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A crisp wind was blowing, flipping Alice's smooth brown hair playfully. The wind was calming, and calmness was something she desperately needed right now. She was getting married, and thus the stress had caused her to leave her residence and go on a quiet walk through the forest. The crunchy gold and orange leaves scattered beneath her feet. She kicked a few into the air, hoping to ease the stress that was swirling in the pit of her stomach.

Tomorrow is the day. I'm so nervous I can't think straight.

Her suitor wasn't the least bit nervous. He was so excited he sprang around like a wild animal any time she was near. Something about him was so sweet, so innocent. Even if he thought the word cute should be banned, she always saw him as nothing more. He was such a sweetheart and always wanted to protect her, to make sure nobody bothered her.

The quiet whistling of the wind died down, and a familiar voice came from the distance. Alice didn't have a split second to think when two huge arms tackled her in a bone-crushing hug. " Alice! I didn't think I would see you here!"

Pulling out of the monster hug, Alice turned around to face a curly haired, brown eared, scarf wearing man." Elliot? What are you doing here?"

It must have been the territory negotiations. The mafia had been out for hours venturing through the Amusement Park. While Blood had left early, Elliot volunteered to stay behind, though why he did was a mystery to everyone. " Alice! I thought you wouldn't come back!"

" I'm marrying you. Tomorrow. Why would I go anywhere?"

He shrugged, but kept that silly smile anyway." Here, I thought you might want this," he said, pulling a light blue scarf that resembled his out of his coat. He looped it around her neck, making sure it wouldn't fall off, the whole time Alice was left to do nothing but blush.

She was happy to have the worn out scarf. The air was starting to grow cold, to nip at her arms and face. Slowly, Elliot wrapped his arm around one of hers, his palm sliding into hers while their fingers twisted together. " We should get back. Everybody'll start wondering where we are," he said looking up at the sky. Alice nodded. She could see her breath in the air. It made her feel like some fire breathing dragon. She couldn't wait to get indoors, away from the cold.

They strolled through the forest, connected hands swaying." Are you excited about tomorrow?" he asked. Alice didn't say anything, just gave a small chuckle. That was enough for Elliot, and with one quick motion, he scooped Alice up in his arms bridal style. " I can hardly wait! We'll get to walk like this tomorrow! It's gonna be great!" he yelled, not caring who heard. He started spinning her around, dizzying the poor girl.

" Elliot!" She felt the throw-up stirring in her stomach. He quickly placed her back on her feet, an apologetic smile on his face." Sorry, couldn't control myself."

" I can tell."


Warm air greeted them as the couple walked inside the doors of the mansion, bringing life back to their cold bones. They waved at the maids and butlers, who made time to wave even though their schedules were hectic because of the upcoming wedding. Entering Elliot's room, Alice pulled away the pale blue scarf and put it on the hat hanger next to the door. From the corner of her eye she could see Elliot flopping down on his orange sheeted bed, beckoning for her to sit next to him.

She stiffly inched towards him, finding her place next to him on the bed.

" Are you excited about tomorrow?" he asked. This wasn't the first time, he'd been asking ever since the day had started. All Alice could do was smile. Am I excited? Or am I just nervous?

" Alice? What's wrong! ? Do you not want to marry me anymore? Have I done something wrong? !" he cried, nipping at her apron with his hands. She nudged him off, still smiling." No, no. It's not that, it's just.."

Elliot knew it would be best to leave her alone for the time being. So after leaving Alice to her thoughts, the two eventually found themselves in their pajamas, curling under soft wool sheets.
Alice snuggled close to Elliot's broad chest, and his arms immediately circled over her in a warm hug. Life was sure to be good if this was how she would spend the rest of her nights.


As sunlight fluttered in streaks through the window, Alice noticed something missing as her hands parted the sheets. Where was Elliot? He had been there the night before, hadn't he?
Stiffly leaning up, Alice glared out the window. But her staring war with the sun ended when a banging came from the other side of the door. Suddenly, the door swung open only to let in a swarm of scurring maids and servants, who seemed to grab and tug at her, pulling her out of the bed and into a dressing room.
Everything had hit so fast, she had totally forgotten that her wedding was scheduled for the early morning hours.

" Oh, Miss Alice, you're going to look simply gorgeous in this gown!" a young maid shrieked. She tossed the gown over the side of the dresser, and Alice gingerly tugged on it, unzipping the back to step inside. It was smooth on the inside, and it fit perfectly against her frame until it passed her waist, where it spread out like a ball gown.
The sleeves were like satin, and cut off at her shoulder-blades. A trail of pearl shaped beads lined her shoulders.

