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Dean was driving along the long road listening to some song on the radio that he wasn't familiar with. It sort of sounded like a female but not really. "Stupid new songs." He reached over and turned the knob and Led Zeppelin's song 'Ramble on' came on. "Now this is the stuff!" He turned it up and looked over at his brother who was sleeping soundly with his head against the window. He thought about turning it up more but decided not to. They had a good case ahead of them and he needed him sharp so he could watch his back.

He made it to Flagstaff Arizona and pulled up to a bar. He reached over and shook Sam's shoulder. "Sammy…Get up we're here."

Sam groaned and sat up rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He looked at his brother then out the window. "Why a bar? I'm hungry."

"They have food." Dean has his heart set on a beer.

"No they don't, the only eatable thing they have are peanuts."

"Come on Sammy. Just for an hour? I'm dying for a beer." He looked at Sam with pleading eyes. But then Sam gave him his puppy dog eyes. "Fine! But after we eat we come back here."

Sam smiled to himself Dean stood no chance against him.

Dean pulled out of the parking lot and down the road looking for a place with food and found one right around the corner. "Altitudes Bar and Grill sounds good enough for me. You can get something to eat and I can still get my beer."

Sam grabbed his laptop and they went inside the place was not fancy but not dumpy ether, much better than a regular bar. They got seated in a booth and the woman gave them each a menu while she smiled.

"Can I start you too off with something to drink?" She asked with an even bigger smile on her face.

Dean smiled back at her with the best smile he could make. "I'll have a beer."

"May I see some ID?"

Dean looked at her funny like. "Why? I'm way past my 21 years...unfortunately. But I'm still hot." He winked at her.

"I have to ask everyone, even the old people. That way no one can get mad and say we don't like them."She winked back but was still smiling the whole time she talked.

That was the stupidest thing Dean had ever heard of before. He reached in his pocket and pulled out one of this fake ID's and handed it to her.

She grabbed it and stared at it then handed it back. "Thank you Mr. Bean." She giggled a little as she looked at Sam. "And for you?"

"Water." She left and Sam smiled at Dean. "So…Mr. Bean, could you do something funny for me? Maybe get up and start to dance on the table or something? I need a good laugh."

"Shut up smart ass and tell me what you found out last night while I was getting my wonder nap." Dean looked down at his menu and wanted a BBQ sandwich.

Sam pulled out his lap top and pulled up what he had saved the night before. "Young people keep going to some house in the middle of the night and then being found dead inside or outside of the old house the next day. Some had there throats cut others broken neck and bruises, stab wounds and blunt force trauma to the house is supposedly haunted. And everyone that had died has been young, ages around 17 to 25."

"Sounds like a wack job to me. The dad went crazy and now he wants to kill innocent kids. What is up with stupid kids and wanting to see a ghost? They see something that has a danger sign on it and they always have to go in." Dean shook his head as the woman came back with the beer and water.

"Are you ready to order?" She put the beer in front of Sam and the water in front of Dean.

"Not yet." Dean said as he picked up the bottle from in front of Sam and took a big swallow from it.

"I'll just give you some more time." She left.

Sam looked at Dean. "I never said it was a dad going crazy."

"Nether did I so what did you find out about the house?"

Sam rolled his eyes as he looked back to his computer. "It was built in the 1600's and was passed down from generation to generation until one day someone broke in and killed the family. Police said that the two kids were shot and killed in their beds and the wife was found shot half way down the stairs. The father killed the two burglars, and since his whole family was dead and he went crazy. He disappeared one day and no one knew where he went."

"Do you know how dorky that sounds?"

"I didn't write it. I was just reading what someone posted."

"What year did he go missing?"

"1962. And he was 43."

"Well, I guess that rules out him still being alive. Unless the old fart can move around like the Flash." He nodded his head. "Yeap. That's got to be it."

The woman came back and looked at them. "I bet you're ready now…Am I right?"

She seemed a little scary to Dean by the way she kept acting. "I'll have the BBQ sandwich with a side of fries."

She wrote it down and looked at Sam. "And let me guess. You'll have what he's having?"

Sam smiled. "No. I just want a salad."

She turned her head sideways as her wrote it down. "Ok sweethearts! It will be out in just a bit." She jogged away happily.

"She is one odd ball." Said Dean as he rolled his eyes in her direction. "Do you think she is a space alien?"

"Be nice Dean."

Dean shook his head as he finished off his beer. A little while later she came back with their food. "There you go boys. I hope it's the best food you have ever put in your mouth!"

"Could I get another beer?"

"Can I see your ID again please?"

"But you already saw it. You know I'm of age." He smiled at her trying to be nice and not yell at her but it wasn't working.

"I know. But that's the rules." She held out her hand a smile still on her face.

Dean reached into his wallet again and pulled out what he thought was the same one and handed it to her. "Happy?"


"What do you mean no?"

"You're not Mr. Bean. Your ID changed. It doesn't even look like you." She showed it to him and Dean giggled. On the ID was a black man with a big round afro on his head that looked like a basketball and he was skinny and his eyes bulged out of his head and looked like frogs eyes.

"Ohh. That's my roommate. He must have put that in there. He loves to pull stupid things on me."

She giggled and gave it back. "I know what you mean! I have a roommate just like that!"

For the next twenty minutes she went on about her roommate and all the things she pulled on her. Dean came up with a good excuse to leave after he and Sam forked down there food and she bought it. They left the restaurant and drove away turning at the next light to look for a hotel.

"Man! That girl gave me a headache."

"It's your fault Dean, why the hell do you have that ID for anyway?"

"I was going to put it in your wallet when you were taking a shower. Take out all your other ones and put that one in then send you out for some beer."

"Ha ha. Very funny Dean."

"And adorable, with nice come backs Bitch."


They arrived at a small hotel at the end of town, its sign was half lit. Dean broke out laughing as he pointed at the sign with only a few letters lit…from Pecan Island Motel, it now read…penis motel.

Sam took a second look before busting out laughing. "Damn Dean, this town is weird!"

"Yea tell me about it. Its even wearing off on you. I mean you can actually laugh!" Dean grabbed his stomach as tears started to show in his eyes from laughing so hard.

Dean had only barely stopped laughing when he managed to get a double at the far end and had put their things away, took a shower and headed back out.

It got dark and only a few stars out when they got into their car and headed down a little road. "Let me know when to turn Sammy."

"Not for a while."

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