My first fanfic in English! a personal challenge. Sorry if there are any errors in spelling, grammar or otherwise. Please leave comments.

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Penny ran her hands over her head and tried to hold on to something. She had heard the boys comment on the possibility that Godzilla appeared for the radiation level after the earthquake in Japan, but she had paid more attention. She vaguely remembered Sheldon talking about a cord of fire in the ocean, and mentioning a country with name of food (Chile?) and Japan. Penny had never liked the tremors, and less earthquakes. She remembered where she was the last time I had felt the ground move, a year ago. She was scared when she realized that the lamp swung, and that her department was moving. The next second she was already in the street. She never knew how she had fallen so fast all the stairs.
Penny felt she was drowning. "It's going to end," she said, trying to stand. But she had nowhere to be bound to keep her balance, everything was moving.
"I know," answered the voice of Priya, trying to sound calm. Penny had forgotten for a moment that Priya was also in the laundry.
They looked for a moment, the shock on their faces, the discussion about Leonard suspended. The light is gone.
"We must leave," said Priya.
Penny reacted and tried to advance on the road. In the darkness, collided with Priya and the two fell to the floor. She began to crawl. She felt she was struck by the walls. She stumbled again with Priya when she reached the door.
"Open!" - Penny screamed.
"Do not open, it stalled!" - In Priya's voice was noticeable fear.
Penny knocked on the door, angry, scared. The door would not open. Penny turned down in despair.
"I will not die," she murmured, trying to hold back the tears. Priya had also fallen to the floor. The silence was only broken by all the things that fell to the floor. She could hear the car alarm sounding outside.
"It's going to end," she heard from Priya. But the earthquake did not end. Do not stop. The movement was worse, stronger. She could hear other people screaming, running into the streets. She felt Priya trying to get up.
"Ehy! Help! "-Priya shouted, slamming the door. Penny began to mourn quietly. Leonard ... she thought she would have given anything to be with him at this time.
Priya fell. "Damn, Penny help me."
But Penny did not know how to help. They were going to die, and she just wanted to be alone and think of Leonard. She hoped that he and others were well.
Priya began to mourn: "Help, please! Please..."
It was the Big One that all advertised, but nobody expected.