Ed Edd Eddy The Untold Stories

Alright everyone it been months since The Green X Gang and everyone is ready for the new school year. Yea that's right Sophomore Year!

Chapter 17: Ed's New Year

"hello students welcome to another year at Peach Creek High School." Principle Waltertoon said on the announcements.

"Aw shaddap." Jake says to the announcements. Jake now have dreads. He wears a red jacket black shirt blue jeans and wears Concords.

" Hey Jakey Baby!" Sandy said which make Jake Turn around and hug her. Sandy now has blonde hair and wears a red shirt with black writing which says Black Veil Bribes and blue jeans and red Converse.

"I'm sorry we didn't have time to meet over the summer." Jake says kissing Sandy on the cheek.

"It doesn't matter now as long I'm here with you now." Sandy says ended there hug.

"Oh yes this is great now I can fu-"Jake says before seeing Antonio walking down the hallway. He then stops and looks at them. Antonio still has his wounds from the fight and also has a long cross scar around his face.

Antonio then stares at the couple for a minute. Then he walks away in disgust.

"Hey DJ Jakeman how's it going?" Said someone. When they turn around it was Rolf. Rolf wear kind of something different. He wears his original shirt but now wears black pants and has red Nike.

"Yo! Rolf how's it been." Jake said.

Out of School

Eddy and Lee were holding hands and waking. Ed was looking at a daisy and ignoring May. Double D and Marie were holding hands too.

"I'm happy that we became a couple." Marie smiling.

"If you didn't save me from Saw gunshot I wouldn't be alive to love you." Double D said making Marie blush and hug him.

Then Jonny 2x4 came here with Plank and saw the two couples. "Things are not the same anymore Plank." Jonny said. Jonny has a little bit of hair and still has his same clothing except of his new black Adidas.

"What does that mean Jonny?" Eddy said questioning him.

"Well you guys are getting along with the Kankers except for Ed and Kevin has also has changed too." Jonny said.

"Kevin? The hell happened to Kevin?" Eddy says.

"Well there been a rumor going around that." Lee says until the scene switches.

In School

Kevin looks at himself in his mirror of his locker and shows a flashback of his Father until Cindy comes to him. "Kevin. If you still feel bad for seeing you're Father and if you want to break up with me you-"Cindy says before Kevin hugs her.

"I told you that I'll never drag you in to the same situation that we had months ago. This is the new school year so I'll make sure that you are happy forever." Kevin said ended their hug.

They then start to make out with each other but then stop when they hear girls screaming from the bathroom. "PERVERT!" One girl said while kicking Jake out the bathroom and where Kevin and Cindy.

"Jake I haven't said this in a long time but only to the Ed's. Jake. You're a Dork." Kevin says looking at Jake.

Kevin hasn't change his clothes. Cindy had her hair cut to her neck and has Bangs. And wears pink dress and a white top and also some pink Converse. (Wore this Before Time-skip)

With Nazz

Nazz looks at The Memorial of Mr. Tutwurth. Nazz wears a white and black shirt and her usual purple pants. Just as then Jenny came running towards her screaming "NAZZ!" Nazz does the same thing and they ended up hugging each other.

Jenny is Latino if you guys want to know oh yea and Jake African American. Anyway Jenny wears a brown skirt some black legging some brown Uggs and a black shirt
(Wore this before Time-skip)

"Hey Ladies miss me?" Someone said as they turned around it was Jameston which they both screamed and hugged him. Jameston wears a gray jacket a white T-shirt blue jeans and some Orange shoes.

"So how you guys doing it been like 3 months since I seen y'all even know everybody left for the summer and we couldn't chill with each other and-"Jameston says before seeing something.

"What wrong Jameston?" Jenny said to the frozen Jameston. "No Freaking Way. Carlos is that you?" Jameston says.

Suddenly a Black haired boy wearing a light blue jacket a white T-Shirt black jeans and light blue Vans. "Jameston is that you little Dodo?" Carlos says looking at Jameston.

They both go to each other and dap each other. "Man it been like 2 years." Jameston.

"Yea I heard that you guys defeated the Green X Gang. Wow it been years since we join hasn't it?" Minto says.

Carlos then looks at Jenny and Nazz and says hi to them then goes back to talking to Jameston.

"Hey Nazz do you think Jameston got cuter during the summer?" Jenny whisper in Nazz ears. "I think you guys can make a good couple!" Jenny says in Nazz ears. "Jenny were just friends!" Nazz says while blushing. Jenny giggles while Jameston and Carlos notices and are confused.

At Period 1

Eddy, Kevin, Jake, and Rolf are in health Class 1st period.

"The hell? How did we get into a health class again?" Eddy says.

"You know how teachers are. Lazy! I guess they just put in here for fun." Kevin says. "Yea But Rolf would like to know his teacher before switching." Rolf said.

Just Then Mr. Jaws walked in and said. "Good Morning class for those who don't know me I am Mr. Ja-" before he could say anything else he sees Kevin Jake and Eddy.

"….Oh god. Not another retarded year." Mr. Jaws says.

At Period 2

Jameston, Double D, Marie, and Cindy were in Biology.

"All right then Science Buddies again Jameston!" Double D says while hi fives Jameston.

"I guess you my partner Marie." Cindy says.

"Hey aren't you Kevin Girlfriend?" Marie questions.

"Yea!" Cindy says. Marie then pulls out five dollars out of her pocket. "Tell Kevin I'm sorry its late but I kept my promise." Marie says with a smile.

At Period 3

Everybody in the cul del sac was in the Gym Period.

"Hey! We in the same period!" Shaniqua said to the girls.

"Yea we know we couldn't have a Gym period without you!" Jenny hi fives Shaniqua.

"Oh god this period is gonna be the worst!" Jake says sobbing like an Anime character. "Sandy my girlfriend and Shaniqua my ex. THIS IS BULLSHIT!" Jake cries.

"Double D." Eddy says.

"Yes Eddy." Double D says.

"This is going to be an interesting year." Eddy says.