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Kamen Rider Chalice: Crystal City Chronicles

By Ten-Faced Paladin

TURN 1: New In Town! Chalice Makes His Debut!

Kyle groaned as he tried to get his head back on straight. He remembered being in his dorm room before some kind of pink light engulfed him. After that, he recalled grabbing onto a metal case before blacking out. At this point, he got the sensation in his body back, feeling the cold concrete ground below him. Daring to open his eyes, he discovered that he was indeed on a stone pathway. Next to him was the silver case that he recalled grabbing, but it was open. Looking inside, he spotted three familiar buckles. Two were silver with a clear panel on the front and were box-shaped. The third was green and bronze with a circular shape. A clear panel was jutting from the side, indicating that it could be inserted into the buckle.

"Buckles?" Kyle blinked as he looked at the three items. "These look like…the buckles from Kamen Rider Blade. Where did they come from?"

Scratching his head, Kyle looked deeper into the case to only find two more items inside of it. Both were cards with red backs and ornate designs on the front. One was of a mantis inside a jeweled pink heart while the other was of a human with a red heart inside of it. Kyle could instantly recognize them as the Category Ace and Category Two of Hearts: Change Mantis and Spirit Human. His main question was where were the other Rouze Cards?

"This is getting too weird for me," Kyle sighed as he shook his head. Packing the buckles into the case and slipping the cards into his pocket, he stood up and looked at his surroundings.

He was in an alley of some kind which was covered in shadows. It wasn't a very good place to learn about where you were. Shaking his head to get the final fuzziness out of it, Kyle headed out of the alley, and his jaw dropped.

He found himself looking at a crystal city. All of the buildings were either white or were covered in shining white crystal. Five crystal towers could be seen in the distance which seemed almost alive with a strange energy. In the distance in what seemed to be the very centre of this beautiful city, was a gorgeous crystal palace. It appeared almost as if the crystal jut grew out of the ground and people decided to live in it.

"Where did I land?" Kyle asked himself with a sense of awe. He had never seen such a beautiful city before.

Still shocked at the sight of the beautiful city, Kyle didn't immediately take notice of the people who were walking the streets. As he slowly became aware of them, he noticed that they were wearing clothes that were similar to what English nobles of the past would be comfortable in. All of the outfits were fancy and looked like something out of a Victorian age. However, Kyle himself was wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. He stuck out like a sore thumb.

The people walking along the cobblestone streets likewise began noticing Kyle. They gave him bewildered looks while others whispered to friends about something while glancing at him. A few were muttering about rebellious children and other such things. It really made the displaced university student feel like he was being talked about like a small child. It was more than a little insulting.

Walking along the streets, Kyle saw that English outfits weren't the only style of dress. People closer to his age were wearing Japanese school uniforms, but were colored white or gold like most of the other kinds of clothes. The people were also walking in almost exact paths, only breaking off when their destination made it necessary to move. Kyle kept almost bumping into people for walking too slow or too fast. All the while, more and more adults were whispering near him. A lot of it kept questioning about his upbringing or his parents. Apparently standing out was frowned upon by the people of this city.

"Red? My word, what kind of gaudy clothing do children wear these days?"

"Those pants hardly look respectable."

"His parents must be ashamed if he went out like that."

"Where are his parents? Can't they discipline him properly?"

Kyle rolled his eyes and snorted, biting his tongue to keep himself from saying a scathing comment. The gesture alone seemed to create more stares and whispering. However, he ignored it in favor of finding out just where he had ended up. A crystal city would have made the news no matter where you lived. He just had to ponder why he hadn't heard of it.

Ignoring the snorts from the people around him, Kyle continued on his way to try and find some information about his surroundings. However, that thought was interrupted by the sounds of an explosion and several dozen screams. Kyle's blood turned cold as the sounds hit him and he froze. The people around him on he other hand seemed to suddenly become panicked like he had never seen before. They screamed, yelled, and ran like they were chickens with their heads cut off or something.

Snapping out of his daze, Kyle charged towards the source. Considering that he had lost the rest of the Rouze Cards, he had a sinking feeling as to what the source of the commotion really was. Maneuvering around the masses of panicking people, Kyle finally managed to get clear.

In front of what appeared to be a group of stores, there was an Undead attacking several people. Dead bodies were already littering the ground with red lines around their necks, indicating that they had been strangled by something. The Undead itself was mostly green with black bits of armor on its face and other parts of its body. Its one arm was vines with thorns sticking out of them and more vines emerging from its body. Kyle easily recognized it from the Kamen Rider Blade series. It was the Category 7 of Hearts, the Bio Plant.

