Wonderful Wonder World Weddings

I've had this chapter for so long and now I can finally upload it! It's kinda preachy and ongoing because it was the original in this story.

Alice flipped around in the mirror, glancing at herself from side to side. Tomorrow was the big day. The day when two people's souls' and lives become one. She was nervous. Excruciatingly nervous.

She was out looking for the perfect dress, and much to her surprise, Gray had offered to come along and help her decide on one. Right now, she was wearing a mermaid style, a dress that was fitting until it reached the waist, then it turned into a long, dragging, frilly fish tail of silk. This may have suited her, but would her suitor like her in it? She spun around again, nervously eyeing every detail in the dress.

" You look astonishing," Gray said, sitting calmly on the bench next to her. This marriage ordeal hadn't caught him off guard in the least. In fact, he had predicted it happening and if that was the case, he would openly help Alice with anything that needed to be done before the big day." You really think so? I don't think he'll like it if-

" This day doesn't entirely belong to him. You decide on a dress based on what you like, not what he would want. Besides, any dress you decide on will make his clock stop altogether."

" If that's the case, I need a fantastic dress."

Gray laughed at her open minded sense of humor. Within hours later, Alice was putting the final touches on her wedding ensemble. Her mermaid dress hung by itself in the dark wooden closet.
Next to it was a pair of white high heeled shoes, not too high though. Her veil was hanging next to the dress. It was a good length, stopping midway down her back. The top was like a headband, but the headband itself would be hidden by the multiple white roses and tulips that adorned it.

It was supposed to be bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding itself, so several people were keeping Alice and her future husband from seeing each other. Lazily, Alice flopped down on her bed. So many changes were about to happen. She would move out of the Clock Tower and into a new home, a completely new and strange place. She would miss Julius. She would miss him more than anything. Despite her move to a new residence, Alice had made a mental note to see him as much as her day would allow, married or not. And then there were other roleholders she would lose some touch in. After all, when you get married, bonds can change immediately. That wasn't something she was particularly worried about, except for Peter. He would either become even more clingy, or he would become totally depressed. For some reason, Alice only hoped he became clingy.

Her thoughts were interrupted as a repetitive knock came from the door." Come in," Alice said. The door opened slowly and Julius entered, a strangely relaxed look in his eyes. He came closer to her,
only to sit down beside her." I just came to get the last few moments with you. It will be strange not to have you near, I'll give you that."

Alice laughed silently to herself." It's not like you'll never see me again, you know."

" I know that very well. A troublesome woman like you is hard to get rid of. But still, I have to ask. What made you decide on him? Out of all the people who are head over heels for you, why did you pick that imbecile?"

Alice couldn't hide her laughter, that was just too classic for her not to laugh." I guess.. I guess I really couldn't give you a reason. I can say openly though that I may have finally cracked Peter's heart."

" Another clock for me to fix," Julius murmured." Aside from that, tomorrow is the big day. Get to sleep. It'll be here before you know it."

The dream realm seemed to be nothing but a thick illusion, the once misty realm nothing more than a blanket of smoldering haze." Ready for tomorrow?" a deep, velvet voice called from above. Keeping her eyes to the ground, Alice gave a quick nod. Slowly, a hand slid under her chin, lifting her face up to be seen by another. Nightmare gazed at her, his silver hair wisping around his face." You always were shy. Tomorrow doesn't help at all, does it?"

She shook her head." Don't be nervous. Tomorrow should be a day for happiness, not cowarding under a blanket with anxiety," he laughed. Slowly leaning down, his lips softly brushed against hers. She blushed a bright pink." I hate it when you do that," she commented. He smirked." Then you'll hate it even more when I do it again in front of the entire Clover Tower staff."

The enire staff of Clover Tower. That was well over hundreds of people, not counting the other Roleholders who were planning to attend. Her knees turned to jelly as she plopped onto the ground of the dream world. Nightmare did the same, sitting Indian style in front of her." You certainly are in a deep sleep. I don't think you'll be waking up any time soon," he said. Alice sheepishly scratched her head." Didn't sleep last night. And.. Hey! Don't you know it's bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding?"

" I'm Nightmare. I think that's worse than any bad luck. Besides, I control bad luck," he said sarcastically. Alice kept her gaze away from his, only making him more curious of her." Why won't you look at me?" he asked, sounding like a child who wanted an honest answer. " I'm sorry, Nightmare. It just feels like I'm so unprepared. I shouldn't even be doing this at all, and now is literally the worst possible time to have second thoughts since the wedding is tomorrow. But dear God, I'm only 16. And you're probably in your mid 20's for all I know!"
She clutched her head tightly." Right now I only wish it was my sub-conscious coming up with all this stuff," she whimpered.

" So you're saying I'm old?" he asked playfully, scooting closer to wrap an arm around her. Alice lightly smacked his shoulder, snickering." I can't and don't see anything wrong if I'm marrying the one I love. Can you?"

He had her beat the moment this game of wits started." No, I can't. I left my world for this place, and I don't regret doing that, but it still feels so sudden... Why am I saying this out loud? You could just read my mind, you know."

" I could. But if I did that, you wouldn't be able to understand these feelings, and I certainly don't plan on voicing someone else's thoughts about these kind of things."

" You always look out for me," she said softly. He rested his head against hers." That's what I'm here for. And after tomorrow, that's what I'll do until the end of time itself... It's seems our time has run out. You'd better start getting ready."

The world dismembered into shards of light as the floor disappeared beneath her.

Alice blinked as bits of sunlight slinked towards her face. Today... Today is.. Today is my wedding!

