Chapter 1

"Will you uphold Shaper Law and enforce over those who disobey it, rein over those under you with the sense of order and wisdom befitting a shaper?" The old man in silk red robes said.

Sweat was pouring down my brows.

"I will."

Now it was the aged female agent's turn. "Will you avert disasters by studying all problems you are faced with and find the solution with the most chance of success and little casualty?"

"I will."

Next came the large, scarred guardian. "Will you protect your people and fellow shapers with all your strength and power? Punish and destroy those who seek to disrupt the balance of our society?"

"I will."

Then the old shaper in red robes again. "Do you swear to follow the shaper way and respect those higher and wiser than you?" He said while looking me in the eye.

"I swear." I said in a booming voice with the honor and newfound confidence I had just achieved.

The old man smiled. "Then I bid you hello, apprentice."

It was the happiest day of my life.

But wait, you need to know more about my life don't you? Well I'll tell you about it.

My name is Jon. Like all shapers I was tested when I was a small child to see if I had an affinity for using essence. I'm not familiar with all of the details, but this is done with a senior shaper placing his hand over the child and awakening the child's essence by engaging it with the shapers own, like poking something with a stick. Well, you get the meaning. Then the shaper reabsorbs his own essence when the child succeeds or fails.

I was a child like this. I had a relatively normal and simple family. My father an honest and successful caravan manager, and my mother a simple housewife. We had soldiers and mages from our family's ancestors before, but never a shaper. I was a first and my family was proud. I also have a cunning and delightful little brother that sees my as his idol and wants' me to give him magic training even though it would be against the law.

I still visit them from time to time, but I sometimes feel we have grown slightly distinct.

After I was found to be shaper material, I was sent to a large "guidance building" as they call it, to be raised. There me and my fellow initiates were taught history, advanced speech, chemistry, and mathematics. We were also given largely complicated puzzles, thought racking question, and other excruciating practices to enhance and develop our mental capacity and mental strength. We were still allowed visits to our families and even days off to go stay with them.

When we hit the complicated age of 13 we would be whisked out to an academy, mine was Uziel's Orb Shaper Academy, named after an ancient and powerful shaper that lived long ago. The academy is located near the Shaper Citadel and Nodye Coast, in a small wooded region between them, as it can be dangerous when practicing shaper arts.

I remember when I was first arriving to the academy. We were in a large cart pulled by ornks that was part of the caravan that consisted of the new yearly students and supplies. I was with my best friend Byron, a cheery, sandy haired boy that was curious of everything that was a new sight to him.

"What do you think it will be like Jon? I heard they teach you how to use wands the first year you come. Can you imagine, flinging fire at other students freely? I bet it would be madly fun."

I laughed at what he was implying, and so did a few other students that were with us in the cart. Though, the counselor in charge of our cart did give us a dark glare.

"Hey, I think we're here." A small framed boy by the name of Sebastian said.

And sure enough, we were.