Author's Notes: I have no idea where exactly this story is taking me, but part of me thinks it's going to be a really great ride. I just hope I'm not overly complicating the plot too much with that I'm introducing in this chapter, a brand new take on the character of Doctor Whooves... Yes I am aware he is meant by most fans to be an alegory to the Doctor Who character, but I find that Equestria has no need for a character quite like him. In the sense that this version of the good Doctor Whooves, instead of being similar to Doctor Who has a different mission in life. In keeping with the ploy of Friendship is Magic, he's a... Well A Friendship Counsellor, with perhaps a few quirks due to some event in his past that we will sadly not be allowed to touch upon in this story.

Maybe a side story? I hope my readers won't think I'm being a total lunatic or something with the great twist in this chapter, but I guess I just felt it would be fun to bring back focus to the Ponyville Sisters, Lily Blossom, Rose Bud and Bubbly Delight AKA Derpy Hooves in a fantastic only My Little Pony could get away with it way. Enjoy the following chapter.

Bubbly Delight was more than upset – she was furious – her anger washed over her like a tidal wave of emotion. Her sisters were both younger than her as she was the first born, the oldest, she had been raised by both her mother and her father to treat everypony with respect and kindness – and when her sisters came along… It was her job to help with them, to watch out for them.

Now – as they were old enough to live on their own and hold a steady job – Bubbly found that Rose Bud was far more independent than most ponies. Whereas Lily Blossom tended to be overprotective of her to the point where sometimes she felt stifled.

This however was the one thing that broke Bubbly's heart and spirit – her sister – her own flesh and blood – had defied the rules that were drilled into every mailpony. She read her letter without her consent and then to top it off caused a scene with a group of ponies who might finally open up to her and become new friends here in Ponyville.

Tears stung her face as the wind tore through her mane and she rushed to the one place where she could seek solitude from her sister – the one place that she never ventured – carefully unlocking the door Bubbly marched into her art studio and started working.

Pounding her hooves into the thick malleable clay left ready for her – she started to beat the stuff with hoof and chisel clutched precariously in her tail. Bubbly was upset – she could barely see past the tears everything was blurry. Closing her eyes she poured her heart and soul into the sculpting process.

Other half-finished pieces of statuary stood nearby – some of them depicting a pony in a growing state of completion – but a pony that was ugly and not like other ponies. This pony had hooves similar to the Princesses' with the strange hoof wear they sported, part of the back of the thing had been scooped out and replaced with a saddle – not just any saddle, this one was ugly and twisted – misshapen. Large bat-like wings rested on her back posed as though in mid-flight.

A sickeningly sweet smile graced a grotesque looking face – a half-formed muzzle – the other half had been smashed in with the hammer at one point during a particularly intense bout of rage.

Other versions of this same pony littered the room in various states of disrepair and mutilation – Bubbly only had one version that had not been damaged in any form – the original. The largest – she'd created it after first laying eyes on Nightmare Moon – it represented all of her dark feelings in a way. An abstract representation of the Mare in the Moon – Bubbly had a feeling that Princess Luna would not appreciate this depiction of her past self.

Bubbly however didn't care – she didn't share it with anypony outside of her sisters – she only used it as a means to express her emotions when life in Ponyville drove her to the brink of madness.

It didn't help that most everypony in town continued to call her Derpy Hooves – some of them even took to calling poor Ditzy Doo by that name because the other Pegasus pony bore a strange resemblance to her – her familial relations to Ditsy were difficult to understand for poor Bubbly. Something to do with distant cousins on her father's side.

Ditzy didn't have the same problems as she did – hers were a different type – somehow – and nopony was entirely certain how – Ditzy had born a filly of a different breed from her natural Pegasus form. Her daughter Dinky was a unicorn pony. Bubbly couldn't fathom how that had happened, not unless the father was a unicorn pony. Male traits were sometimes more dominant in mixed breed marriages.

