Author's Notes: I find myself drawn to further Pony stories, this one is a tad more character driven than my other story and will focus mostly on the slowly building family dynamic I'm creating for certain Ponies in Ponyville who are not featured prominently. Specifically a certain wall-eyed little pony who enjoys muffins and works hard at being the best Mailpony in all of Equestria. Hundreds of these things probably crop up, but I figured I'd give it a chance. The origin of this story began when I picked up the Lily Blossom Playful Pony toy and began to speculate on what her backstory might be like.

Disclaimer: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and all related characters is the property of Hasbro Inc. The Hub and Lauren Faust. The author of this work of fanfiction makes no claims contradictorywise towards the previous statement. They belong to their respective owners and I have merely borrowed them for a time to dabble once again in the world of Equestria. That is all

If somepony could help me out a little, just a little mind you, and please don't be offended. But I am having a doozy of a time trying to coin a Ponyfied name for Japanese/Asian equivalent areas found in Equestria. Hence my glaringly obvious omisions of proper place names for them in this chapter. I would appreciate any helpful suggestions from fellow Pony fans. I am not a native of Japan, but that does not mean I can not respect and admire it's traditions and cultural beauty.

A home in Ponyville. Much like every other home in Ponyville this one was full of items that struck the fancy of the ponies living there – for their own special interests – some had hobbies. Some collected things. Others simply enjoyed having something pretty in their homes such as flowers or the like.

This particular house however was decorated with none of the above. It was a stark contrast to most ponies' homes as it featured fairly ordinary looking furniture – a bland selection of decorative objects – such as a rather tacky looking painting which almost looked like the artist had painted it with the lights off.

And then there was the locked door – it remained locked at all times for fear that what lay within the room beyond it might escape and cause pandemonium within the very city itself – this was mostly because inside of this room was a piece of statuary so hideous, so monstrous, so impossibly in bad taste that if any Pony looked upon it they would instantly vomit.

A loud crash filled the front room and hooves clopping down the stairs heralded the arrival of a young foal with a light purple coat, and a mane that was varying shades of blonde. On her flank were three small lily blooms ripe and visible for all the world to see and marvel at their beauty.

Lily Blossom tended to keep to herself as she had yet to master the native language in Ponyville – she and her sisters had moved here from a place in the far Eastern regions of Equestria and spoke their own language. Only the eldest had mastered Equestrian Standard – although she was still weak in certain areas – Lily sighed as she found her sibling sprawled out on the living room sofa with an empty mailbag covering her face.

Trotting up to her she snatched the bag in her teeth and pulled.

"Thank you, Lily," her sister said with a sheepish expression. "I'm afraid I'm not very good at getting out of these situations when Pinkie Pie is on another pranking kick," she added with a sigh.

Lily rolled her eyes. "That's alright, Bubbly Delight," she said. "I've gotten used to her targeting you, sadly. That Pinkie Pie, if I could talk to her I'd tell her that some of her pranks are terribly rude and not very nice." Lily stomped a hoof and shook her tail.

Bubbly Delight smiled – one eye roaming lazily about the room. "That's alright, Lily, I can handle her pranks just fine. She doesn't mean to be rude or mean she's just trying to spread her own brand of fun to ponies she feels are feeling down," Bubbly said frowning slightly at her own words. "I have to wonder sometimes though why she's always picking me out as the saddest pony in Ponyville though. It must have something to do with the eyes," she said thoughtfully.

Lily sighed. "If you're through with your deliveries for today I can start making dinner," she suggested helpfully.

Bubbly smiled and licked her lips. "I've just got one more package to bring to that new Unicorn over at the Library Tree, but you can start cooking it now, I shouldn't be too long," Bubbly told her sister. Her stomach rumbled letting Lily know that she was hungrier than she should have been.

"You skipped lunch again," Lily complained disapprovingly.

Bubbly had the decency to look ashamed. "How else will I maintain my status as the best Mailpony in all of Equestria?" she told her sister defensively.

Lily flicked her mane briefly out of her eyes and shot Bubbly a glare. "That isn't a good excuse to starve yourself," she scolded.

"But I'm not!" Bubbly argued.

"Please, let's not fight again," Lily requested.

Bubbly lowered her mismatched gaze and shook her head. "I'm sorry… Can we have… Muffins for desert?" she requested in a soft hopeful whisper.

Lily sighed. "What am I going to do with you, big sis?" she asked playfully ruffling Bubbly's mane.

"Bake a whole heap of muffins and don't stop til I burst," Bubbly said with a dreamy smile.

"Don't you have a package to deliver?" Lily asked with a playful and mischievous smirk – she loved her sister very much, but sometimes she had a one track mind.

"Oh my gosh!" Bubbly shouted. "Thanks for reminding me, Lily," Bubbly said dashing out of the house with the tiny parcel in her mailbag.