"Halt! In the name of the Queen!" a soldier dressed in silver armor cried as he and several similarly dressed men made a stand against the Plant Undead. They were all armed with spears and looked ready to fight.

The Plant Undead was unimpressed as it hissed at the men and began advancing on them.

"I said stop! In the name of the Queen!" the leader of the soldiers cried out a second time.

Again the Plant Undead didn't respond, it just continued advancing on the men. Several of the soldiers began quivering in the knees, honestly scared. Kyle watched the discipline of the men crumble. It was as if they expected the monster to just give up and submit just because they said so!

The Plant Undead hissed and lashed out with its vine hand, sending several thorny vines slithering through the air. That was too much for the soldiers as they began screaming and trying to get away. Some did, but others became trapped in the vines of the Plant Undead. The Undead hissed in pleasure as it began to squeeze the life out of the few soldiers it did catch. The remaining soldiers didn't even bother to save their friends as they abandoned their weapons and ran for their lives. Hadn't these guys dealt with violence before? They looked like they had stepped in on Jason killing a bunch of people, not a smaller monster simply choking people.

Reaching into his pocket, Kyle drew one of the two Rouze Cards he possessed, the Category Ace of Hearts, Change Mantis. If he really had the Joker Belt, then there was a chance that he had the Joker's abilities as well. Lowering the card to the slot which ran through the device, he slashed the card through with a cry of, "Henshin!"


Kyle then felt his body being engulfed in a black static-like energy which hid every detail. As he was completely engulfed, he felt his body begin to shift and change. His shoulders took the appearance of pads and what looked like torso armor seemed to materialize on his chest. His head became angular with two horns coming out of the top. The energy finally faded as Kyle's new form was revealed. The armor was mainly black and gold with the designs on it. His arm guards and boots were made of gray metal that had a crisscross design on it. The chest had red and silver markings on it while the helmet had a red heart for a visor. His mouth was covered by a silver mouth-guard. Kyle had changed into Chalice, the Mantis Undead. Otherwise known as Kamen Rider Chalice!

Dashing towards the Plant Undead, Chalice drew his weapon the Chalice Arrow. Gripping the handle for it, he raised his weapon before slashing downwards into the Plant Undead's back. The beast screeched in pain and stumbled forward; dropping the guards it had in its clasp. The men hit the ground, coughing and gasping for air as they looked up to see who had saved them.

Chalice tackled the Plant Undead and they both hit the ground. The Plant Undead reacted quickly, kicking Chalice off before attacking him with several vines which shot forward like bullets. Chalice rolled out of the way, letting the vines hit the road and penetrate it, showing just how strong the vines were. Getting to his feet, Chalice aimed with his weapon and pulled back his free arm, shooting several bursts of energy from his Arrow. The beams hit the Plant Undead in several spots, bringing more sparks and a few splashes of neon green blood. The beast screeched in pain and stumbled forward to attack once again.

"Don't you ever quit?" Chalice muttered to himself before he charged again, raising his Chalice Arrow.

The two enemies met and slashed at each other before running past one another. Chalice came to a stop and stood straight again. He grunted softly as he felt a wound on his arm open up, revealing green blood of his own. The Plant Undead didn't move for a moment, leaving witnesses to ponder its condition. Suddenly, the Undead groaned in pain before collapsing, releasing its energy in a large explosion which ripped through the air. Sighing, Chalice turned to the downed Undead and walked towards it. His wound was already beginning to close and the bleeding had long since stopped. Stopping at the Undead as the fires burned themselves out, Chalice saw that the Plant Undead's buckle had opened, revealing three runes which signaled its defeat. Reaching to his belt, he opened the case on the right side and drew out a Proper Blank card. It looked like a Rouze Card, but had no picture or text save for the chains which spread across the picture. Taking the card, he dropped it onto the Plant Undead. When the card touched the Undead, it began to spin while the Undead itself become covered in a green aura. As the card spun faster, the Plant Undead was sucked inside of it, leaving strange text and a picture of a plant to be revealed on the card itself before it flew back into Chalice's waiting hand.

"Not bad," Chalice nodded to himself. His first run as a real Kamen Rider and he got the job done. "Not bad at all."

"Halt!" a voice cried, causing Chalice to look up. In front of him were the men whom the Plant Undead almost killed. They had all reclaimed their weapons and were pointing them at the Kamen Rider. They seemed a little shaky in the knees but if that was because of Chalice or their near-death experience no one could be sure. "You are hereby arrested in the name of the Queen for violation of the physical aggression laws!"

"What?" Chalice blinked. Did he hear that right? "You mean I'm being arrested for physically fighting a monster and causing harm to it? Then how the hell was I supposed to fight it?"

