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Chapter 1

Haruhi stretched her legs on top of the soft suede footrest in front of her. She thumbed casually through the hardcover English book in her lap. Sunlight streamed through the open windows in her room that overlooked a lawn bustling with high school students. Antoinette nuzzled Haruhi's feet with her nose, and she laughed.

"Anne! Stop it! That tickles," Haruhi laughed softly.

Suddenly, Antoinette looked up and stopped licking her socks. Barking crazily, she raced heavily to the door, her golden ears flopping and her silky tail wagging rapidly. She yipped happily at the door as it opened quickly. A slim but muscular figure stepped in, dressed in dark blue designer jeans, an unzipped red hoodies, and a black t-shirt. He slipped off his shoes and ran a long-fingered hand through his golden hair as he walked in. Antoinette's pink tongue shot out, a burst of color against her black doggie lips, and happily slurped at his fingers as she pounced on him, placing both paws on his thighs and standing up. He toppled to the floor and laughed, hugging and snuggling with Antoinette as she ran her wet tongue across his face.

"Anne! Aww! I missed you too!" he cried happily.

They snuggled for a few more seconds, until Antoinette bounded off of him and nudged him to his feet. He rushed over to the couch and placed his handsome face in front of Haruhi's.

"Kya!" she wailed, startled, flinging her English book onto the ground.

"Haruhi!" he grinned, beaming childishly.

He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly.

"Yay!" he said joyfully. "Haruhi, I missed you!"

He released Haruhi and sat next to her. He smiled brightly and slipped both his arms under her arms, wrapping them around her waist. Haruhi blushed crimson and ducked her head, her earlobe-length brown hair swinging forward slightly. His breath was warm on her cheek as he rested his head in the crook of her neck.

"Waah!" she cried, pushing him away and scooting away hurriedly.

Haruhi placed her hand on her heart as Tamaki sat there, bewildered and looking like a child who had just lost his lollipop. What…what was that? Her…heart. It pounded rapidly in her chest, and she was almost a hundred percent sure it would break through her ribs. Haruhi turned back to Tamaki, who had retreated into his corner of woe, pouting. She approached him slowly, her sock-encased feet padding over the wood floor. She placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Tamaki," Haruhi started.

He turned to her, still in his crouching position.

"What…what did I do wrong?" he sniffled.

Tears welled in his eyes.

"Sorry," she apologized.

The tears disappeared as he leapt up and embraced Haruhi.

"Yay!" he yelled cheerfully.

He let go of her and they walked over to the couch, where Antoinette was curled up. He sat down next to Antoinette and pulled Haruhi down next to him.

"I want a hello kiss!" he exclaimed.

"Wha…what? I thought w-we only agreed on a good morning kiss and a good night kiss!" she said as a blush spread to her cheeks.

"I want a kiss!" he pouted.

Haruhi shoved a hand In front of his face.

"Wait. What are you doing here? I said for you not to distract me!" she said.

"Anne wandered into your room from the doggy flap we built in the 'love door' and I came to get her," he said.

"Can't you get her later? I told you not to bother me!" Haruhi said.

He looked sad.

"But…but I feel lonely without Haruhi," he said.

Haruhi slowly brought her hand down and gazed at his face, the long golden lashes, the violet blue eyes, and the slightly tanned skin from the Boston sun. He was so cute. Suddenly, her hand reached out to touch his cheek. What the…? Her hand was moving of its own accord! She couldn't stop it! She cupped his face with both of her hands and leaned forward. Her heart throbbed insanely. She kissed him. Haruhi could tell Tamaki was surprised, but he kissed her back. Suddenly, the door was flung open and she froze. What was she doing? Haruhi had never done such a thing before in her life. Hikaru and Kaoru stomped in, breathless. They ran over to them, and both froze in front of them.

"What the h*ll are you two doing?" they yelled in unison.

Tamaki and Haruhi both turned bright red.

"U-uh," Tamaki stammered.

The twins marched over to him and grabbed him.

"You pervert! Harassing Haruhi! Taking advantage of her is completely unacceptable!" they yelled at the same time, dragging him over to the wall.

"Waah! Haruhi! Help me!" Tamaki yelled in terror as the twins prepared to pummel him.

Haruhi giggled, which was totally uncharacteristic of her.

"Wait, you guys…stop. Tamaki wasn't harassing me!" she said as she rushed over to where they were In Identical positions, their fists under Tamaki's jaw.

Tamaki flailed around wildly, wailing. The twins turned around, their expressions identically dark.

"So what were you doing? Huh?" they questioned, smirking.

Haruhi blushed again. Tamaki came to the rescue.

"Haha. Jealous, Hikaru?" he laughed, flipping his hair and gazing at his reflection in the mirror on the wall narcissistically. (Cue the sparkles…now.)

Okay. So he didn't really come to the rescue. At least he tried. Hikaru's eyes narrowed.

"Wait. Wait! Haha. Guess what, Hikaru? We were doing what most couples do? Haha," Haruhi said nervously.

Hikaru's mouth tightened into a fine white line. Suddenly he bolted out of the room. Kaoru shrugged apologetically, and then rushed after his twin. Oh, no. What was wrong with Hikaru? Tamaki crouched in the center of the room, quivering with fear and clutching Antoinette and his teddy bear, Kuma-chan. His self-spotlight shone brightly on him. Suddenly, the door burst open again. Kyouya walked in, clutching his clipboard. Mori was behind him, with Honey on his shoulders.

"How…how the heck did you get in?" Haruhi asked.

Hikaru and Kaoru stepped in, each holding up a bobby pin in his right hand, and smiling mischievously. Haruhi guessed that Hikaru had been faking being upset earlier so he could get everyone to walk in on them doing "couple-y" stuff.

"Tama! Haru!" Honey cried happily, his stuffed bunny, Usa-chan, dangling from his hand.

Kyouya looked at the sobbing Tamaki and scribbled something down on his clipboard.

"Haruhi. It's time to go to class," Kyouya said, folding his arms across his chest.

"Okay. Um…could someone get Tamaki out of his depressed state? I'm going to go change," she said, pointing to a huge smear of frosting on her loose yellow plaid shirt.

"What happened?" Hikaru and Kaoru as said simultaneously.

"I spilled a little of Honey's cake on my shirt when I was helping him carry it after class," she explained.

Tamaki emerged from his emo corner at the thought of seeing her in a new outfit and jumped up. He pushed Haruhi into her bathroom and left her to change. She stripped out of her shirt and her black jeans. She pulled on a black short skirt Tamaki bought for her (even though she protested) and a white t-shirt. Haruhi tugged at the short sleeves and slipped into the black ballet flats. She really didn't want to wear this, but they forced her. She had tried telling them that it was too much and that she just wanted to wear jeans and a tee, but they wouldn't listen. Haruhi stepped out of the room. Tamaki picked her up and twirled her around.

"Waah! So kawaii! My little Haruhi!" he sobbed happily.

He clutched her tightly and cried. Tamaki finally let go of Haruhi and set her down. She stumbled a few steps. Honey oohed and aahed in the background

"Haruhi's so cute!" he said in wonder.

Kyouya wrote something in his notebook, snapped a picture with his cell phone, and pushed Haruhi out the door, then held Tamaki back as he reached for her, pleading for a goodbye kiss. Kyouya looked at Tamaki, who was now in his depressed corner again, and jotted down some more stuff on his clipboard. Haruhi sighed and slung her black messenger bag over one shoulder. 'English class, here I come,' she thought. 'All that reading and practicing had better pay off.'