Bubbly shook her head and wiped the sweat from her brow – she shouldn't be thinking about all this stuff – Ditzy was a good pony and not deserving of scorn. The only thing was she refused to communicate with her distant cousins. Perhaps because of the horrible nickname that some mistakenly used on her – even though they had nothing in common aside from looks – Ditzy was known for mocking her behind her back even by making funny faces. Her sense of direction was terrible.

Bubbly stared at the current fantastical image of Nightmare Moon she'd managed to craft – somehow this one just looked so sad and alone – Bubbly raised a hoof to smash it like all the others, but she paused.

"Betrayal!" she shouted at the top of her lungs and whirling she charged one of the already partially broken statues so she could smash it with her hoof. Breathing ragged, heavy breaths, Bubbly collapsed amidst the ruins of her work. She didn't want to hurt her sister, she loved Lily, but her sister had dared to do the one thing that did not come easy for Bubbly to forgive. She read a personal correspondence that was meant only for her.

Bubbly wept unbridled tears as she lay on the floor in her art studio and continued to do so for quite some time – the door opening and closing alerted her to the return of her sister – she didn't wish to speak with her yet though. Bubbly stilled her breathing and waited – hoping beyond hope that Lily would not think to check for her here.

Lily returned home in a daze – her mind trapped within a miasma of shadowy emotions – fear for her sister. Rage at her for abandoning her amongst the other ponies back at the library. Despair that she had misunderstood the letter and then made a fool of herself in front of the others.

Lily stomped about the kitchen loudly – there was only one thing she could do to calm the raging storm within her – and that was cooking. Her one passion. The Cutie Mark on her flank did not signify her desire to tend to flowers – a slight hobby she had tending to a garden in their home's backyard. But rather her desire to ripen and bloom like a Lily Blossom as one of Equestria's topmost chefs.

She'd taken many lessons in cooking through some of the great masters – Filly Mignon had told her she would go far – and Lily had been so proud of her teacher's words. But now she moved about without conscious thought – soon the delightful aromas of several dishes began to waft through the house.

Lily began to cry – she didn't bother trying to stop them – she let the tears fall down as she cooked.

Bubbly's stomach betrayed her as the wafting scents of delicacies being prepared drew her from the room. "Lily," she whispered her eyes both focusing on the kitchen door.

"Hey, sibs!" a voice shouted from outside. Without preamble the door flew open and a third Pegasus pony entered the home – this one had shocking red streaks in her lighter orange mane. Her coat was a rich navy blue in color darker than most blue ponies' coats and her Cutie Mark was a small rose bud almost close to blooming.

Bubbly blinked in surprise.

Lily stuck her head out of the kitchen. "Rose Bud," she said confused. "But you were not to return for at least another two days." Lily dutifully did her best to ignore Bubbly or the emotions roiling about inside of her head.

Rose Bud smiled and trotted further in. "A little pony told me you could use a hoof," she said.

"Huh?" Bubbly blurted.

Rose Bud laughed and rubbed her sister's mane with her hoof as she trotted about the room. "I got a call from the Doctor, he said I should head back here post haste to help you two deal with some issues brewing amongst you," she explained.

"The Doctor?" Lily repeated her confusion overriding her despair and anguish for a brief few moments.

"Doctor Who?" Bubbly said.

Trotting into the house uninvited a familiar looking brown coated unicorn pony smiled. "No, Doctor Whooves," he corrected. "Doctor Who is that other fellow," he added in a cheery smile.

Lily and Bubbly both blinked in surprise.

"Quite charming to see you both again and in such better spirits than when I last left you," Doctor Whooves said stomping his hooves on the ground to simulate clapping. "Such delightful aromas coming from that kitchen of yours, Lily, I trust nothing will be burnt if you continue to tally here," he added.

Lily didn't understand half of what was being said, but she could smell the slight tinge of smoke. "My food!" she exclaimed dashing back into the kitchen.

Bubbly stared at the unicorn. "Weren't you a Pegasus?" she asked.

"Hmmm? Perhaps," Doctor Whooves said dismissively as he floated a curious device into the room from outside.

"Doctor," Rose said with a slight shake of her mane. "You're scaring them," she chastised.