The men gasped and redoubled their stances as the leader spoke, "You just violated the profanity laws too! To answer your question, if you wanted to fight that monster, you have to fight with magic from a distance! Everyone knows that!"

"…that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard,' Chalice blinked, making the men gasp again.

"He's disrespecting the Queen's laws!" another soldier cried. "We have to arrest him!"

"I know!" the leader nodded before he gazed at Chalice. "You are hereby under arrest! Come quietly before we are forced to use unpleasant measures!"

"You mean you'll actually use those weapons you have pointed at me? Or do you mean you'll try to punch me? I'd pay good money to see that happening." Chalice chuckled. His opinion of these soldiers was that they were wimps. They were afraid to physically fight someone, they were afraid to swear, and they even seemed to be intimidated by his appearance alone. How these guys became soldiers he would never understand.

"Uh…Uh…okay," the leader of the soldiers gulped. "Men…advance!"

The soldiers began to advance on Chalice with their weapons pointed at him. They were slow and deliberate in their movements. To Chalice, it seemed that they were trying to intimidate him rather than actually attack him. Shaking his head, he looked at the Bio Plant card before he looked back at the soldiers before he got an evil idea. Removing his belt buckle, he attached it to the hollow in the centre of the Chalice Arrow. Holding the Bio Plant card to the Rouzer, he slashed it through.


An image of the card appeared in the air before it was absorbed into the Chalice Arrow itself. The men stopped their advance with trembling knees, realizing that he wasn't intimidated in the least and was actually about to attack them. Rearing back his weapon, Chalice lashed forward. From the tip of the weapon, a long green vine extended before wrapping around the pack of men. When the vine was secure, Chalice cut his end, letting the men stay wrapped up. Looking at the fear on their faces, Chalice found it funny to see that they were wimping out so badly.

"You wimps," Chalice chuckled before he turned and walked away from the frightened soldiers.

Inside of a crystal throne room, a man and a woman sat on a pair of thrones. Light shone inside the room, making it appear so majestically, like the throne rooms of the kings of old. In front of the thrones were several women who were bowing respectfully to their Queen. They all looked different, but they also had common parts to their appearances as well. The only common thing that the bowing women had was the fuku-like outfits that they wore. The king wore a dark tuxedo which contrasted the shining white hall while the Queen wore a flowing white gown that made it obvious as to her position.

"What about this incident in the marketplace?" the Queen asked her subjects.

"A Youma attacked quite suddenly," a blue-haired woman answered.

"How many people must be treated for energy drain?" asked the king.

"None your majesty," a black-haired woman replied. "You see…the Youma killed everyone it could get its hands on."

That answer made even the king and Queen gasp in shock. In their kingdom, murder and death by unnatural means was unheard of and considered to be one of the worst crimes ever to be committed. Even the odd monster which appeared in their kingdom would steal energy instead of lives. Why this monster decided to do just that was beyond their understanding for the moment. The Queen recovered from her shock first, allowing her to ask her next question, "What has become of the beast?"

"A man dressed in strange armor appeared and defeated it," a brunette answered. "However, he broke your physical aggression and profanity lawns in the process. When the guards on scene attempted to arrest him, he found their attempts amusing and trapped them in a plant-like binding before leaving."

"How could he find their attempt amusing?" asked a short-haired blonde indignantly. "Those soldiers are trained to handle any radical. They were trained in several tactics which would allow them to handle anyone from the city."

"Obviously he wasn't intimidated," the Queen frowned. Pondering for a moment, the majestic woman made her decision. "Here are my orders. Should that man appear again, I want him detained. He has broken my laws and I will not tolerate that. When you have him, I wish to learn everything he knows about these murdering monsters and anything else which may be significant."

"Yes your majesty," the women nodded.

Kyle yawned as he sat in a public park, letting the silver case rest on the grass. The trees and grass looked real enough, but the crystal artwork he could have done without. He hadn't been in the city for a full day and he was already sick of all the crystal around. Hadn't these people heard of any other colors or what? Still, he didn't have much room to complain since he didn't have a clue as to where he was or what he should do. People were still staring at him like he was a punk just because of the jeans and t-shirt he was wearing too. That was just making him mad, but he didn't care all that much about what some snobs thought. It was just too bad that the city seemed to be full of them.

"You there!" a voice barked out. Kyle froze.

Turning in the direction of the voice, he saw two guards dressed in silver armor walking towards him. Heaving a sigh, he stood up to face them. If push came to shove, he could turn into Chalice and fight his way out. In the meantime though, he could just let these guys say their peace.

"Can I help you?" Kyle asked.