Lily sighed and headed for the kitchen. Her gaze landed briefly on the locked door. "I love her, but she is the absolute worst when it comes to sculpting," she said – and then she got a very nasty idea. "Maybe it's time I showed Pinkie Pie just what it is Bubbly likes to do for a hobby," she said to herself.

Plotting not nice things Lily Blossom went to work preparing the evening meal and – just for her sister – a nice big batch of muffins.

Bubbly Delight arrived partially out of breath at the large tree which housed Ponyville's library – strangely enough not many ponies in the quaint village actually came here to read books – or even borrow them. Most ponies were too busy to read and so the library had been closed for many years – until the nice new Unicorn Twilight Sparkle came to town.

Bubbly dutifully knocked on the door – as there was no mailbox outside large enough to accommodate the package in her saddlebag. She did her best to remain calm and professional, but the thought of all those lovely muffins and a big plate of grass pancakes or perhaps some yummy scrumptious bamboo dumplings from their native region of Equestria made her start to lose focus.

"Hello," Spike the baby dragon said as he opened the door. "Oh, hey, is it another package?" he asked with a smile.

Bubbly nodded snapping back to attention. Delicately she removed the package from the saddlebag. "Sign here please," she requested speaking in halting Equestrian Standard as she presented a clipboard and quill.

"Sure thing," Spike said. "I wonder what this is?" he added to himself absently as he started to wonder about the package sitting on the ground next to him.

Bubbly was admittedly curious herself, but mostly because a package to Twilight Sparkle usually came from Equestria's capital Canterlot – the brightest and best place in all of Equestria as it was where Princess Celestia lived and held royal court. Bubbly had always wanted to go there, but even for a Pegasus pony the trip wasn't taken on a whim. Work came first.

"Twilight, Derpy brought us a package," the baby dragon called out as he turned to head into the tree-building.

Bubbly felt her heart stop briefly.

"Spike!" Twilight reprimanded. "That isn't the mailpony's name," she said.

Bubbly felt her eyes growing wet – she shouldn't let it bother her anymore, but it was hard not to – after all she'd been living in Ponyville for at least eight years now or more. The only ponies that ever spoke to her were other mailponies, but everypony else just talked about her and made rude comments because of her problems in communicating and her lazy eye.

Bubbly wanted to gallop off and rush back home, but Twilight Sparkle was suddenly standing in front of her blocking her from escaping. "I'm really, terribly, sorry about that, Bubbly," she said managing to speak a passing imitation of Bubbly's native tongue.

"It is nothing, Twilight Sparkle, the dragon… Is honored and respected, if he wishes to call me Derpy," she said.

Twilight shook her head frustratedly. "It is not alright!" she told Bubbly angrily. "Dragons may be honored to you, but that's no excuse for not bothering to get to know your name and hurting your feelings in the process," she insisted.

"I'm sorry, Bubbly," Spike apologized. "I didn't mean it, it just… Slipped out." Spike lowered his head in shame. "That's the last time I listen to Rarity go on about stuff," he muttered under his breath.

Bubbly forced herself to bow politely to the dragon in spite of her broken heart and then – without another word – she rushed off as fast as her wings could take her.

Twilight sighed. "Spike," she said turning to her oldest and dearest friend.

"I apologized!" Spike insisted nervously. "Please don't make me alphabetize all the books again, I promise, it'll never happen again!" he vowed crossing his heart with his tail.

Twilight shook her head briefly her eyes downcast. "I know you didn't mean it, Spike, but you really hurt her feelings just now and I don't think a simple apology is going to be enough," she admitted. "Now, where's that book on ancient Tea Ceremonies?" she asked.

Spike's eyes widened. "You mean the one that says only a master or a dragon can perform it?" he asked nervously.

"That's the one, Spike," Twilight affirmed with a gentle nod. "You're going to have to learn how to do it perfectly," she added leaning in closer to scrutinize Spike with her eyes. "Because you're going to have to do it if you want to make up for your blunder, honestly, if I ever catch the pony that came up with such a hurtful, ugly nickname for that poor immigrant pony I'll… I'll… Ooooo, I don't know what I'll do, but I might be tempted to chop off their tail," she said with a frustrated stomp of a hoof.

"But, Twilight," Spike said. "You're used to ponies with different languages because of your time in Canterlot," he told his four legged friend.

"That's no excuse for treating somepony badly just because she doesn't look or act the same as everypony else!" Twilight stated. "Now, get that book and start studying."

Spike nodded and quickly rushed into the library – almost tripping over the forgotten package Bubbly had dropped off. "Don't you want to open this first? It's from the Princess and could be important," he said.

"Later, I'm not in the mood," Twilight said using her magic to put the package inside. "I'm going to go see if Pinkie Pie knows anything about Tea ceremonies, maybe she can help you practice," she told Spike before trotting off down the street.

