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Never did she stop running, running away from the amusement park, away from him. Her heart was broken, just like Touya's was.

Now she was out of breath, in the dark and lonely woods. Touko rested on one of the trees and slid down to the ground where she continued to cry. Her red puffy eyes couldn't be any more red. She then noticed that she was still holding the Reshiram plush N had given her. Angrily, she threw it at one of the trees in front of her. The impact wasn't strong; it was only a silent sound.

She then rested her head on her arms as she continued to sob. She knew she couldn't stay in the woods all night but she needed somewhere to just let all the tears flow without anyone seeing.

It took about fifteen more minutes until finally her eyes could not produce more tears for her to let loose. Her cheeks were stained from the salty tears and her eyes were red. Crying made some of her pain come to ease but just such a small amount. Her heart felt heavy and broken. Touko forced herself to stand up.

She was going to fly on her Reshiram to get home. She needed someone special and close to her to sooth her pain, Lady Hikari. Since she couldn't go to her mother, there was always a backup plan.

Touko found her way out of the woods before throwing out her elegant white dragon. Reshiram was concerned by the features on her face the very minute he had laid his blue eyes on her.

My princess, why such sadness in your eyes?

"Don't worry about it, just… just please take me home." Reshiram didn't want to push his master; he only did what she asked and took her straight home after Touko had gotten comfortable on his back. She needed to be in her room where she could release all her tears into her pillow as Lady Hikari would rub her back to ease her pain like she always did.

The elegant white beast took off from the ground and into the warm colored sky.

Touya panicked, he was sure to lose his head. He was careless with his duties and now the princess and prince were nowhere to be found. Irene helped as much as she could but they weren't making any progress. He thanked Arcues he had a back-up plan if they couldn't find them.

They had searched all inside the amusement park and Touya was about to call in back-up when Irene suddenly spoke some important information. "Touya I found him!" She shouted, keeping their cover as she let the words roll of her tongue.

Irene took off in a run towards the entrance of the amusement park with Touya following in suit as she led him to a bench where N sat with his head in between both his hands, alone. The sight worried him with Touko not there beside him, just an empty seat.

"Where is Touko?" Slight anger was in his words, if he said something that displeased Touya then there would be nothing but venom in the words that he spoke. N looked up at Touya and Irene who stood beside him.

"She ran off towards the forests." N had received a deadly glare from Touya who had such anger boiling inside him.

"You idiot!" Touya shouted as he let the rage that was contained inside him run loose. His hands clenched into a fist, there was no doubt that he was beyond words. Touya raised his fist into the air. N didn't block his face, this was his punishment and he would take it like a man, all he did was close his eyes and wait for the impact. To his surprise, it never came. Slowly, he opened his eyes to see the Irene standing in front of him as a shield.

"Go find her." Irene stated, never taking her attention away from Touya who had a confused look on his face. She did such actions since she knew for a fact, knights never hit girls unless necessary by the rule of the princess.

"But, I deserve this…" The two were shocked at N's words; they weren't expecting that as an answer which certainly impressed Touya. "I've been listening to my father instead of my heart, doing so hurt Touko…" N looked down at the ground below him, his bangs covering his emerald eyes.

"Are you dense?" Touya asked, his arms crossing over his chest. His hands were no longer fists. A smirk made its way onto the knight's face. N's eyes came in contact with Touya's caramel orbs, anxious for him to go on. "If you love her, you'll go after her. Doing so, you can fix things up." Touya walked up to N, got on one knee, and held out a hand to N who sat on the bench. The prince hesitated before slowly grabbing his hand and being pulled up to stand. N stood there, watching Touya smile at him for the first time. He thought that they were rivals for Touko, but it was different. He then realized Touya had given up; he lost and was calm about it. "What are you doing? Go already."

N snapped back into reality, pulled out a pokeball, and released the giant black dragon. Once he climbed on, he looked at Touya and mouthed a "thank you" before the prince and Zekrom took off in search of the heartbroken princess.

Touya turned to Irene who was smiling brightly towards him. He didn't hesitate to return such a gesture. But out of the corner of his eye, he saw a blur. He decided not to worry about it and put his full attention on Irene.

Sobs emanated in the room, the princess soaked Lady Hikari's dress as she told her about the event that happened today. Hikari soothed the brunette with quiet coos while at the same time stroking her full head of hair. "I… still can't… believe he was… playing me… all along!" She took a break every few words to clear her throat of the snot that clogged it up.

"Dear, I'm sure that boy had an explanation…" Her words were quiet, her eyes watched as the girl cried in her lap. She couldn't help it no longer for she pulled Touko into an embrace, hoping it would help calm her down.

Suddenly the doors busted open, coming in contact with that wall creating a loud bang. Emerging from the doors were two knights. "Lady Hikari Platina and Princess Touko White," The two knights' stated with no emotions on their faces as the spoke. The mention of her name caught Touko's attention, moving away from the hug she then turned to the knights that stood in the door way. "You're need in the throne room immediately." And with that the two knights left, leaving the girls alone once again.

"What do you think they want now, Auntie Hikari?" She asked but when she looked at Hikari's expression, she knew something serious was happening.

"Something isn't right."

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