"Why are you not in school?" asked the first guard who was acting tough. Kyle might have believed it if he hadn't seen the other supposed tough guards wimp out so badly in front of the Plant Undead.

"Uh…" Kyle blinked. That was it? These guys were rounding on him because he wasn't in school.

"Demitri! Can't you see?" asked the second guard. "Look at his clothes! Obviously he is one of the poor people and cannot afford an education!"

"Hey," Kyle frowned. Were all people in this city so snobby?

"Hmm. You're probably right," the first guard nodded. He looked Kyle in the eye. "You're in luck then. Thanks to the Academic Placement Program, all youths are able to get a proper education. Please come with us." Kyle then felt his arm yanked by the second guard as they headed down the cobblestone walkway. He only had enough time to grab his case before he was so rudely pulled away. Kyle was dragged further along until he and the guards were standing in front of a building which looked like a school built by an ultra-modern architect. It was pure white with decorative silver metal on the windows. The front doors were large and apparently made out of oak. He didn't get much time to examine it before he was brought inside.

Inside the school, everything was painted white much like the rest of the city. It seemed like one of those upscale universities which one would hear about like Harvard or other such schools. Brought through the halls, Kyle was at last put through a pair of double doors. Sitting at a front desk was a woman who was wearing a white business suit with glasses over her eyes. Her hair was short and blue and she seemed just so familiar for some reason.

"We're sorry for bothering you Education Minister," the first guard spoke. "But we found this young man here not in school and we believe he couldn't afford it."

"Oh dear," the woman frowned. "Well, don't worry. We have plenty of space at our school. The Academic Placement Program was made so that everyone could get an education regardless of their income or social position. You're very lucky that we found you."

"Uh-huh," Kyle nodded, still as confused as ever. Was he going to school for free or what?

"We'll leave him in your capable hands," the second guard bowed before he and his partner left the room. That left Kyle and this Education Minister alone. The woman didn't seem to say anything as she eyed him from top to bottom. It was as if she were trying to discern something just by looking at him. She seemed to stare for a few minutes longer before she smiled gentle and took Kyle by the shoulder.

"Judging by your age, I would say that you should be at the university level," she explained. "We have several openings available. You seem to be the creative type too judging by that spark in your eyes. So, I'll have you placed in the Arts classes. I'm sure you'll love it. A few physical education courses can't hurt either. We can't have you getting out of shape in the pursuit of true beauty."

Kyle blinked at the woman in shock. She was actually choosing his courses for him based on how he looked. True he did like creative work, but to be told he had to do it was kind of insulting. Still, he was apparently getting schooling for free so he probably shouldn't complain. If it turned out as dull and tiring as those wimpy guards were, then he might have something to actually complain about. Being ushered through the hall by the woman, he was brought to what he assumed to be a classroom. Quietly opening the door, the woman gestured him inside. To his surprise, there was no actual class going on. Instead, all of the students were in chairs with helmets over their heads and blinking lights. At the front of the room was another woman dressed in an outfit like the Minister's. The only real difference between the two was that her hair was black and tied in a ponytail.

"Ah, hello Minster," the woman waved. "A new student?"

"That's right," the Minister nodded. "He's on the Academic Placement program and I thought the arts could use another student so here he is." She motioned Kyle forward to face the apparent teacher.

"Well, it's good to meet you," the teacher nodded. "Please take a seat where you like and I'll begin the program with you. I hope we'll get along well."

Kyle was still as confused as hell about what was going on. Still, he didn't have much reason to say no to anything he was being offered. Back home he was already in considerable debt thanks to how much money he needed to go to school. However, he felt weird with this learning program that was going on. Walking through the rows of students, he sat down in an empty chair, allowing the helmet to cover his eyes. He heard a beeping noise before light began blinking. That was all Kyle got before a sudden onrush of information began flowing into his brain. Beethoven, Picasso, the great music and artistic masters all became knowledge in his head. It felt like his brain was going to explode. His eyes sparkled from the lights of the helmet and his limbs felt like lead during the whole process. He couldn't move!

"Gah!" Kyle cried out. Putting all his will into his hands, he brought them to the helmet which was pumping so much information into his brain and removed it with a sharp yank. The flow of information just stopped as soon as it started. Gasping for breath, Kyle leaned over the chair, trying to get the information straight in his brain. However, it was quickly fading and dimming into obscurity.

"What's wrong? Why did you suddenly shut it down?" asked the teacher as she and the Minster gazed in confusion at Kyle. "You won't learn anything if you don't sit through the whole program."

"Do…does everyone learn like this?" Kyle asked bluntly. "I mean…it felt like my head was going to explode."

