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*Epilogue *

"I really just don't understand the equation Mr. Oji. Maybe you can explain it to me one more time?" A blonde with a low cut top bent over next to Vegeta. She pressed up against his arm and flashed him a smile. Vegeta frowned. "I'm sorry I'm just not getting it. I must be such a ditz."

Vegeta sighed and leaned back, trying to ease away from the blonde. "Carrie, you had this problem on the last test and got it correct. You know the equation." The blonde leaned back on the desk, crossing her long legs and leaning back on her arms. "So why you are suddenly overcome with a case of stupid, I don't know. So stop wasting my time."

Carrie pouted prettily. "Aww Mr. Oji."

Vegeta tuned his head to the door when he heard a tapping on the glass. Small, pale, and blue waved from his window. Vegeta smiled softly and waved her in. "Carrie, I have another appointment. I'll see you in class. If you're still having problems, I can arrange for a tutor. Roshi maybe?"

Carrie wrinkled her nose. "He's a pervert. No thank you." she glanced back at the girl who entered the room. Carrie gave Vegeta a sour look. "Another 'student' Mr. Oji? Guess I got to you too late."

Vegeta stood up and handed Carrie her books. "She's not another student Carrie. Not that it's any of your business." Vegeta walked her to the back of the class and all but pushed her out of the class. "And you're right. You did come too late. She's my wife."

And with that, Vegeta shut the door in Carrie's face and locked the door. He flipped the shade over the window and turned to his wife. "Kind of harsh, don't you think?" Bulma asked wrapping her arms around his neck.

Vegeta picked Bulma up and rested her against the wall. He kissed her neck. "I can always call her back in if you want. I'm up for a three way if you are."

Bulma went to slap Vegeta's arm but he kissed her, drawing her bottom lip into his mouth to nibble and suck. Bulma dropped her hand to Vegeta's head, grabbing his hair. Vegeta growled and ran his hands up her thighs, digging in her bottom. Bulma tore her mouth away from Vegeta sucking in air, and he started kissing her neck. "Asshole."

"Mmm. Probably," Vegeta said licking a scar he had made months ago when Bulma had come over to tell him of his father's death. Vegeta mentally shook himself. With a growl he captured Bulma's lips again and his fingers searched out her warmth. "Can you be quiet?"

"Vegeta! We can't! Not here!" Bulma gasped as his fingers found their target and played with her. Bulma moaned and Vegeta kissed her to silence her moans. Bulma fumbled with Vegeta's buckle, her fingers in a hurry to get them undone. Finally, he sprung free and Vegeta thrust up, making Bulma scream in his mouth. Bulma grabbed Vegeta's shoulders, trying to balance herself as he thrust up inside her again and again. Vegeta lifted her legs higher, placing them over his arms, thrusting deeper. Bulma pulled their bodies closer and Vegeta felt her come. Bulma tried to pull her head away but Vegeta kept his lips pressed against hers, swallowing her screams. Vegeta thrust one more time and then came, groaning into Bulma's mouth.

Bulma laid her head back and panted while Vegeta slowly lowered her legs. He helped her adjust her skirt and then pulled up his pants. Bulma peeked outside the door window, making sure they hadn't been caught. Vegeta pulled her up against his chest, nuzzling her neck. "I love you, Lil Bit."

"I love you Geta."

Vegeta smiled and walked over to his desk. "How was the doctor's appointment? He give you a prescription?" Vegeta looked down at his desk and started to gather papers together.

Bulma gave a small smile and walked up beside Vegeta. "Yes. I got a prescription. He said it will help but I'll still feel sick for a while."

"How long's a while? I love you and no offence, but I can't keep being late to work because you're over a toilet every morning."

"Oh about three months. Then I should be fine."

Vegeta looked up startled. "Three months? What? I thought you said the prescription would help! What's wrong?"

Bulma smiled at her clueless husband. "It's not that bad. It could be less. Though it could be more. The prescription will last about nine months or so. And nothing is wrong. Everything is perfect." Bulma took Vegeta's hand and placed it over her tummy. Vegeta looked down at his hand in bewilderment. Suddenly it dawned on him. He looked up at Bulma, shock on his face.


Bulma laughed. "Yes."

Vegeta knelt and placed he ear over Bulma's stomach. He looked up. "Lil Bit, are you serious?"

Bulma placed a hand over her stomach. "Say hello to your Daddy little one."

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