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I woke up slowly, wincing from the pain of moving. I opened my eyes to see Edward's staring back at me. I looked around me, noticing that I was very comfortable. I was comfortably in Edward's lap with my face in the crook of his neck.

I quickly looked to see what my father thought of this, but only to see him fast asleep in the chair on the other side of the room.

"Where are Alice and Jasper?" I asked.

"They are getting supplies, Liebling," Edward said.

"How long have I been out?"

"Only a few hours..." he sighed, placing his head on top of mine. I then started to wonder what Edward had done with his time, but then I realized he was with me. Though I felt as though I should be a little concerned with someone watching me sleep, I really didn't mind. I blushed at the thought of Edward watching me in my sleep. I've been told by my family, and including Alice, that I talk when unconscious, and I just hoped that I hadn't embarrassed myself.

I sighed. I felt the day drag on my mind. Even though I had gotten some sleep, I felt exhausted. I wrapped my arms around Edward's neck, and pressed a feather-light kiss to the hollow beneath his ear. I heard his breath catch, and felt his heartbeat quicken. Interesting.

"This is nice," I commented.

"Hmm..." His hand on my waist started to toy with the edge of my shirt. I stiffened a little, but Edward seemed at ease and oblivious to my reaction. I then felt his touch drawing patterns on the skin where my shirt had ridden up, making me stretch like a cat under his gentle touch. I looked up at him, but was met with the stubble on his chin. I felt him take a deep breath, letting the air out loudly.

I shifted in his lap to get more comfortable when all of a sudden, I felt-

Pain. Searing pain. I gasped, all of the air in my lungs gushing out. I couldn't breathe for a few seconds, the pain in my bruised and beaten ribs making tears spring to my eyes. I clutched my sides, trying to make it go away.

"Bella?" I could hear Edward's panicked voice, and his arms encircle me tightly. "What is it? Did I-"

"No, just my ribs. A little...sore." I assured him. By now the unbearable pain had subsided to a dull ache. I looked up at him, our eyes meeting. His eyes looked pained. I opened my mouth to speak, but was cut off by Alice bursting into the room carrying wraps and first aid kits, rambling to Jasper about something. She walked over to Edward's office desk, dumping her load onto it loudly, walking up my father.

"WH-what? What's going on? Bella?" He babbled.

"Right here, Papa." I told him. He sat up, wincing as I had done when I woke.

"Anyways...So! Jazz and I were discussing this on the way here, but...ok, how are we supposed to explain James' absence to anyone who asks?" Alice asked. "Someone's bound to ask sooner or later, and I would rather not tell them that we dumped his sorry ass in the crematorium. Ideas?"

I raised my eyebrow at Alice's approach, but was nonetheless used to her destructive and whirlwind personality. I felt the hand on my waist curl into a fist, and looked at Edward to see his annoyed expression. Though James was dead, he still seemed to be a problem. From what I heard, Jasper had neatly disposed the body, and without trouble.

"I say we get out of here by sunrise tomorrow, and forget this wretched place." He said haughtily.

"But what about the others?" Alice asked.

"What others?" Edward asked, obviously even more annoyed.

"The other prisoners," I piped up. "There must be something we could do for them...or just some."

"I say screw the other prisoners..." I heard Edward mumble under his breath. I gave him my best death glare. He shook his head, and stood up, bringing me with him.

Jasper looked thoughtful. "Well, Bella's right. Maybe-"

"No. Out of the question," Edward cut Jasper off. He pulled me closer to him, tucking me into his side protectively. "It's suicide for them, for any of us for that matter. We should leave before first light."

Outraged, I tried to move myself away from him. "Entsculdigen sie? Who are you to decide?" Edward ignored my feeble attempts to distance us, and glared at me. I glared right back.

I turned to Jasper. "What did you have in mind?" I asked defiantly.

Edward stepped in front of me, putting himself between us, searing Jasper with a deadly look. He looked back at me. "This isn't up for discussion. It's useless. As much as I would like to help, I won't risk you. Even with a solid plan, we couldn't really do anything for them. We'd be dead for even trying."

He stepped closer to me, taking my shoulders. He looked down at me, his face softening. "There's nothing we can do for them."

Resigned, my heart ached at the thought of all of those people. It wasn't like I had had much time to make friends besides Alice, but they were innocent. No one deserved this. No one.

I wrapped my arms around Edward, burying my face into his chest. His arms came up around me, his chin resting on top of my head. After a few moments, I looked up to see my father watching with a confused expression. I stepped from Edward's embrace, my face flaming. Edward just took my hand in his, entwining our fingers tightly.

I smiled at him, and he smiled back.

"So, in the morning?" Alice asked loudly.

"Do we have much of a choice? We can't stay much longer. Someone will notice something's off, and then we are dead meat,"Jasper commented. He looked to my father, who nodded his head in agreement. I felt Edward squeeze my hand, bringing my attention to him. He stared at me for a moment, then sighed.

"In the morning."

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