"You mean you…" the Minister began in confusion. "Oh dear. Your parents must be radicals then. You poor boy. Usually children are the ones to have trouble learning this way. Students at your level shouldn't have a problem." She walked over to Kyle and looked at him gently. "I know it's new and confusing at first, but you'll get used to it soon enough. It's not difficult and you'll find that this knowledge will help you on your future career. I can promise it."

Suddenly, several musical tones sounded off and the remaining students began deactivating their chairs and getting up. Several of them paired up and walked out of the room as if nothing had happened. Kyle stared and watched them go in deeper confusion. He felt like his head was going to explode again just by seeing people actually be used to such learning techniques. Shaking his head, he got up as the Minister took stride next to him.

"Next is physical education," she explained. "This might be more your speed so I hope you enjoy yourself. If you'll excuse me though, I have to catch up with some paperwork. If you get lost just go to a terminal and type up your name. It will tell you where you need to go for your next class."

Kyle watched her go before he looked around for one of the terminals she spoke about. They were easy enough to find, seeing as they were actually connected to the walls. Going up to one, he found that it was a touch screen kind. There were several functions which included a class calendar, upcoming events, a map, and student information. Tapping the icon for student information, Kyle got a list of every student in the school. To his surprise, his name was already in the K section even though he hadn't even given his name yet. How had they gotten it? Did they download it from when he was stuck to that chair or something? Filing that away for later, he brought up a list of the courses the Minister had selected for him and found that he was due for a Phys. Ed. class down on the first floor.

"Might as well see what the big deal is," he shrugged as he began heading down to where the class was.

As he was walking, Kyle had to consider the place he was in. They were incredibly efficient. They managed to get his name through that learning program that they stuck him too. And learning by downloading information directly to your brain? That was something that he had only seen sci-fi movies. Having it actually happen to him was rather creepy. Also, it seemed that his entire career was picked out for him by the Minister. She thought he would be some kind of artist or something. Well, he wanted to be an author but she was pushing him towards art. It reminded him of some novel he read in high school about the people being forced into conformity and not having a clue that it was happening. Only this place was a lot easier on the eyes.

Finding the gym, Kyle walked through the doors to see several students stretching and getting ready. At the front was another woman who was wearing a coach out fit with short red hair under a cap. She looked over at Kyle before she picked up what looked like a white and black gym uniform and beckoned him over. Doing so, Kyle walked up to the woman before she passed the uniform to him.

"Here you go," she spoke. "Nice to see a fresh face around here. Get changed quickly and meet us back out here. Changing room is over there," she pointed to a door at the sidelines of the large gym.

"Right," Kyle nodded as he headed for the changing room.

Coming back out, Kyle stood with his fellow students, ready for the class to begin. I eventually did when the tones from before chimed off again. The gym teacher then began her lesson by putting the students through a number of aerobic exercises. In fact, that was all they did for the entire class. It was one exercise after another. Kyle felt himself being bored out of his skull by it. Looking to other classes which were using the gym, he saw that they were all doing the same. No one was playing a sport of any kind; just doing exorcises which were aimed to put the body into good shape. Kyle just ticked away the minutes as he put the effort into his workout. Thankfully, the teacher eventually ended the class and sent the students to the showers.

Kyle heard the students chatting about all the great exercise they had and how they were losing weight recently. It made him shiver, had he landed with a group of body enthusiasts or something? Shaking the thought off, he just stripped and headed into the showers. He needed the hot water to calm his throbbing head at the moment. Thankfully, soap and shampoo was provided already inside the showers. Going through the motions of cleaning, he tried to keep his mind off how much his head hurt.

"Hi! You're the new student, right?" a voice asked next to him. A rather FEMALE voice.

Kyle's eyes widened in shock before he turned to see who was talking to him. To his shock and horror, a girl was showering next to him. She was definitely attractive with an hourglass figure and pale smooth skin. Her hair was a deep violet as she ran her fingers through it to check for tangles. Her chest looked like a large handful, but Kyle wasn't trying to stare at it. Really, he wasn't. She seemed completely relaxed, as if she wasn't next to a naked guy showering in the same room with her.

"Ulp!" Kyle gulped as he tried not to stare at the figure next to him. "Y-yeah. Say, am I in the wrong changing room?"

"Nope," the girl answered with a shrug. She then seemed to take a note of concern as she ran her soap across her body. "You seem upset. Is something wrong?"

"Uhhh," Kyle groaned, trying hard not let anything stick out. He looked around for some kind of avenue of escape. However, he then noticed something he hadn't before, being the first one in the showers. It was a mixed bathing shower. Both males and females were all in the same room bathing like it was nothing. Some pairs were even chatting and talking without a care in the world. Some who were obviously couples were even showering under the same showerhead! Not necessarily boy/girl pairs either.