She sprang out of bed and flung the window open, looking out at the scenery before her. Thank goodness. I didn't sleep in.

She wasn't lively at all. More like sluggish. Trudging into Julius's office, she sat in the chair next to his desk." Is something wrong?" he asked, obviously not interested. Alice said nothing, just looked at the desk with bloodshot eyes." When is the wedding?"

" Excuse me?

"... When is the wedding?"

He glanced at her, surprised at her lack of care for her own wedding." Since you really can't remember, it will be in the next two time revolutions."

The next two time revolutions. That alone was more than enough time to prepare, but still.. she felt such a rush. She was actually getting married. It was almost unbelievable. There was so much to do in such little time. Alice hadn't seen the chapel where they would get married. All she did know was that Gray had recommended it, and since it was such a popular place, everybody immediately loved it. As she ran a hand through her chocolate brown hair, a sigh escaped her lips.

Why does there have to be so much time before my wedding?

Suddenly, the door swung open and a horde of Clover employees swarmed into the room, crowding around her, bombing her with questions.

" Alice, are you excited about tonight?"

" Where will you spend the honeymoon?

" Will you start a family?"

" If you move in with our Lord, does that mean you'll be working with us again?"

The questions came like a hurricane, some surprising, some just plain weird. The swarming group hushed each other, waiting for her answers.

" Er.. Yeah, I probably will be working with you again. I don't really know where the honeymoon will happen," she answered honestly. One faceless woman shoved through the crowd, smoothing out her business suit as she did." Will you and Lord Nightmare be starting a family?"

The faceless grew silent, anxiety rushing through their veins. While they grew more excited at her hesitant answer, Alice's face turned a bright cherry red." What? I don't know! Is that really necessary to discuss right now?"

" Of course!" they said loudly.

Today is gonna be such a long day.

The lace inside her dress stuck to her knees as she walked down the aisle. Hundreds of faceless gazes watched her carefully as she slowly crossed the aisle, a row of faceless dressed in wedding attire following closely. Stepping up onto the altar, Alice glanced up, her thick lacey veil hiding the better part of her face.
A handsome man dressed in a white suit with a flowing tailcoat stood before her, along with another familiar man. Nightmare smiled at her softly, reaching out for her hands. She stepped next ot him, facing her husband-to-be. Gray was between them, wearing a white robe with a blue and gold vest.
" Ready?" he looked at Nightmare, who sighed." Ready as I'll ever be."

" We have gathered here today to witness the joining of these two people in holy matrimony. If there is anyone who is against this, please, speak now or forever hold your peace."
Everyone was silent as Alice glanced to the side to sift through the crowd. Julius was in the front row, Alice had happily noticed. The entire mafia was sitting in the second row, their awestruck eyes glued to the veiled bride while the Amusement Park was on the opposite side.
Vivaldi was dreamy-eyed, seeing how beautiful Alice was while Ace merely sat there and stared at her, his irregular smile sitting on his face. Peter watched her, but he didn't seem sad, but rather.. happy.

" If no-one objects, then it's time for the two of you to exchange rings."

Gray held out a lacy blue pillow, on it being two rings; one gold, one silver. He took the gold ring and turned to Nightmare." Do you take this girl to have and to hold until death do you part, through sickness and in health, through good and bad?"

"Yes. I do."

Gray turned to Alice."Do take this man to have and to hold until death do you part, through sickness and in health, through good and bad?"

She nodded."Yes. I do."

"Then please, exchange rings." They did, slipping the metal circles onto each others' fingers."Go ahead, kiss your bride."

Nightmare leaned forth, parting the veil and planting a quick kiss. The employees went wild with excitment, throwing all the flowers they could get their hands on. Gray even threw his vest in the air.
Alice leaned against Nightmare, his arm quickly finding its way around her waist."Let's get the party started, shall we?

"Let's," she smiled.

Everyone was having a ball. Nightmare slipped away to his 'office', which Alice recognized was the bedroom. No matter what, her husband couldn't stand the cold. With him away, Alice went off to mingle with her guests. " Onee-san! 0nee-san! We saw your wedding! You were so pretty!" the twins cried. Vivaldi was next to her as well."Yes Alice. We thought you were the most beautiful creature in all the land."

"Thanks Vivaldi. I'm so happy you came."

Vivaldi pulled Alice away for a moment to whisper in her ear."Alice, when will the baby be coming?" Alice pulled away in shock."Vivaldi!I-I'm not..I mean, er," Alice stuttered." No, not that. We mean, when the child is born, WEdemand to be the first person to be there outside the family!"

"Vivaldi, I don't even think I'm suited to be a mother. I mean, where would I start, how would I know what to do?"

"Nonsense Alice, you are an impeccable child. And, We should like to think your genetics will overpower that man's any day." Getting away from the child conversation, Alice finally said farewell to all her beloved friends. Even Peter wished for her to be happy in her new marriage, something she didn't expect. Heading to her new room, Alice found her husband on the bed waiting for her. He was completely covered by blankets, until he sat up to look at her. Alice laughed at his sleepy expression.

"What's so funny?" he demanded."It's nothing," she replied. Slipping into her nightgown, Alice sat next to him on the bed. After a long pause, Nightmare placed his hands over hers."Alice, are you happy?"
She looked at him, confused."Are you happy being here with me? Do you regret marrying me?" he asked, worried.

"I wouldn't have married you if that was the case." She leaned against his chest, resting her head on the crook of his neck. His arms circled her waist, pulling her closer.

On their first night as Newlyweds, that was how they slept, curled up next to each other.

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