"Forgive me, Rose, but after all we can't exactly be everywhere at once," Doctor Whooves said. "And your sisters well being is a must if we are to ever hope to harness the special familial magic you possess to rid Tokyoats of that nasty Parasprite infestation. I do wish that pink maned Pony would be more careful where she goes with her 'unique' talents," he muttered in a cryptic tone.

Confused beyond measure Bubbly Delight turned her attention on Rose Bud. "Sister, what is your friend talking about? What do Parasprites have to do with anything?"

Rose let out a breath and approached her sister with a soft smile. "It's not important, Bubbly, just some random gibberish, Doctor Whooves is eccentric like that," she explained in a dismissive tone.

Doctor Whooves snorted slightly, but opted to remain silent as he continued to fiddle with his curious device. "The angst levels in here were at dangerous levels," he commented to himself inwardly.

Rose Bud stomped her hooves together to gain her sibling's attention. "But enough of that, let's have something hot to eat and then we can discuss what we're going to do tomorrow," she told Bubbly.

"Why? What are we going to do tomorrow?" Bubbly asked confused. "And what about father?" she demanded.

Rose Bud flicked her tail. "Father understands, as for what we're going to be doing tomorrow, Doctor Whooves asked us to help him with a problem in Tokyoats," she explained.

"Nothing too serious," Doctor Whooves chimed in with a broad smile as he stopped fiddling with the arcane tool he'd been floating next to himself. "I happened to be traveling there tomorrow and felt that perhaps the three of you would benefit from a visit to your mother, Rose Bud has told me it's been eight years since you last got the chance to see her, and as I said I had a bit of business to see to with a certain winged pest problem… I must remember to seal off that dimensional gateway Pinkie Pie opened so carelessly close to that dreary homestead she once lived at," he muttered once more to himself before breaking into a wide smile. "You should invite that delightful white pegasus to come along as well," he suggested.

"White pegasus?" Bubbly repeated.

"Blossomforth!" Lily shouted from the kitchen. "Oh dear, I completely forgot about her in my haste to speak my mind to Twilight and…" she trailed off as she realized what she was saying.

Bubbly had also forgotten about their shared problem as the situation they were currently in was just so bizarre it made it difficult to stay mad with Lily for any real length of time. "We can discuss it after dinner," she told Lily. "Calmly and rationally."

"I am shamed by my actions, sister, and we shall," Lily agreed with a formal bow of her head.

"Delightful!" Doctor Whooves shouted startling the duo again. "So, what's for supper?" he asked them.

"Is the crisis averted yet, Doctor?" Rose whispered aside to him.

"I fear that the crisis is only partially sated at this time, Rose, your siblings emotional unrest and turmoil is at the point that the dark and serious future we originally arrived from by sheer happenstance could still occur if we fail to steer them both down the correct path," he whispered in kind to his sometimes traveling companion.

Rose sighed under her breath. "I don't relish that," she mumbled.

"Neither do I, Rose, dear, but after all, my specialties lie in repairing these emotional tangles that my fellow ponies get into," Doctor Whooves reminded. "Why else do you think they call me when friendships grow to the breaking point?" he added puffing his chest out with pride at his accomplishments. "I have only ever failed once, and that was because Princess Luna just wasn't ready to let go of her darker emotions," he lamented sadly a stray tear briefly trickling in his eye.

Her Pinkie senses tingling Pinkamina Diane Pie stopped what she was doing and glared off to the right somewhere. "That's all kind of convenient," she complained. "But okie, dokie Loki," she said with a little shrug. "OOOOOOOO! Now's my chance to sneak off with that hunky Doctor Whooves and the three sisters so I can help to find a Tokyoats Tea Ceremony master!" she declared loudly. "Yay! Gummi, pack your things, we're going on an interdimensional ROAD TRIP!" she shouted to her pet alligator.

Gummi barely reacted.