"Just…just not used to showering in public I guess," Kyle shrugged.

"Oh, it's a little new I guess. Nothing exciting though. It's just our bodies," The girl answered. "My name's Amethyst Murasaki."

"Kyle Jones," the now extremely confused and frustrated young man answered.

"Nice to meet you Kyle," Amethyst smiled. "Say, are you looking for a girlfriend?"

"H-Huh?" Kyle gaped. Was this the appropriate place to talk about such things?

"Well, it's just that initial partnerships usually complement each other," Amethyst explained. "I heard we had a new student coming so while I went to the bathroom, I took the time to look up any new students who arrived today and I found you. I found that we were both majors in art so I figured that we should be compatible. Most guys I meet in the art programs want girls in business programs."

"…you only want to go out with me because we're both in art?" Kyle asked stiffly.

"Yes. That's the first step to finding love according to the Love Ministry," Amethyst answered with a nod. "The partners must have compatible goals. The second step is a trial partnership to see if that compatibility crosses over into other things. Finally, if the compatibility holds true, then the partners can become an official couple. After being a couple for a predetermined number of years, they can apply for marriage and find love."

Kyle blinked at the explanation, totally stunned by it all. Love was part of a ministry? You had to follow a bureaucratic path to find what they defined as actual love? No matter what way you tried to spin it that was just pure bullshit to him. You couldn't just scientifically define love for any purpose. Sure, you could define the word in a dictionary, but you couldn't just say what love is and what wasn't. Amethyst seemed to be under the impression that by finding a person who seemed compatible on paper and being a couple long enough to get married that was actual love. Kyle just thought it sounded stupid.

"So are you looking for a girlfriend?" asked Amethyst hopefully.

"Didn't think about it," Kyle answered as he shut the shower off. His brain was hurting and so were his gonads from all the female flesh. Cold showers just weren't helping. "I've got to get ready for my next class. Maybe we can talk about this later." Waving absently, Kyle walked off to the change room, hoping that no one would notice that he was still a little stiff in a certain area.

Getting his clothes on as fast as he could, Kyle exited the change room trying not to relive what he had seen. He didn't want to walk funny down the halls. His mind was a whirl with emotion, trying to figure out just who the people thought they were in the ministries that they could actually control how people fell in love. Were the citizens here just stupid like a herd of sheep to think that the ministries had the power to determine such things? Didn't the people want to find love on their own? Then again, if people were raised in this environment, then they would probably believe that the ministries had all the answers since they were raised to believe such. It still seemed stupid to Kyle. Then again, these people had never dealt with violence or swearing before so of course they had to find some way to determine love in a peaceful and logical way.

Walking through the main courtyard of the campus, Kyle's head suddenly began buzzing as if a dentist was drilling into him. Clutching his head from the pain and closing his eyes, he tried to soothe it. What he got were numerous visions swimming through his head. Flashes of a dark crimson, fins, hammerhead-like protrusions, and water passed before his eyes. When the vision had ended, Kyle gasped when he realized what he had seen.

"Undead," he gasped. Looking around, he felt a pull coming from the Phys. Ed. sections of the school. With his destination set, Kyle grabbed his case of Rider Systems and dashed for the school. Barreling down the halls, he brushed past people who gasped in shock while others tried to get out of his way. As he got closer to the pool, he heard screaming and found several people in bathing suits running away from the area in question much like the citizens had before when the Bio Plant had appeared. He was getting close. Finding a set of double doors, Kyle burst through them to walk onto a scene of carnage.

The pool was massive and probably Olympic sized with illumination coming from lights below its surface. However, the light was cut off when the odd floating body passed over them. Several bodies of swimmers were visible drifting across the surface of the water. None of them were moving and had obviously drowned. Looking across the water, Kyle spied a dark shape emerging from the water. It was a dark crimson color with fins coming from the elbows. Its hands and feet were webbed and it was wearing a leather vest with belts tied across the thighs and shins. Its head was hammerhead shaped with its face emerging from below the hammerhead. The face itself was covered with a skeletal black metal mask which looked like it had a barnacle or two stuck to it.

This was the Category 3 of Hearts, the Chop Head, otherwise known as the Hammerhead Shark Undead.

Kyle frowned as the Undead emerged from the water and snarled at him. Looking to his own waist, a red light shone before the Chalice Belt emerged. He dropped the silver case to the ground before he reached to his pocket and produced the Ace of Hearts. Holding the item up, he cried out while bringing it through his Rouzer, "Henshin!"


