Anakin Skywalker was relieved when the shuttle finally landed in the hangar of the Jedi Cruiser. Captain Rex was waiting when the three Jedi exited the shuttle.

"General, the Jedi Council would like a report on your... mission."

Anakin was pretty sure he knew why Rex had hesitated. To the clone, the mission had maybe lasted an hour. To Anakin, it had been two crazy days . He didn't understand what had happened on Mortis. How had no time passed in the time that they were there? He didn't want to think about it. He didn't want to think about Mortis at all.

Obi-Wan was speaking and Anakin wrenched his attention back to the conversation.

"Of course, Captain. Tell the crew to set a course for Coruscant."

Anakin groaned inwardly at the thought of having to relieve the situation to the Council, even if it was just summing up everything to a bunch of holograms.

"I'll catch up," he said. "I just want to... check on something."

Obi-Wan gave him an odd look, but nodded and he and Ahsoka headed for the bridge.

Anakin looked around for something to do. He needed to clear his mind of the thoughts circulating through his head. His eyes fell on a familiar blue and white astromech droid repairing a starfighter.

"Hey, Artoo," he said. "Do you need any help?"

R2-D2 whistled a reply. Anakin had been paired with

the droid long enough to roughly understand him and took that as a yes.

Fixing things had always distracted Anakin, but as he grabbed a servodriver and slid under the starfighter, he found himself wondering the same things he had all day.

Am I really the Chosen One? Why did Mortis disappear when the Father died? Why did the Daughter give her life for Ahsoka? Why did Ahsoka turn to the dark side in the first place? What was Mortis? And so much more.

"Hi, Artoo."

That was Ahsoka. Anakin pushed himself out from under the fighter. "What are you doing here, Ahsoka?"

"Master Kenobi sent me to check on- uhh- to tell you we are in hyperspace."

Anakin glanced at her sceptically. Add that to his list of questions. Why are Obi-Wan and Ahsoka acting so strange?

"We'll be arriving on Coruscant soon," she added.

Anakin shook his head. "Well, so long as you're here, you can help me fix this starfighter. Hand me that hydrospanner, will you?"

Obi-Wan quickly informed the Jedi Masters what had happened on Mortis. Anakin hadn't wanted Ahsoka to know she had turned to the dark side, so Obi-Wan sent her away. Anakin didn't remember that he, too, had briefly turned to the dark side, so Obi-Wan was the only one with access to all the memories.

There was a shocked silence when he finished.

"Need your full report we will, when arrive on Coruscant, you do," the hologram of Master Yoda said gravely.

Obi-Wan nodded and ended the transmission. He knew what Yoda meant. He wanted to hear what had happened from Anakin. That probably wouldn't go over well with his friend. He sighed and stared out at the swirling realm that was hyperspace, lost in thought. A lot had happened on Mortis, and the weight of it all had settled upon him.

Anakin had shown his true power, power that was growing all the time. He had saved Ahsoka and Obi-Wan, controlling two of the most powerful Force wielders in the galaxy with ease. And then there was the problem with the visions.

Somehow, Anakin had seen the future, what would happen at the end of the Clone Wars.

You will not understand what I will have to do to end the Clone War, Anakin had said. I have seen that it is the Jedi who will stand in the way of peace. Something big would happen, but what? Whatever it was, Anakin had turned to the dark side to get away from it. Obi-Wan had a feeling that a surprise awaited them all.