"But wait, we're only going to Tokyoats, how is that interdimensional?" Pinkie said to herself slightly confused. "I bet it's more like intercontinental or something like that, yeah, oh well, we'll just have to try next time to sneak aboard his craft to go looking for new cupcake recipes." Pinkie bounced about her room preparing a suitcase for her trip. "I wonder what Tokyoats will really be like, do they have big cities there? Is this a plot point issue too? Someone was complaining about that? Perhaps it is a tad silly, or out of left field, but after all we introduced Doctor Whooves to the audience and he had to play some kind of part in the resolution of the family's issues… Gummi, help me sit on this," Pinkie asked her pet as she flopped her rump down onto the top of her suitcase.

Gummi again barely reacted, but he did start hopping up and down on top of the suitcase with his owner.

Pinkie giggled. "Too bad they can't see this, I bet it'd be a sight to see," Pinkie said with a goofy smile. "Gummi, what's a Pinkazoid?" she asked randomly.

Gummi hopped one last time and the suitcase clicked locking away all of the things Pinkie was going to bring with her.

"Yay!" Pinkie cheered. "I hope they have some great desserts in Tokyoats, maybe I'll bring some back for Twilight and Rainbow Dash, oh I hope nothing too important happens here while we're gone," she fretted slightly. "I don't want to miss any parties or anything fun like that, maybe if I asked nicely Doctor Whooves would let me clone myself, just for a week, that way I could be in two places at once… It's a good thing I still have all these instruments to use to help with that nasty Parasprite infestation Tokyoats is dealing with… I told the Doctor I was sorry for ever introducing those nasty little blighters here, at least that's what he called them." Pinkie was bounding up and down with so much energy she almost looked like she was in two places at once.

Gummi just sprawled lazily into his bed and settled down for an Alligator sized nap.

Pinkie giggled. "This is going to be fun," she repeated. "Cupcakes, I did remember to pack some right?" Pinkie shuddered with utter revulsion. "Cupcakes, ugh, that yucky thing almost turned me off my favoritest of favorite sweets for a month, I've gotta stop lettin' my mind wander so much into that weird dimension that Doctor Whooves' counterpart comes from. And I think I need to eat supper, because that way we can do something with the sisters for the next scene while I'm off sneakily, sneaking into the Tire-Das! Oh wait, I think the Doctor called it something else, hmmm…" Pinkie trailed off deep in thought and bounded downstairs to see what Mister and Misses Cake were having for supper.

Rainbow Flash took a big breath and knocked on the door to the library – it was actually quite a quaint looking place compared to the library from Canterlot or Hoofington where she'd moved to after the conversation she'd had with Princess Celestia. And what she'd witnessed happening with Dusk Clover – she could never unsee the twisted use of magic that her beloved ruler unleashed that evening.

Rainbow Flash heard Dusk had three fillies all his – her – own now and she was actually a little bit jealous of that. But the first step to take at the moment was the hardest one she'd ever faced in her life – even harder than when she admitted to Princess Celestia that she had a problem.

The door was opened by a familiar little pink dragon with green scales. Rainbow Flash offered a tentative smile to the familiar creature. "Hello, Spike," she greeted softly.

Spike's eyes widened as big as saucers. "R-R-Rainbow Flash!" he stammered.

"Oh, hello, Rainbow Flash," Twilight Sparkle greeted from within the library.

"Ya invited her here!" a familiar brash toned pony shouted in utter distress.

Spike beckoned Rainbow Flash inside.

Rainbow Flash walked into the building made within the heart of a tree – in fact this tree was still living – it had to have required a lot of magic to pull off a stunt like that. Rainbow Flash briefly wondered if perhaps her father had helped create the architecture for it, but shook herself clear of those conflicted thoughts as she found herself face to face with four ponies.

Two were familiar to her – one from pictures in her step-father's photograph albums – the other because she could never forget that face no matter how long she lived. The other two were strangers to her – a purple maned elegant looking white coated unicorn and a down to earth orange earth pony with blonde mane and Stetson hat on her head.

Rainbow Flash felt waves of animosity directed at her.

Rainbow Dash approached her. "Sis," she greeted stubbornly refusing to look her in the eye.

Rainbow Flash's heart ached with despair – had she already been revealed and judged as a – a shameless no-good b-word? "Dash, I…."

