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"Bulma, sweetie, I want you to meet your new daddy, Vegeta." Bulma's smiled shyly at the tall man with auburn flame shaped hair. Kneeling, he smiled gently and opened his hand. Resting on his palm was a necklace with a perfect round sapphire. Bulma let out a little squeal and leaped into his arms.

"It's so pretty um, Mr. Vegeta Daddy." The adults laughed and Vegeta put the necklace around Bulma's neck.

"How about you just call me daddy, hmm? Now I want you to meet someone." Vegeta's face took on a stern look. "Come here boy." Leaning against the far wall, a sullen 14 year old grunted out a sigh and heaved himself away from the wall. He stormed over, a scowl on his face, obviously pissed and bored at the whole situation. Bulma ran around to her mom's back, throwing her arms around her knees. The young man stood next to his father and glared, looking at anything but the people in front of him. Bulma peered her head around her mother's knees and saw that the son looked very much like his father. His hair was black, not red like his father's but they both had the gravity defying flame styled hair and the deep onyx eyes. "This is my son, Vegeta Jr. Vegeta, say hello to your new mother and sister."

Vegeta turned to give a short hello when he caught sight of a clear blue eye peeking out at him. The sharp words died in his mouth. "Hello Bunny. Hello… Bulma." Bunny made some noises about how handsome Vegeta Jr. was and how much he looked just like his father, and some other stuff he didn't really pay attention to. He just kept staring at the one blue eye peeking at him from behind Bunny's legs. His faced relaxed and he gave a soft smile to the little girl. Bulma decided she liked this and leaned around her mother's legs more. Vegeta squatted down to be at face level with the blue eyed beauty. "How old are you Bulma?"

"Six," she answered shyly, pressing her face against her mother's legs.

"Six! Wow! That's big! Do you go to school Bulma?" Vegeta Sr. and Bunny stared at each other in astonishment. Where had this sweet young man come from? The last 2 years that Bunny and Vegeta Sr. had dated, Vegeta Jr. had been sullen and argumentative. Ever since his mom died 3 years ago, Vegeta Jr. was just an angry boy. Nothing his father did, nor Bunny, ever seemed to help. Bunny bent down and gave Bulma a kiss on the cheek

"Sweetie, Mommy has to go with your new daddy to look at some stuff in the house. Will you be ok with your new big brother?" Bulma nodded her head looking at Vegeta still squatting and smiling. He slowly put his hand out to her, waiting.

Bulma looked from her mom to her new daddy, then to Vegeta. Then she ran to Vegeta, throwing her arms around his neck. Vegeta was thrown off balance and fell backwards, with a solid 'oomph'. He found himself on his backside, his arms filled with the little girl.

"I, uh, think they will be fine Bunny," Vegeta Sr. said, stunned. He took his wife's hand and led them away from the new siblings.

Vegeta watched his dad and new step-mother walk away and Bulma watched her new brother. Vegeta turned his head, his eyes meeting the clear blue of the little girl filling his lap and arms. Her face turned shy and she buried her face into Vegeta's neck. "I like you." She whispered, her hot breath rolling across his skin.

Vegeta smiled and stood up, holding Bulma in his arms. "You know what, Lil Bit? I like you too."