Kyle dashed forward as the static field engulfed him. As he moved, his body shifted and changed. Reaching closer to the Hammerhead Undead, the field burst, allowing Chalice to emerge with his weapon at the ready. The Hammerhead Undead was likewise ready as he clenched his fists and charged at the Kamen Rider. Both fighters collided with each other, Chalice digging the edge of his Chalice Arrow into the Undead's shoulder while the Hammerhead Undead scratched its claws across his Chalice's chest. Both leaped away with a shower of sparks and some pain dealt to each other before they began running at each other again.

Chalice slashed widely at his opponent, but the Hammerhead Undead ducked underneath it and rolled along the moist tiled floor. Getting up, the Hammerhead Undead lunged forward and hit Chalice in the back with a headbutt.

"Agh!" the Kamen Rider of the Hearts cried out as he hit the ground and slid across the soaked tiles. Struggling onto his back, he spied the Undead coming closer as it drew a large ring of what looked like shark teeth. Chalice reacted fast and aimed his Arrow at the monster before letting several volleys fly. The attacks dug into the Hammerhead Undead's flesh, bring splashed of neon green blood which splattered onto the pool and forced it to drop its weapon. Managing to get to his feet, Chalice detached his buckle and attached it to his weapon. He then drew the only Rouze Card he had which was suited for battle and slashed it through.


The image of the card was absorbed into the Rouzer before Chalice slashed wildly again. This time a vine emerged from the end of his weapon, wrapping around the Hammerhead Undead tightly.

"Let's go for a swing!" said Chalice as he bent his knees and then pulled his arrow, tugging the Undead along. He then swung the monster into the wall with enough force to crack it before letting the Undead drop to the ground. He withdrew the vines and took aim with the Chalice Arrow, firing several energy arrows at the Undead. It let out screams of pains as Chalice used the distraction for a heavier attack. Said heavy attack came when Rider charged at the Undead and jumped up to perform a drop kick that slammed into its head. The beast hit the tiled floor, making it crack from the force.

"Stop this immediately!"

Chalice halted from where he was about to attack the Hammerhead Undead. Looking to where the voice had shouted, he spotted a woman standing at the doors of the pool area. She was wearing what looked like a fuku with a blue bow and a really short skirt. Her boots were knee high and were likewise blue along with her short hair. A tiara was on her forehead to complete the look. She was definitely older than what he recalled, but there was no mistaking this woman.

"Sailor Mercury?" Chalice gaped.

"You will both cease this violence immediately!" demanded Sailor Mercury, "And please, remain where you are and do not show aggression, or else I will be forced to neutralize you."

'Does she really think that will work?' thought Chalice as the Hammerhead Undead charged at the Rider. Chalice brought his weapon up to do a counterattack.

"I said stop!" Sailor Mercury cried as she dashed towards the battle.

Chalice and the Hammerhead Undead promptly ignored her as they continued their battle. Blows which could have severely injured or killed regular humans were exchanged between the two combatants along the pool. Chalice blocked a kick to his midsection before he used a return kick into the Hammerhead Undead's knee making it collapse to the tiled floor. Standing above the monster, Chalice raised his weapon to unleash the finishing blow. Now he would have sealed two Undead and…

"Shabon Spray!" Sailor Mercury suddenly cried.

A flurry of bubbles hit Chalice in the chest before it spread into the thickest cloud of mist he had ever seen. Stunned slightly, Chalice looked down to see where the Hammerhead Undead was supposed to have been hiding. Instead, he found the Undead in question missing. A sudden splash echoed through the fog, telling Chalice that the Hammerhead Undead had taken to the water to try and escape. Still, the fog was so thick he wasn't sure where it was going for an avenue to escape from. While trying to find out where the Hammerhead Undead had gone, Chalice spied Sailor Mercury coming through the mist.

"Now, stop this senseless violence or I shall use more direct methods," she frowned, reminding Chalice of how his mother would stare at him sternly when he did something bad when he was younger.

"It's getting away you idiot!" he snapped, making the woman gasp in shock. "If it gets out and goes on a killing spree in this school, it'll be your fault!"

Dashing past the stunned Mercury, Chalice almost desperately looked to see where the Hammerhead Undead might have chosen to get out of the pool. Mercury's fog was still in full effect so seeing anything more than a few feet away was difficult. Still, Chalice knew that he had to try. If the Hammerhead Undead got away, it would just start up another killing spree someplace else with more lives being snuffed out in the process. It had to be stopped here before that happened and the Kamen Rider would be damned if he let some naïve woman in a fuku stop him from doing his job!