"Perhaps it would be easier if you helped us understand what happened that night," Twilight suggested calmly.

Rainbow Flash frowned. "I don't understand, why are these others here? What have you been telling them, Twilight?" she demanded feeling trapped and put on the spot.

Twilight Sparkle sighed. "I showed them what Dusk Clover did to me, or tried to at any rate, I had to, Rainbow Flash, I needed to explain the trust issues you and Dusk awoke within me," she told the other unicorn.

Rainbow Flash stared in surprise at Twilight. "I never knew exactly what happened to you, I only heard of it through Princess Celestia," she admitted turning slightly to face her sister. "You have to understand Rainbow Dash, you of all ponies have to know what it's like to be surrounded by parents who don't love you… Or are too busy to be with you, I… I was a selfish pony, I took things for granted. Your father…"

"Don't!" Dash shouted. "Just don't, my father has nothing to do with this, I know he loves you more than me, alright, can we just… Deal with this, without having to bring our parents into this?" she requested in a softer tone than before.

Flash reared back in stunned disbelief. "Dash, no!" she shouted. "Your father loves you, he's always loved you even if he doesn't express it right. I can see it in his eyes when he talks about you, he's proud of the mare you've become. You're in charge of an entire weather pony team, you won the Young Fliers Competition of Cloudsdale with a Sonic Rainboom! Don't think for one second that he hates you, or can't stand you, it's my father who was a monster. My father who hated me, and my mother he despised us both and irrationally blamed us for his diminishing career and failing goals. That's why mom and he were always arguing, and that's why I got sucked into Dusk Clover's hooves," Rainbow Flash told this without bothering to think that there were strange ponies in the room, she had to let her step-sister know that her feelings about her father were wrong.

Stunned Rainbow Dash just stared at her mouth agape.

Twilight Sparkle smiled slightly. "Rainbow, maybe you have changed," she told her.

Flash nodded. "How can I show you…? At least the parts that are relevant?" she asked quietly.

Spike held up the perfect opal from before.

"This gem will allow you to create images of the past, the spell to use it is very delicate, you must be extra careful." Twilight's words softened as she spoke. "This was a special gift from a very dear friend of mine, so please trust in your magic," she said.

Rainbow Flash nodded. "Alright, if it will help you to trust me… But, who are they?" she asked indicating the two silent ponies in the room.

"My name is Rarity," the purple maned unicorn introduced. "And I must say you are putting on a marvelous performance, but we shall see if your intentions are truly pure," she observed with narrowed eyes.

"Tha's right," the orange Earth pony added. "My name's Applejack, and we're Dash's closest friends. Fluttershy wanted ta be here too, but she said she wasn't feelin' up to any more emotional falderal stuff and Pinkie Pie left before Twilight could let us know you'd be here tonight." Applejack snorted and tilted her hat forward as she marched up to Rainbow Flash and glared daggers into the other pony's eyes. "But me and Rarity here decided we needed ta lend some moral support to our friend, seein' as she just found out you are a no account low-down varmint what takes advantage of little fillies with your bad pony coltfriend," she informed with a succinct nod.

Rainbow Flash once again reared back at the heat of another pony's words. She took a few shuddering breaths and then broke down sobbing. "It's true!" she declared. "Well, partially, I am a no account low-down varmint what takes advantage of little fillies… But… I never told Dusk Clover to do what he did, I never even knew what he was planning, he just came to me… Here, I'll show you," Flash said and focused her magic on the jewel clutched in Spike's paws.

Once again images appeared – only this time they were slightly grainy and not as clear as Twilight's had been – mostly because Rainbow Flash was not accustomed to this spell yet and had very little time to prepare after having been shown through mental contact how to perform the spell by Twilight. A rare act of trust on the other unicorn's part as telepathy with a virtual enemy showed a certain level of growing acceptance.

Rainbow Flash said something mean spirited and watched as Twilight Sparkle burst once again into tears – there was no denying that Flash had a knack for getting that reaction out of her when nopony else could – it was almost as if there was some special talent there.

