(Most characters are part of the Burn Notice universe)


MOM'S the Word

Chapter 1

With its palm trees swaying, warm tropical breezes, and pastel-colored art deco structures, the city of Miami was an intoxicating beautiful place to live.

When the air was humid, which was likely in Miami, the outside patio table of The Cantina was a great place to enjoy a cool beer.

That is what Sam Axe was thinking as he lifted his favorite drink in a gesture of a toast to his best buddy, Michael Westen, ex-spy. How they got to be best friends, one would never be able to figure out; for while one person was candid and laidback, the other individual appeared to be aloof and serious.

Yet both were very, very good at what they did.

"You have to admit, Mikey, this is the life," remarked Sam, as he downed the drink while ogling the shapely legs of the waitress as she walked away. There were already several emptied bottles on the table. He observed Mike, who seemed even more quiet and guarded than usual, "Eh…something on your mind?"

"Nothing a mission wouldn't cure," stated Michael in his usual no-nonsense way, "this sitting around not doing a thing is getting to me, Sam."

A slight breeze skimmed through Michael's carefully trimmed hair. However, despite his words, Michael was actually doing something. Wearing his traditional dark sunglasses, Michael appeared to be taking in the surrounding scenery, viewing all the beautiful, bikinied women that sauntered past him.

But appearances can be deceptive, especially when you're an ex- spy.

As Michael casually took another swig of his beer, he was in actuality surveying the area for anything that seemed out of place, or anything that seemed too repetitive. A spy, especially a burned spy, must intuitively be on the lookout when he was out in the open.

Beneath the glasses, his eyes darted back and forth without his head ever moving. And then he saw something that gave him pause.

A black Cadillac.

It was the repetitiveness that made Michael suspicious. This was the fourth time he had seen this particular Cadillac. After the second time, he had discreetly memorized the license plate, which is how he knew it was the same vehicle. It had circled the block several times before parking in a spot near them.

Michael discreetly jerked his head in Sam's direction. Sam noted Mike's slight but purposeful turn and stopped mid-gulp.

"What?" Sam asked, suddenly alert.

"That black Cadillac across the street…it seems to be watching us."

Michael didn't need to add, "don't be obvious when looking at it." Ex-Navy SEAL Sam Axe was as good as Michael in any covert operation. Of course, whereas Mike was good at improvising electronic devices and neutralizing enemies with ease, Sam was good at utilizing his inexhaustible supply of contacts and his marksmanship with weapons.

"Jeez, Mikey, couldn't we just enjoy ourselves for once without wondering if someone was out to kill us?" Sam casually leaned back in his rattan café chair; drink in hand, also pretending to be watching the world go by, "sometimes I hate the spy life."

"Sam, it's what we signed up for," Mike stated calmly, watching to see if any further movement would be made by the Cadillac.

The black Cadillac stayed parked.

In the back of his mind, a glimmer of hope made Michael think that maybe he was being paranoid. The people inside the Cadillac could be doing something completely innocuous. Maybe some lost passengers were checking their map or maybe two lovers were looking for a spot to make- out. It was hard to ascertain what was going on inside the vehicle, what with the tinted windows and all. Unfortunately, in Michael's world, tinted windows were another suspicious sign.

At least there was no obvious activity occurring; so for now, they had nothing to worry about.


A mature woman's low, raspy voice could be heard behind Michael's back. Michael stiffened for a second. He knew that voice. It was the voice that made men flinch in fear and retreat in terror, spies included.

The voice…the voice of a mother.

And not just any mother.

This time it was his mother.

Madeline Weston.

His body showed no obvious reaction, but behind his sunglasses, Michael's eyes were opened wide in dismay.

Now there was something to worry about.



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