Spike watched her go briefly and then quickly made his way to the many shelves. Briefly he eyed the package, but shook his head. "Focus, Spike, that was a major blunder… Maybe I should warn Rainbow Dash about Twilight's mood," he said to himself in a soft whisper. "Nah, I don't think Twilight will ever find out it was Dash who came up with that mean name… Besides, I don't think Rainbow Dash meant anything bad by it, but I should tell her to knock it off from now on, because Twilight is right, it's not nice." With that promise made to himself Spike began searching in earnest for the book on tea ceremonies.

Lily jumped when she heard the front door slam and the sound of hooves clopping upstairs – frowning slightly she followed the commotion trying to figure out what was wrong. When she heard Bubbly's tears she began to see red.

"Bubbly, are you alright?" Lily demanded careful not to let her voice rise too high lest she upset her sister further.

"I'm fine," Bubbly's muffled voice came through her bedroom door.

"Ok, if you say so," Lily said uncertain if she should press the issue. "Supper will be ready very soon, I made some Bamboo dumplings with hay noodles, your favorite, and for dessert… A big batch of chocolate chip banana muffins!" Lily revealed with a private look of disgust. Her sister had weird tastes. Chocolate chips and bananas just weren't meant to go together.

"I… I'm not hungry anymore, Lily," Bubbly said with a soft moan. And then she went back to crying into her pillow.

Lily narrowed her eyes in suspicion and her anger began to grow. Just what happened over at Twilight Sparkle's home? She was determined to find out. But first she had to get her sister out of her room to eat otherwise she'd regret it in the morning. "Bubbly, you have to eat, I made it all special for you," she said in that tone of voice their mother used most often when she wanted to get them to do something they didn't want to.

"No!" Bubbly shouted. There was a loud crash and something hit the door.

Lily – afraid for her sister – burst into the room. She needn't have worried though – it was only the empty saddlebags she'd been carrying with her on her last round. Lily saw Bubbly lying in bed her face buried in her pillow. Slowly she drew closer.

Bubbly's red rimmed eyes became visible slightly when she glanced up, but then she turned away. "I want to go home," she moaned softly sounding almost like a petulant filly rather than the full grown mare she was.

"Bubbly," Lily started to say. Slowly she came to realize that words would be meaningless here. There was only one thing for it – though it pained her to admit this – Lily needed help from their sister. The one pony in all of Ponyville who might be able to understand where both of their feelings were coming from – as she had dealt with it herself.

Unfortunately their sister wasn't home yet and wouldn't be home for another three days as she was off visiting their father in Cloudsdale – on the insistence of their mother who was most strict when it came to visits with father. They had separated amicably due to their vastly different work ethics and job needs, which had almost torn their family apart, but in the end their parents still loved each other very much and chose not to seek out other mates.

Lily sighed. Briefly she placed her muzzle against her sister's head and kissed the top of it. "Ok, Bubbly, I'll save some for you in the fridge in case you change your mind later," she whispered gently. "I'm sorry you have such a harder time of it here, of course you're the only one really trying to learn the language, I'm more content silently toiling away in the back room at Jade Moon's Palace & Fine Dining Experience," she said her gaze traveling briefly to the side as she did her best to hide her own bitter feelings at being forced to live so far away from all the friends she'd known back home.

Bubbly leaned in and nuzzled her briefly. "It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for this Celestia cursed eye of mine, everypony thinks I'm stupid because of it and my language problems," she said frustratedly.

Lily nodded. "I know, I know, but Celestia did not curse your eye, she blessed you with a unique perspective in this world. You can't blame her for that," Lily reminded gently.

Bubbly nodded – her tears spent – her heart lighter, but she still had no appetite. Not even for muffins. "I'm going to try to learn more Equestrian Standard," she told Lily. "I promise, if I get back my appetite later I'll eat what you leave for me," she said.

Lily nodded feeling happier now herself. "Alright," she said. "I'll hold you to it." Slowly she turned and left the room – closing the door shut behind her she made her way back down to the kitchen – where her food was starting to burn just a little. As she finished preparing it and put some aside for her sister she began to feel her frustration and anger growing once more.

Lily was a kind hearted pony most of the time, but she knew she wasn't the first or only pony to have these types of problems. Unfortunately Jade Moon came from a different province and so her dialect was not the same – otherwise she'd ask her for help in learning to master Equestrian Standard as the emerald green pony had.

There was however another pony who may be able to help them. She tended to keep to herself as well – mostly because she was a rather spirited Pegasus who spent more time with her head in the clouds than down on the ground.

Her mind made up, Lily decided that tomorrow she would seek out Blossomforth and do her best to convey her needs to the other Pegasus – after all if Ponyville could handle a mute pony like Blossomforth and her strange 'sign language' then they should be able to understand the troubles and difficulties she and her sisters also had to deal with.

To Be Continued…