Dusk Clover laughed beside her wearing a leather jacket – the two of them were out joyriding on a sky chariot – Dusk's buddy, some Pegasus Flash couldn't remember the name of, was flying them around.

"Good one, babe," Dusk complimented.

"Can we get out of here, the vibes are startin' to majorly harsh my mellow," the pegasus called from the chariot's harness.

"Sure thing, Hash," Dusk told his friend. "My baby and me we're done tormentin' the little book filly," he teased. With one last nasty laugh he waved bye to Twilight Sparkle.

Rainbow Flash started to pout. "That was fun and all, but I thought you were going to take me somewhere for some real excitement?" she asked turning her disappointed gaze on Dusk.

Dusk snickered. "Oh yeah, hey, Hash!"

"Will you stop callin' me Hash," the pegasus snapped. "Get a guy some stuff one time and he thinks you're a top supplier," he complained under his breath.

Flash was confused by the reference.

"Fine!" Dusk said with a wave of his hoof. "Pot-Ted Planter, take us up to the castle," he instructed.

"Are you crazy, man, if the Princess found out she'd tell my dad, you want me to get in trouble with him?" Pot demanded nervously.

"Don't be such a scaredy bird, Pot," Dusk shot back. "Just take us where I tell you to, trust me, I know my way around Canterlot," Dusk informed with a wicked smile.

Rainbow Flash settled in against Dusk's coat as the chariot zoomed through the sky. Pot-Ted Planter was a strange Pegasus, with an odd looking Cutie Mark, but he was reliable.

The chariot landed outside of one of the towers of Celestia's castle – a little used tower that was dark and bare – Rainbow Flash nervously approached the door once they landed. "Dusk, what are we doing here?" she whispered afraid of getting caught.

"Relax, babe, this here is Princess Luna's old hauntin' grounds. Seein' as she's nowhere to be found these days the place is pretty much all to ourselves," Dusk informed with a broad grin.

Pot-Ted Planter shook his head – his sickly colored yellow mane flicking in the wind. "This ain't cool, man, I heard stories about that Princess Luna, somethin' about the Mare in the Moon taking off with her, we shouldn't be here," he told the two unicorns.

Dusk rolled his eyes. "Fine then, Pot, you don't want to hang? I don't need you for this part anyway, me and Flash can handle the fun all on our own," he said with a strange gleam in his eye.

"Whatever man, you want to bring on the wrath of the Mare in the Moon that's your problem, I'll be back later to pick ya up, if you're still in one piece," Pot said before flapping his wings and taking off to the sky.

Rainbow Flash nervously kicked at the ground. "Are you sure we should be here?" she asked quietly.

Dusk laughed. "Sure I'm sure!" he bragged. "Here, let's just… Open up this here door," Dusk said. Turning his hind legs to face the entrance to the tower he lashed out with a powerful kick – the door swung open – the lock having broken. And Dusk led the way inside.

Rainbow Flash followed Dusk up the winding stairs of the tower all the way to the top – here they found a bedroom – well maintained and still cared for with a loving eye. Rainbow Flash's breath hitched in her throat with apprehension and fear as she noticed that this place wasn't as abandoned looking as the outward appearance gave off. Someone obviously still remembered Princess Luna – and kept her room ready – as though she'd be back home at any moment.

Dusk trotted up to the bed his eyes shining once again with that strange gleam. "Oh yeah, baby, bet you'd never think you'd get to be with the Dusk Clover in a royal suite," he told her boastfully.

Rainbow Flash gasped. "Here!" she said her voice rising higher than she meant it to. "You want to do it here, in Princess Luna's bed, are you out of your sick mind?" she demanded whispering now so as not to drawn unwanted attention.

Dusk nuzzled up against her neck and ran his tongue over her fur. "Come on, baby, don't be like that. This is a once in a lifetime thing, I don't take just anypony up to Princess Luna's abandoned bedchambers for a bit of fun," he said nipping at her neck with slow meaningful kisses.

Rainbow Flash shrugged him off. "If Princess Celestia found out," she said.

"But she won't, baby, I'm not going to tell her. Are you?" Dusk asked pointedly staring into her eyes with a knowing look.

