Alright, so this is my first League of Extraordinary Gentlemen fic. I loved that movie…and all of its little parts and pieces of wonderful great books. (ffff- oh Moriarty…I wanted Sherlock and/or Quartermain to kill you.)
This was so freakin' sad to think and write…and when Tom mentioned in the movie about Huck…*sniffs*

Disclaimer: I don't own anything…


That was what they had been. They had been close, albeit probably not so in the beginning. But, after awhile, they grew together by a special bond. A bond that both believed to be unbreakable.

How naïve of them.

That bond could break, could be broken, and was. It had been shattered the day the other left. Forcefully. By the one thing he couldn't shoot.


Oh, the sweet angel of Death did take his friend, his brother. Took him without a second thought.

And that killed him inside.

He wished that wasn't a figurative statement. He wished he was dying, so maybe they could join back up in the next life. Be brothers once more.

Ha, such a childish dream.

But why him? Was his 'brother's' death truly necessary in the grand scheme of life? Was that one life, so precise to him in all that he cherished, so important to have it ripped from his hands with just so little ease as a quick shot of a gun?

He didn't know, nor probably wanted to. He didn't want to know that his 'brother' died for a cause. Because, he might find that cause unacceptable of his 'brother's' death.

But unfortunately, Fate is unkind bitch, but even so, she grants mercy and pain to those at times of most need or never want. She allows us a second of breathing before submerging us again under the harsh waves of life…and death.

Ironic, that was what it had been. His 'brother' had died for something greater than them and the agency that had been under. And with his brother's death, he had been brought to join the League.

At first, he thought it wasn't worth it. Was this Fate grand plan? It wasn't grand.

But, as the time went by on this new mission that made been brought together, his 'bother's death began to slowly retreat away. He still remembered him, and what had happened, and why he was here. But now, maybe Fate was granting him a new life, with new family.

Fate wasn't that kind.

Like his 'brother' before, his 'father' had fallen to the same fate. Fate! That cruel and sadistic bitch. And…OH, let's not forget her messenger, the sweet and deceptive Angel of Death. Could they not leave him to his own life?

As he stood, watching over his 'father's grave, he began to think back to his 'brother' after so long. Even when he had been discussing it on the ship, it hurt so much now to think of him. Then, his mind traveled away.

He was standing on the bank of the Great River, watching the grave. Tears were slipping down his face, but he still stood watching the grave. He couldn't speak, though he doubt words would be needed as he continued to stare at the grave. The words seemed so false and foreign, but yet…there they were.

Here Lies Huckleberry 'Huck' Finn. Brother and Friend…forever.

Tears kept falling down his face, and then he was brought back to the present, looking over the fresh done grave in the setting heat of Africa.



All those lost held his heart low in pain.

Well, I hoped you enjoyed it. It was sad for me to write. I love Tom...he's amazing!