Stepping out for the crowd to see her in her wedding dress, Alice gave a happy smile. They applauded her, clapping and whistling loudly, cheering ringing in the room. " Hurry, Miss Alice. We still need to do makeup and hair. Follow me," a maid said, reaching through the crowd and taking her hand.

She led Alice into a brown and tan patterned room, sitting her in a chair and throwing a blanket over her lap, hooking it around Alice's neck. Immediately, Alice felt the maid's fingers fumbling through her hair, a cylindrical object rolling through it. She pulled two lengths of hair back and clipped them together, and then brushed Alice's bangs carefully. The maid sat something light and feathery on Alice's head- she guessed in was the veil.

Now the maid was in front of her, playing with some brushes and a set of paint pots." Okay, dear, I need you to close your eyes for a moment," she said, stirring the brush around in the paint pot.
She smeared the spread over Alice's closed eyes, then used her finger to smooth it out. After repeating this, she put a soft shimmer around Alice's eyes, glossed her lips with a blush pink, and put a warm bronzer that traced her cheekbones. Standing back, the maid admired her work.

Alice was more than beautiful. She was astoundingly gorgeous. The maid had never been jealous of anyone until now. Glancing at the clock, the maid spun on her heels.
" Hurry dear, we'll be late to the alter if we stand around any longer!" She grabbed Alice's hands and ran to the front of the mansion. They hadn't bothered to find some fancy church or chapel, the mansion itself was enough to fall in love with. The maids all scurried around her, hiding her from anyone who might try to sneak a peek at the lovely bride.

The aisle was a long carpet of soft lavender, lined by white metal benches with soft pink tulips draped over them. She never thought Blood would lavish anyone more than himself- especially like this!
The maids all moved together as a coordinated group, leading Alice to the start of the long lavender carpet. When all the maids moved away, one stayed next to her. She was dressed to fit wedding attire, a slender frame-fitting gown in sleek white with a pearly necklace and bracelet. Her shiny black hair was held up messily with a glossy clip, but it only made her prettier.
She grabbed Alice's hand and whispered to her." I'll be taking you down the aisle. I've been here longer then any other maid, so if I may, it is a pleasure to lead you, Mrs. Alice Liddell- March."

An organ played a slow waltzy tune as the two slowly suantered down the aisle. Alice's knees shook with excitement and fear. All the maids were waving at her, giggling at her, while all the butlers smiled kindly. The elderly maid slopped herself, and stood by Alice's side. Two steps were in front of her, and as her eyes followed the steps, they met a hand.

Elliot held out his hand to her, his warm off-yellow suit reflecting the bright sun. She slipped her fingers into his and stepped next to him. An old faceless man stood before them, his long white robe and blue vest telling everyone of his line of work. He cleared his throat and began.

" Do you, Elliot March, take this young woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold through thick and thin, to love and care for until the end of time, and to be together until death do you part?"

" I do, now and forever," Elliot smiled. All the maids in the crowd were sighing, fainting over his cuteness.

" And do you, Alice Liddell, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold through good and bad, to love and care for until the end of time, and to be together until death do you part?"

" Of course I do," she giggled.

Suddenly, two little boys appeared behind her, smiling like the children they were. Both held a pillow in his hands, each with a single ring on the pillows." We brought the rings, Onee-san!" The old man slipped around them, taking the two rings and letting the couple slide them on each others' finger. " I now pronounce you man and wife. Please, kiss your bride," he sighed, closing his book. Elliot leaned in and parted the veil, and planted a soft kiss on her lips.

The crowd went wild with excitment as roses flew up in the air, along with hats, coats, and anything else they could get their hands on.
Now that all the formal things were over, the real fun was about to start; the reception party!

Alice had changed into a plain white dress that went to her knees, to be more comfortable at the reception. Wine and spirits were all around as sweet fruits from the autumn harvest were served on silver trays. Servants danced to upbeat drums and flutes, while Elliot and Alice danced in the middle of the spinning circle.
" You don't regret this do you?" he asked." Regret what?" she questioned, dipping under his arm to spin in a circle.

" Marrying me. I don't want to do anything that'll make you unhappy, you know."

Spinning around him, Alice glanced around at the amazing party before them." I wouldn't marry someone who I didn't like, you know."
" I know, but I can't think of anything to give you anymore. I mean, this mansion has everything you could ever want. What am I supposed to give you now?"

Twirling around one last time as the fluttery song ended, Alice's soft teal orbs met his rich purple ones." There is one thing you could give me," she said, a content smile on her face.
" What's that?," he asked, curtsying to end the song.

" A little girl," she smiled.

He smiled back." Alice gets what Alice wants," he laughed.

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