"N-N-No," Flash stammered nervously.

"Then let's see what the former moon Princess kept under the bed," Dusk said with a lecherous grin as he reached down and tugged something out from under the bed – it was a box – one he'd put there himself.

Rainbow Flash's eyes widened when she caught sight of the riding crop and saddle on top of the clanking metal manacles. "Dusk, what are those?"

"Just something to spice up the night, baby," Dusk told her non-committedly.

Rainbow Flash shot him a glare and her horn started to glow. "You think me that sort of mare?" she demanded levitating the manacles out of the box and hurling them across the room.

Dusk flinched back and shook his head. "No way, babe," he told her eyeing her horn briefly with sudden nervousness. It was sharp after all and a good weapon in the hooves of a smart pony. "I didn't mean anything like that, honest, that was there when I got the box and I didn't have time to get rid of them."

Flash settled down. "Well… Ok, but I still don't know about using Luna's bed, what if she did come back?"

Dusk shook his head. "Honestly you stuck up prissy little…" he cursed under his breath. "Look, baby, believe me, nothing bad is going to happen. It's not like Princess Luna's been heard from in the past nine hundred and seventy years, give or take, what's she going to do even if she did come back? Probably thank us, this old bed hasn't seen any sort of use for a long time," he told Flash with a charming smile.

Flash sighed. "Alright, but not so hard with the crop this time, Dusk," Rainbow Flash requested.

"There's my pretty pony," Dusk said with a triumphant smile as he levitated the saddle out of the box and fastened it to Rainbow Flash's back.

Rainbow Flash smiled contentedly. "This was a good idea," she said. "What would have been greater is if we could have forced Twilight to watch, the silly book filly probably hasn't even seen a colt's piece before," Flash said.

Dusk traced his tail across her flank with a suddenly wicked gleam in his eye. "Maybe we could play a bit of a trick on her," he suggested.

Flash frowned. "Hmmm? I was only… I mean… I wouldn't want anypony to actually watch us, Dusk, that's so… Wrong," she told him.

"Oh nothing like that," Dusk reassured with a gentle kiss against the tip of one ear. "More like, a great joke, you know. Just having a bit of harmless fun," he told her.

Flash blinked her warm hungry eyes. "You promise it won't be anything too mean or risqué?" she asked him.

Dusk smiled that same predatory smile he'd smiled when first laying eyes on Rainbow Flash. "Trust me, babe, have I ever steered you wrong before?" he asked.

Rainbow Flash was rudely jostled awake by strong hooves – glancing around bewildered she found Dusk in her room at the dorm with an urgent look in his eyes. "What's going on? Did you finally do it? Is Twilight sobbing in a corner somewhere on the way home to mommy?" she asked.

Dusk shook his head. "Not exactly." He glanced around nervously. "Princess Celestia wants to see the both of us."

Flash gasped and literally leapt from her bed. "You promised!" she hissed tossing aside her sleepwear and running a brush through her mane with her magic.

Dusk shot her a disgusted glare. "Don't pretend you weren't playing a part in this," he snapped.

"What?" Flash demanded. "You were only supposed to break her heart," she snapped irritatedly. "And I noticed it took you an awful long time to get around to that, it's been five weeks, that's like, an eternity without you," she said.

"Plans changed," Dusk said. "Now shut your trap and let me do the talking, maybe then Princess Celestia will go easy on us," he said.

"Go easy?" Flash repeated. "What did you do?" she hissed.

"It isn't important, Flash," Dusk argued. "Hurry up," he insisted marching back out through the window where he'd entered from.

Flash felt a chill run through her coat and she glanced up suddenly at the image of the Mare in the Moon visible on the moon's surface. "No," she whispered nervously as though perhaps some force had revealed what had happened before this all began.

Princess Celestia was shrouded in night – her rainbow colored mane had changed to reflect the mood she was in and the gravity of the situation – as Rainbow Flash and Dusk Clover approached her in her audience chambers. Devoid of guards. They both could sense a change in the princess.

