it here, not with witnesses and he couldn't simply manipulate the blasted child. He looked at Remus' and Sirius' stony faces and realized he wouldn't be able to get out of explaining but he would salvage this later. He had to.

"I truly only had your best interest at heart. I kept you protected from such things and gave you a real childhood so that you would have something to live for when the prophecy was laden upon you." Dumbledore said with a smile.

Harry was starting to get extremely angry even with his skill in Oclumency keeping his emotions in check and what he had learned of body language after years of mistreatment from the Dursleys he could see past the old man's half truths. "You wanted to give me a childhood?" he practically hissed out. "Tell me old man did you even think to look up on me as I stayed at the Dursley home? Because I assure you that if you had then you would know that up until the age of eleven I was beaten, starved and treated worse than a Malfoy house elf. It was only after the threat of the fact that I would be able to control my magic after my first year at Hogwarts that they even decided to put me in a bedroom. For the first ten years of my life I lived under the FUCKING STAIRS IN A CUPBOARD OLD MAN!"by the end Harry was yelling, his voice enhanced with magic and his eyes glowing with power.

Dumbledore staggered back into his seat, being put in his place like that had not happened in a very long time. As the realization of what had happened to Harry began to hit home his mask finally cracked and he looked as if every year he lived was weighing on him. "There is nothing I can say to apologies for that. I had thought that Petunia would have gotten past her prejudice when she saw you, a defenseless child in need of care." He said honestly. "I knew it went against your parents Will but you have to understand that at the time those blood wards truly where the strongest defense against attempts at your life. You know how many of Tom's followers escaped judgment because of our corrupt government. If I had known Sirius was innocent I would have done all I could to let him take you and hide in the muggle world, and Remus was a werewolf and could not adopt you. Anyone else I feared would be too public a figure to give you to or would only want you for the power of your name." by now the man was truly breaking down and weeping. "I placed Mrs. Figg there to watch over you," Harry had a sharp intake of breath, "and she reported that she suspected they mistreated you because of your size and what not but I could not legally come charging in without proof which she was never able to get." Dumbledore admitted sadly.

Harry glared at him a moment longer before nodding. "Alright Albus, I understand that you couldn't interfere without legal repercussions and I understand the need to keep me away from the magical world. I am sorry for how angry I got at you but not for what I said." He paused here to let this sink in before continuing. "From now on when talking on matters of the war, we talk as equals. It is obvious to anyone with a brain that I will be a leader among my generation that I am meant to be a leader. I will consult with you when making decisions and ask for advice but ultimately I will make some, not all, but some decisions on my own and when needed I will use lethal force." Harry said calmly.

Albus nodded, he realized he couldn't lead this war alone anymore. Not with the government denying everything and not with the obvious mistakes he had made. "I understand my-Harry." He corrected himself. "So what do you need of me?"

Harry thought for a moment on how to approach the next subject and decided to go full brass Gryffindor style. "I am not only Heir to the Ancient and Noble House of Potter but Emrys master of Avalon as well Albus." Harry said holding up his hand and showing the Potter and Emrys rings. Dumbledore gasped at the revelation, When Harry took his seat at the Wizengamot this would shake their world to its core. "I will have more power amongst our honorable body than almost anyone there. At the next meeting I wish to take my seats but I need the support of another house. After that I would like to call a vote of no confidence in our current minister, but I would like you to consider taking the seat, and if not you than I will need your advice on who to back that would be a good war time minister, Someone who would be willing to fight against the dark and the corruption of our own government." Harry said sternly.

