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Sam's whole body felt like it was on fire his ears were ringing. But a different kind of sound hit his ears. It started out low but then grew within seconds. It kind of sounded like a dog whistle but alot higher. It had gotten so loud that he turned his head to one side then the other. He opened his eyes to looked up at Festus, his hand hung in the air in an attack potion but was frozen. He was looking halfway up the wall at something. Sam turned his head to take a look but didn't see anything but the longer he looked at it the louder the sound became. He lifted his right good hand and covered his ear. He wanted to cover the other one but Festus's foot was still crushing it.

He heard Dean moan moving his legs a bit making Sam's back sting. His ears felt like they were going to pop or start bleeding at any moment. He squeezed his eyes closed as a blinding bright light flashed across the room and a sound of thunder rattled the windows and shook the room. Was it an earthquake? He looked at Festus but he seemed to not hear it just seeing something that he couldn't.

"No!" Festus screamed. "You cant do this! Get out of my house!" Sam could hear the fear in the ghost's voice. He turned his head and saw the shadow of large wings on the far wall.

"This isn't you house anymore." The voice was loud and it made his head hurt like having the stereo turned up to it's limit and listening through headphones. It was too much.

Sam knew that voice but he couldn't put a face or name to it. His eye lids suddenly felt so heavy and his mind foggy. He could feel more blood rising in his throat and he could smell copper.

He managed to open his eyes but the room was just too bright so he closed them again. Reopening them he looked around trying to find that voice again. The weight on his hand was lifted and he pulled it close.

"Le'ts go." The same voice he was sure of it, though it was gentle and caring said to him. Only this time it was closer, right next to him in fact.

'Dean?' He thought to himself. 'No, the calm voice replied in his mind. He looked up to find a familiar face. "Cas?"

"No, the milk man." Castiel replied and smiled down at him. "Who else would rescue you, that has wings?"

'Castiel must be having a bad day' Dean might have thought that was funny if he'd been awake.

Castiel put his hand on Sam's shoulder and Dean's leg. Next thing Sam knew he was laying on the motel room's dirty carpet. Dean's legs were no longer on him but he was still out. Sam looked up to see his brother was on top on the dresser with his head hanging over one end and the ends of his legs on the other. Looked damned uncomfortable.

"Dean." Castiel said as he walked over to him. "Get up. I need to ask you something." He tapped Dean's cheek who was perfectly balanced on the dresser.

"Nug. Leave me alone Sammy." He swiped at Castiel but missing. But just that small movement made him loose his balance and he tipped over falling off. His belt loop caught one of the nob's and he brought his hands up to catch himself. But the uneven weight on the nob caused the dresser to tip over on top of him. "Ouch! God damn it. Can this day get any worse?"

Then all of what happened that night slammed into his brain. "Sam." He pushed the dresser up and tried to wiggle himself out from under it. Just then Castiel decided to help out by grabbing the end of the dresser with one hand and lifting it up and tossed it across the room where it landed lightly right side up.

Dean looked over at Castiel. "When did you show up?...Forget that. You have to help Sam."

"What's wrong with him?"

"He's got some kind of round stick in his back. He's dying, please you have to save him." Dean crawled over to his little brother taking his head in his hands. "Sam? Hey Sammy. Can you hear me?"

Sam's eyes opened slightly. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" Deep down Dean knew why but he didn't want to think that way.

"I'm sorry."

Castiel got on his knees next to the brothers taking in how bad Sam looked. His lips were a tint of blue and his skin was whiter than normal.

"Stop saying that. Everything's going to be ok. Cas is here."

"Turn him over."

Dean grabbed Sam's right side. "Ready?" But he didn't even acknowledge he even heard him. "On three. One. Two." He turned him as carefully as he could on his stomach.

Sam groaned trying to roll back over.

Dean put his hand on his shoulder. "Don't move." Dean took his knife out and cut Sam's shirt from top to bottom and opened it showing his brothers whole back.

Castiel ran his hand over Sam's back getting a closer look at the stick. It had gone in deeper since the last time Dean had seen it. "I'm going to have to pull it out first. So hold your brother."

Dean looked down at his brother. "Cant we give him anything first?"


Memories of the first time Sam died filled Dean's mind. "Make it fast."

Castiel put his fingers around the stick, it was about an inch or inch and a half round and slippery. He tried to get the best grip on it as he pulled upward pulling it half way making Sam yell out.

Dean tried to hold Sam down as his back arched and his arms tried to reach back there. "Shhh." He bent down and wrapped his arm around Sam's neck and arm. It was an awkward position but he hoped it would calm Sam down some and make him move around less.

Castiel grabbed the stick again pulling it the rest of the way out. Blood squirted out of Sam's back and Dean let go of Sam and put his hands on the hole. "What the fuck Cas?"

"I'm not done move you hand."

Dean hesitated for a moment thinking. Sam was quivering under his hand and started coughing, no doubt coughing up more blood. So he lifted his hand up as he did Castiel's quickly covered it. Blood leaked from around Cas's hand, his face was hard and he looked like he was in deep thought. Sam turned his head so that he was looking at Dean tears were in his eyes and blood was on the side of his mouth. It ate at Dean's heart and he reached his hand out and patted Sam's cheek wiping some of the blood away. Dean hated the fact that there was nothing he could do for his baby brother.

White mist came out of Castiel's hand covering Sam's hole back and neck. Sam stopped moving and went completely limp under Cas's hand and his eyes closed. The blood stopped coming out or at least he thought so but he couldn't really tell for the white. He hoped it worked, well he knew it would and he'd be forever gratefully to the fallen Angel.

The white faded away and Cas removed his hand. The hole in Sam's back was gone but there was a nasty ugly scare there. It almost matched the other scar Sam had the last time he died but this one was neater and had a better chance of smoothing out.

"All done." Castiel looked at Sam's hand that had purple bruises on it. "Broken."

Dean looked over at Sam's left hand. "When did that happen? Can you fix it?"

"Maybe. I'm kind out of juice." Castiel put Sam's hand in his own and again the glow appeared but not as long as the other one had. Once it was gone Cas stood up looking down at Dean. "I'm tired." He walked over to one of the beds, the one closer to the door. He wasn't sure whose bed it was but at the moment it didn't matter. "Goodnight." He fell on the bed and was out just like that.

"The man sure does have a way with words." He looked down at his brother who was also out like a light his chest rising up and down normally. "Alright Sasquatch. Time to put you to bed."

He turned his brother on his back. He put one arm under Sam's legs and the other under his shoulders and lifted up with his legs. "God you're heavier than you've ever been. What have you been eating?"

He walked over to the bed and laid his sleeping brother down on the bed. "Is the pillow fluffy enough for you, baby bro? No? Well too bad, live with it." He smiled to himself he loved teasing his brother when he was sleeping. That way he couldn't complain or argue back.

He looked back to the floor where Sam had been. A big red bloody spot was there. 'How am I going to chean that up?' He grabbed a chair that was in the corner and pulled it up between Sam's bed and his own that Cas decided to take without asking. But it was a great deal, his brother back and all for the price of his bed for Castiel to sleep in. Way better than the last deal he made. The chair would do for getting a few hours of sleep. A stiff neck was a small price to pay to have Sammy alive. He smiled before he dozed off.

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