"Do you accept our offer?" His dark green hair shaded his crimson red eyes. He held out his hand waiting for the man who sat in front of him.

"Yes, for the safety of our kingdom." The man with brown hair shook hands with the green haired man knowing his daughter would not be happy.

"Then let us prepare the wedding."

"Princess Touko, wake up!" Bianca shook her sleeping friend.

The brunette's eyes fluttered open revealing her tired ocean blue orbs. A yawn escaped her lips as she sat up in her bed.

"What is it Bianca?"

"The King and Queen wish to see you." Touko groaned knowing her parents would give her a list of her tasks for the day.

"Alright, I'll ge-" Bianca interrupted her before she could finish her sentence.

"They want you to dress in your formal attire." Touko knew this was no regular day, her parents had other plans for her today and she knew she wouldn't like it. Her ocean blue eyes wandered over to a magnificent red dress that seemed too fancy for her liking.

"Let's hurry and get you ready!" The sudden words that escaped her maid's lips made Touko's eyes snap back to where she met light green ones. Touko nodded slowly as she stood up from her bed and let Bianca work her magic.

Bianca made sure there was no flaw as she adjusted the strapless dress onto the brunette princess. Touko was the princess of the White Kingdom where the royalty was able to befriend the legendary dragon pokemon, Reshiram. Touko was born an only daughter of the King and Queen who were enemies with the Black Kingdom where the royalty was able to befriend the other legendary dragon pokemon, Zekrom. The Black Kingdom was ruled by the King and Queen who had only one son. Their kingdoms actually use to be friends until someone from the Black Kingdom witnessed peasants of the White Kingdom abusing pokemon. That's when the war had started.

Touko just sat in front of the mirror as Bianca brushed her gorgeous brown locks. Her eyes were full of confusion of what her parents had in store for her today, especially when she has to dress and look this fancy.

Serperior slithered his way over to his master, Touko, knowing she was stressed with confusion. Serperior hissed making Touko alert to his presence as she put on a decent fake smile that Serperior could definitely see through.

Bianca set aside the brush as she looked into the mirror to see the conclusion of her masterpiece. A smile began to appear as she saw no flaw what so ever.

"Now all we need to do is get you to the throne room." Touko sighed as she began to arise from her seat but had a trouble balancing in her 3 inch high heels. She despised high heels but her mother forces her to wear them on certain occasions such as this one. Touko wobbled her way over and out the door, heading her way into the throne room.

"Thanks Bianca, I can handle the rest!" Bianca couldn't help but let a giggle escape as she watched her princess wobble through the halls of the large castle.

Touko opened the large doors that lead into the throne room. There standing was her father and mother with a boy with green hair and emerald eyes who seemed to be about 2 or 3 years older than her.

His emerald eyes casted a gaze upon her that made her heart skip a beat. She could already feel her cheeks start to burn up.

"Ah Touko, come meet the prince of the Black Kingdom!" Her father smiled cheerfully. Though Touko's brain refused, her heart took control and made her way over near the green haired boy.

"Touko, meet Prince N." Touko shyly held her hand out towards N. N took her soft hands into his and brushed his lips against them causing her blush to clearly be noticeable. He held back his chuckle as he stared at her flustered face.

"Touko, N is going to be your husband." Touko flinched; she didn't want to be married at the age of 17. Although as much as she didn't want to, she knew her parents would force her to anyways. But maybe he would turn out to be a good husband… Or not. He seemed like a nice guy by the way he acted or maybe it was just acting and on the inside he was a total jerk.

The King looked at a grandfather clock that stood against one of the walls before clearing his throat and disrupting Touko's deep thoughts.

"Prince N, I believe it's time to return you to your father. I have to meet with him anyways." N turned to face the King, as he slowly nodded. Touko watched as her father and her soon-to-be husband left her in the room with her mother. She felt somewhat sad that he left.

"Touko since this is all still big news, you're free to do whatever you want for the day." Touko's eyes widened as she looked at her mother who gave her a heartwarming smile.

"Does this mean I can have a pokemon battle with the knights, butlers, and maids?" Touko was already gone when her mother happily nodded. Her giggles filled the halls as she ran down each and every one of them that would lead to her room, where her pokemon were resting in.