Rainbow Flash hung her head low fearing the wrath of the celestial Goddess – she was responsible for the creation of all of Equestria – her powers were awesome. Her wrath fearful – the Dragons respected her above all other ponies because of these powers.

Dusk seemed ill-at-easy, but still confident he could pull his flank out of this fire. Confidently he shot the Princess a smile. "Your majesty," he greeted.

"Silence!" The room trembled with the voice of the Princess and her eyes seemed to shine a deep violet in color. "We are not pleased, the attempted rape of our faithful and loyal student has upset us greatly, we demand explanations. We demand restitution. Rainbow Flash, why did you instruct your Coltfriend in these actions?"

Rainbow Flash stood agape – never had she heard Celestia refer to herself in the third person before – and what she was saying to her made no sense. "A-A-Attempted… Rape!" she squeaked turning heated gaze on Dusk Clover's shameless face.

"There's no use lyin', babe," he told her with a knowing smile. He had Rainbow Flash wrapped around his little hoof, no way was she going to rat him out.

Unfortunately for Dusk Clover, Rainbow Flash was far from in that position. With a deep breath she approached the Princess and fell prostrate before her. "Forgive me, I was not the one to tell him to do this, your highness, he acted on his own. He told me it would be a harmless prank, a joke, something to dishearten Twilight Sparkle, I would never, never, ever! Have gone along with it had I known the extent of his malicious plans." Flash smirked at Dusk.

Dusk's face fell in utter shock as the full fury of an angry Goddess fell upon him now. "Uh," he stammered trying to find words to escape from what was to come.

"We are not impressed," Celestia stated and then her horn began to glow.

Rainbow Flash collapsed exhausted on the floor of the Ponyville Library – her eyes fluttered open briefly and she shook her head. "Oh… That spell wasn't as easy as I thought," she mumbled.

Twilight Sparkle rushed to her side. "Rainbow Flash, are you alright?" she asked.

"I'll be fine after a bit of something to eat, I think," Flash said with a soft smile.

"Ah don't believe it," Applejack blurted. "Ah ain't ever seen Princess Celestia that mad before," she admitted.

Rarity shivered as though a cold chill had permeated the room. "Indeed, I too must admit to being, rather disturbed at what we just bore witness to. Rainbow Flash, darling, what happened next?"

"Later!" Dash snapped surprising the others. "It can wait until after my sister's had time to rest up," she insisted.

"Dash, you called me sister?" Flash said in utter surprise.

Dash shuffled her hooves nervously. "Yeah, guess I did." She rubbed her mane slightly with one hoof. "Flash, you faced Princess Celestia down when she was all… Nightmare Moon on your flank, I guess that makes you sister material in my books," she said.

Rainbow Flash couldn't believe what she was hearing. "You, you mean that?" she asked daring not to hope.

Dash smiled and ruffled the pink unicorn's mane. "We're family!" she said. "And that right there… That was ultra hard core awesome, totally wicked, but… Did you have to show us what you and Dusk did in Princess Luna's bed?" she asked her cheeks flushing with embarrassment.

Flash's cheeks began to redden too. "I'm kind of new at sharing my past like that, Rainbow Dash, I… Couldn't really cut it out."

"I for one found it quite exciting actually," Rarity admitted.

All eyes turned on her.

"What? Wouldn't you like to ride some strong stallion around a room whipping him with a riding crop while he called you mistress?" Rarity questioned the group.

Spike floated up into the air and hovered strangely. "Anytime you want, Rarity, just ask," he blurted out.

"What was that, Spike?" Rarity asked.

"Uh, nothing! Rarity," Spike quickly said shaking himself out of his stupor. "Um… Anypony for cupcakes? If Pinkie Pie left any that is," he suggested helpfully.

The girls all started laughing.

Spike's cheeks flushed slightly.

Rainbow Flash had closed her eyes and she quickly lost herself to dreams.

Rainbow Dash knelt down beside her and gently brushed a stray lock of mane out of her eyes. "I promise, Celestia, I'll do my best to be there for both Flash and Twilight," she whispered.

To Be Continued…