Suddenly…a splash of water…

Chalice turned to the source of the noise and just barely spotted a shape coming out of the water. It was hard to tell, but it definitely wasn't human. That had to be the Hammerhead Undead! Gripping the Chalice Arrow, Chalice charged with a roar towards the emerging form. As he got closer, he found that it was indeed the Undead which he had been fighting. The beast had indeed been emerging from the pool to escape Chalice. However, hearing his charge, it looked up to see Chalice himself in front of him and swinging his weapon downwards. The blade of the weapon slashed through the Hammerhead Undead in a shower of sparks and green blood. The Undead fell back with a screech into the water before an explosion sent pool fluids flying in all directions.

Sailor Mercury gasped at the sight, unused to seeing so much violence. Charging towards where the armored man stood, she looked to see the creature he had been fighting drifting through the pool, motionless. Its belt buckle had snapped open to reveal three strange runes underneath. The armored man saw the creature groaning in the pool as it drifted along the surface before he opened a panel on the side of his belt and drew what looked to be a card of some kind. With a careless toss, the card flew from the man's hand and made contact with the monster. To her shock and scientific curiosity, the monster became engulfed in a green aura before actually being sucked inside the card. She thought she could see an image of a hammerhead shark on the card before it flew back into the man's hand.

"That was close," Chalice sighed as he tucked the card into his case. Looking up, he spotted Sailor Mercury walking towards him with that same motherly stern look on her face. She probably meant business, but Chalice just couldn't find the heart to really take her seriously. If anything, it was almost pathetic in more than a few ways. Returning the Chalice Arrow to where he hid it while not in use, the Kamen Rider waited for the woman to reach him.

"Now, I must ask you again to please stop this senseless violence," she frowned. "You are in violation of the Queen's physical violence laws and have already broken her profanity laws in the last incident. I am afraid I must bring you to a secure location for an interrogation."

"You're joking, right?" Chalice scoffed. "Listen, these monsters don't care who the Queen is, who her servants, are, or what position they are in and to be honest, neither do I. They are not going to stop just because the Queen said so. If anything, they'll just kill you because you're in the way. The only way you can stop them is by fighting them and frankly, I don't think anyone in this entire city has the guts to even get near one."

"If we must fight, then we will do so," Mercury frowned. "Although we are a peaceful people, we will defend ourselves."

"Like your guards did?" Chalice snorted. "Shooting magic from a distance isn't fighting. In fact, several of these monsters probably won't even notice it. If they did, they would just go at you."

"But the Queen's laws-!" Mercury cried.

"Her laws are wrong!" Chalice snapped. "My god are you really this dumb? Look in the pool!" He gestured to the dead bodies. "Are we seeing the same things? Your laws mean shit against these things! Magic means nothing! Peace means nothing! If you keep following these fanatical laws, your people are just going to be lambs to the slaughterhouse! There are still fifty of these monsters left and they aren't going to just stop because the Queen says so! In fact, they might just try to kill her because she's in the way!"

Mercury was trembling in the face of Chalice's anger and his disrespectful words towards the Queen. How could one man be so full of rage and anger? What had she done to incite it? She was just following her Queen's laws. Surely the Queen's wisdom would see them through this crisis. After all, she was the one who brought them this age of peace and happiness. Granted, these monsters were powerful, but this man was wrong to think that sinking to their level would defeat them. There was a proper way of doing things and they would do so. It helped them defeat the enemy before and it would help them defeat these monsters.

"Who are you?" Sailor Mercury finally asked out of her shock and contemplation.

"I am Kamen Rider Chalice," Chalice answered before he turned to the door. "I suppose we'll see each other again soon enough. Next time though, try to help me rather than stop the fight. We'll save more lives that way."

With that, Chalice walked through the door, grabbing a silver case as he went. Mercury blinked as she watched him go. She knew she should have arrested him, but he had caught her off guard and used her hesitation to escape. It was obvious that he was a radical, one of the most outspoken of his kind as well.


Chalice slashed the Spirit Human through his belt and returned to his human from. A scowl was on his face from his interaction with Sailor Mercury. He knew of her through old Sailor Moon episodes, but she seemed like…such an airhead. She was supposed to have been this super smart girl in the series. What the hell happened to her now? She was acting like she didn't know what to do in a violent situation and seemed to keep forgetting what the Hammerhead Undead had done to those people in the pool. She was so committed to following laws that it seemed that was more important than stopping the Undead and saving the lives of innocent people. It was like…

…Order was the supreme force.

A/N: This is an idea I wrote up a while ago as sort of an offshoot of Forgotten Rider. Kyle Jones ends up landing somewhere else entirely than Wave Country and all of the Undead save for two are released.

All hell will break loose.

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