Dumbledore sat back a moment and thought hard. If he took the seat of minister he would have to give up all his other seats, including headmaster, his most favored hat, "I will need to think about that Harry but I am not saying no, not yet at least. If I do not take the seat though there are two others I would trust to do right in war time. One is Amelia Bones the current head of the DMLE, she is a fair and honest woman who would be a great Catalyst for change in our society, and one of the few who has been listening to me about the threat of Voldemort. The other is the Dowager Lady Longbottom, she carries much respect among even the dark side families and has always fought for truth amongst the Wizengamot and ever since the tragic ensnarement of Alice and Frank she has sought reform but sadly the light side is at a low on the Wizengamot, she was also a former head to the Department of Mysteries for a few years. The Potter vote was always what held the muscle for the light on the Wizengamot so maybe with you back we can get the votes and support needed to move forward. I know for a fact she would be willing to be your sponsor." Dumbledore explained.

Harry nodded and made a note on a spare bit of parchment to look into the light side houses on the Wizengamot at the time of his parent's death and their activity for the past few years. "When is the next meeting?"

"in two weeks before the start of school, I believe Fudge is going to try and call a vote of no confidence in me. But that will be new business and as a senior house you will be able to call for his vote first when we get to new business. You will need to be sworn in at the start of the meeting. Are you sure you are ready for that?"

Harry nodded, "I am. I have learned much at Avalon. There is a device similar to a pensive that allows me to download knowledge into my mind. Practical skills like spells and such can't really be learned like that, sure I can learn the incantations but actually feeling how the magic moves and flows has to be practiced like normal. General knowledge and theory are made so much easier to learn though; instead of hours it takes only moments." Harry said with a grin. He had ordered the house elves to download the political and etiquette books into the database and had only just started on them. Now that he knew he had two weeks he would get as much assimilated as possible before going and he would be able to tear that place apart, he hoped.

Dumbledore was stunned. If Harry could learn theory and other such knowledge in mere minutes it would be a great advantage, possibly even the power he knew not."Alright, it might do well to contact Lady Longbottom and a few others to warn them. If you wish I will take care of that for you so that you may concentrate on learning as much as you can." Dumbledore suggested.

Harry eyed the headmaster for a moment trying to see if he had any ulterior motive, "no, they won't respect me as much if I let my proxy continue to be my proxy on the eve of my ascension." Harry had to hold back a snicker on that word, "I will send a letter to the Lady Augusta now requesting a meeting tomorrow. I will also send a formal letter of ascension to the other heads of houses. If we cannot get enough support the first time we will build it" Harry said succinctly after slipping into his mindscape to think. Time went much slower in there than out in the real world; especially if you where highly intelligent.

Dumbledore nodded that seemed a sound plan. If Harry truly wanted to set himself up as a powerhouse on the political stage he would have to start out looking independent as much as possible, he couldn't be seen as someone else's puppet. "Very well, I shall go test the waters myself and see where the light and neutral dockets stand on the issue. And don't worry I know how to be discreet enough about it to make sure it doesn't seem like I am asking what I really am." He said his gleam back in full light.

Harry just shook his head with a smirk.


Augusta Longbottom was sitting in her study reading over the bills proposed in the last meeting in preparation for the next. With the stresses of the end of the Tri-Wiz she had begun to pull support together to call an end to the reign of Fudge. If Voldemort truly was back he would not be able to be a war time leader. Sadly since young Harry Potter had not taken his title at his fourteenth birthday the light was still five votes short of majority needed to sack the man which meant the swing was up to the neutral families. Now generally that wasn't too much trouble for the Longbottom Matron, who had been the speaker for the light docket since Dumbledore took seat as supreme Mugwump and the Potters had died, but in the case of Fudge the neutral and dark side families where able to practice the auld ways a little more freely. She had no problem with most of the auld ways but the dark and neutrals where too reluctant to pass the hat to someone who might take issue; which was where the problem lay. If they wanted to get the neutrals and pull the swing it had to be either herself or Dumbledore who took office and she was not a guaranteed win and Dumbledore didn't want to tempt himself with too much power.

