Story line: Hinata is the school loser, since the time she could remember she has been bullied by the devil himself Sasuke Uchiha. But what will happen once she finds out the motive behind his actions?

This is my first fan-fiction so please bear with me. I do not own Naruto and this is simply a story based on the characters.

Instructions for story:

*word* = Action

(word) = Thoughts

"word" = Talking

I'll stop babbling on and leave you to enjoy the story!


Hi, I'm Hinata Hyuuga and I'm a Senior High School Student, I attend the 'Leaf Private High School' which is known for its gifted students and lets not forget rich kids. Anyhoo, my school is divided into cliques, as you know in every school there are cliques for an example the Jocks, the Cheerleaders, the Emos, the 'Gangsters' and etc. Well every clique has its own place and in some way it holds the school together, if you step out of line there will be consequences for your actions by the 'Leaders' of our school but I'll explain about that stuff later on when its relevant.

Luckily for me I have a group of friends that I love to death, their names are Kiba, Shino, Temari, Ino, Tenten and Shikamaru, we all belong to other 'cliques' but decided to stay as a group of friends, but to others we are what you say the losers no one wanted. Why You may ask? Well lets just say my group is very head strong about what they believe and that means not abandoning their friends for an example: My friend Kiba is from the jock clique, Ino is from the cheer-leading clique, Shino is from the band nerds clique, Shikamaru is from the geek clique, Temari is from the Gangsters clique, Tenten is from the athletic clique and I well don't have a clique I'm just considered as the 'Loser' of the school..

Hmm you may ask why are you a loser? Well it all began during preschool you see I'm a tomboy through and through and I wasn't the skinniest thing if fact I was the fattest thing in my class, so when I was little a boy named Sasuke Uchiha would always bully me, he couldn't go a day without pulling my hair, pushing me or saying mean things, well one day I couldn't take it anymore and slapped Sasuke straight on the face during his pushingathon (if that's a word). I had to admit it felt good to make the little devil cry for his mummy but my pre-school teacher thought different of it and sent me to the naughty corner. I didn't care I made Sasuke Uchiha cry like a big baby (hehe) and from that day on I guess Sasuke made it his mission to make me suffer every day of my life *sigh*.

So anyway today is the last day of summer break and school starts tomorrow (yay me?) I guess I'm nervous for the first day of school but that is normal, right? *yawn* I should go to sleep for school tomorrow; I don't want to be late for the first day of school, right? of course not *rolls eyes* its pretty late I better go to sleep *gets up turns off light and goes to bed* =)

I know its short but this is a trial to see if anyone wants me keep writing and also to see where I need to improve my writing skills. So please review and give me your opinion on the first chapter. =) thanks!