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April 10, 1933

Ahrensburg, Germany

I couldn't breathe.

It was dark, damp, and smelled of death. I couldn't tell how big the moving room was, or where it started, or where it began.

The last thing I saw was the faces of the SS guards lining my family and hundreds of others onto a platform, where I had passed out from the smell of rotting flesh.

I woke up to find myself without an inch of space, my body pressed against something on all sides. I felt trapped. All I could hear were the moans and cries of many innocents, facing the same fate as I.

I squinted my eyes to try and find a sliver of light in the room, but I couldn't find any. Even if there had been, I wouldn't have seen it, for all of the body's that filled the area.

As I began to panic, I called out, "Mama!"

After several moments of listening to the silence of my cry, I heard her.

"Bella? Geliebte, is that you?"

"Mama! Mama, what's going on?"

Silence. I squeezed my eyes shut. I had begun to feel lightheaded. After what seemed an eternity, I realized she was crying.

"Mama, where's Papa? Where's Lizzy?"

"Right here, Liebling, I've got them. Are you hurt?"

Not hearing my Mother, I heard a new sound. The sound of my Papa crying.

Before I could ask him what was the matter, the door creaked open, and before I knew it, I had fallen out of the room, having the door which was supporting me and many others fall away.

Before I could even move, I heard the most beautiful voice drift to my overtired ears.

"Auf deine Füße!" it said.

And then the world went dark.