She was sitting back taking a tea break when a beautiful snow owl flew into her study with a letter attached to it's leg. She smiled and took the letter from the bird after thanking her. The owl seemed familiar in some way that she couldn't figure out. She looked down at the letter and turned it over to open it and gasped when she saw the seal on the parchment, then smiled a wry smile. The seal was a Dragon and a Phoenix entwined over a scroll on a bisected shield. It was the seal of the Ancient and Noble house of Potter. She eagerly opened and read the letter

To the Dowager Countess Longbottom Greetings,

I write you this day july the twenty third 1995 to formally inform you that I have claimed my inheritance as Heir to the Noble and Ancient House of Potter and the Earldom of Wiltshire. I am pleased to inform you that on August the sixth I shall be attending my first meeting of the Wizengamot. In this matter I implore a bit of your time tomorrow at a time convenient to you. Please Floo or respond via owl if this is acceptable, I have something of great importance to discuss and ask of you. I hope this letter finds you and his Lordship your Heir, Neville Simon Longbottom well and in good spirits.

May Teutates watch over you,

Heir Harold James Potter Earl of Wiltshire

Augusta smiled softly as she read the note over again. Yes this would be good. She quickly wrote a letter of thanks and replied that she would be available to receive him for lunch the next day at noon.

Harry opened his eyes and stood up from another mind dump in the control throne. He now knew most of the current laws and political climate of the Wizengamot thanks to the books and notes on loan from Dumbledore. He hoped to have most of the knowledge assimilated before the Wizengamot meeting. It was a bit disturbing to him how well he took to being the Earl of the House of Potter. He knew the temptation was there in the back of his mind to take that power and run with it. It seeped in from the black spot in his mind that he couldn't access, the part of his mind the seemed to fight the light. It fed off his hatred and anger, but was still weak, yet at the same time immensely strong. He had not told Sirius about it when he found it. He knew his godfather would overreact. The man's family had been dark and he knew the power of its allure. Harry would be sure to keep it a secret and resist it as he had done subconsciously all his life. He knew of it now even if he didn't know what it was exactly he would find out and get rid of it.

Harry was brought from his thoughts by the clearing of a throat. His house elf Yoda bowed deeply, "My Lord, your clothes have been laid out and prepared for your luncheon with the Dowager Countess Longbottom. Master Sirius has requested that you come see him after your meeting and then you have your appointment with Madame Milken for your Wizengamot robes."

Harry nodded "Thank you Yoda, tell Sirius I will see him in an hour at the minimum." Harry said walking over to the Transporter closet. He stepped out in his room and walked over to the bed and looked over the semi formal robes his elf had set out; they where the light tan robes of an Alteran Councilor, Harry smiled at that. Soon he would bring their society out of the dark ages and head to enlightenment and the second reign of the Ancients would begin. But first he had to deal with the home front. Clear the corruption that pervaded the stagnant European Magical community and then look at the rest of the worlds magical population an see who was worthy to join in the second coming. But all that was for later. Right now he had a luncheon.

He put on the high necked brown undershirt and then the tan outer robes before slipping on the leather arm wraps and the belt. On the chest Yoda had lovingly stitched the new crest of the house of Potter-Emrys over the left breast, over the heart. A Dragon and a phoenix entwined over a gold triangle over a shield of deep russet. Harry nodded as he looked in the mirror. As a last thought he wandlessly conjured a brown leather band and tied his hair pack in a low pony tail. He had found after he began organizing his mind that he had slight metamorphamagus ability. It was nothing like on the level of Tonks but he could change his hair length, height and distort his face a little. It was why he had looked so much like his father most of his life. When Voldemort attacked his gift had been stunted and he had been changed at the time looking slightly like a baby version of his father. He had grown like that ever since and it eventually became what is known in the metamorphic world as his neutral state, the place on which he built all his transformations.

Harry sighed and used his ring to send him to Potter manor then immediately grabbed the floo powder on the wall and threw a handful into the fireplace before calling out "Longbottom Manor. "

This meeting would set the course for the next stage in his plans. He hoped it went well.