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"HINATA OVER HERE!" screams Lala as the group of girls wave to get my attention, "Hi!" I greet as I approach the girls, "Isn't it great that we don't have for today because we have cheerleading try-outs?" says Tenten as we all sit down waiting for it to start, "I know right! Who knew that cheerleading would have so many benefits" I say as we laugh about the joke, "Wait! Why is the football team here?" asked Temari as we watch the boys take a seat at the front benches, "Oh what I heard is that they will be judging us" says Tenten, (OH SHIZZZ! Sasuke will be watching us! Arhhhh! This day can't get any worse) I think to myself when Miss Yuki announces that we all have to change into our P.E clothes, "Oh joy!" says Temari as we all walk into the locker rooms,

*10 minutes later*

"Ladies, Ladies! Please calm down! Before we begin Ino will talk about what we will do today" says the cheerleading coach as she hands over the mic to Ino, "Ok so we will be looking for those who have potential to be a cheerleader, so let's split the group into 3 groups, the first group are those who have previous experience as a cheerleader please come to me, Those who are newbie's to cheerleading go to Lisa over there, those who are gymnastic please go to Sakura." Concludes Ino as we all get up and walk to our groups.

"Lala, GOOD LUCK!" we say as Lala goes to Ino's group, "We can do this! Hwaiting!" say Temari as we listen to what Sakura says, "Ok before we start we have 3 boys from the Football team here to help us judge, they are, Naruto, Sasuke and Gaara. So lets start off with warm ups" says Sakura as we all spread out to stretch, "psst Temari, I didn't know your brother was on the football team?" said Tenten, "Me too" says Temari as we stretch, "Okay girls we will start off with basic such as back hand springs" says Sakura as they sit down on the bench and watch us, one by one we all had a turn some succeded but some failed, in which Sakura told them that because they can't do the basics then they can't be a cheerleader, it was my turn, "You can do it Hinata!" cheers Tenten & Temari, "Do a back hand spring for me" says Sakura as I walk up, "Ok" I say nervously as Sasuke watches intensely at me, "1, 2 , 3 GO!" counts Saukra as I I perform the Back hand spring easily, "Hm next" says Sakura as I walk off, "GOOD WORK HINATA!" says the girls, "THANKS!" I say.

"Ok the next one is back tucks" says Sakura as she walks back to the bleachers, "Let's do it!" Temari as we get up to have a turn …

*5minutes later*

"Good luck Hinata! You're the best!" conforts the girls as I walk up to have my turn, "Ok, 1,2,3 go!" says Sakura as I back tuck, "NEXT!" says Sakura as she write something down while Sasuke smirks at me ..

*5minutes later*

"Ok so we have come a decision and the following girls are in, Sarah Grey, Tiffany white, Jenny Roberts, Temari Sabaku, Lisa Ta, Tenten Karu, Toni Hopenson, Felicity Nicolas, Tyla Johnson and Hinata Hyuga, the rest I'm sorry but you have not made it in, thank you" says Sakura as she dismisses the rest, "The girls who have made it in your going to compete against the finalist of the other groups." Says Sakura as she walks away to the other group.

"YOSH! WE MADE IT! WOOP WOOP!" we cheered as we jump around happily, "Let's go and check out if Lala if she has made we" I say as we walk to her group,

"LALA! Over here" we say as her group splits up, "So what happened?" asked Tenten, "I ….. made it!" screams Lala as we all cheer and jump around happily, 'What about you guys?" asked Lala, "We all made it in!" answered Temari, "YAY!" says Lala as we all sit down on the bleachers,

"Ok, so this last stage is for the finalist, you'll be paired up with a different person from another team and given 5 minutes each to free style a routine" says Ino as she sorts out the teams, "Okay so I will give each team a number and that will be when you will perform" says Ino as she gives out name to each team …

"Ok let's get started" says Ino as she calls up the first team,

*1 hr later*

"Josie Leigh & Hinata please step up, it's your turn" says Ino as we get up and walk in front, "Joise because you have had experience with cheerleading before you will go first than Hinata will follow" says Ino as she starts the song and Josie starts free styling,

*3 mins later*

"Thank you Josie, Hinata your up" says Ino as she starts the chosen song for me which is : Rihanna – Who's that chick.

-Beat starts-

*Waits till Rihanna starts to sing*

Feel the adrenaline
Moving under my skin
It's an addiction
such an eruption

*Starts dancing*

Sound is my remedy
Feeding me energy
Music is all I need

*Does flips*

She's been a crazy dicta
Disco diva.. and you wonder
Who's that chick? Who's that chick?
Too cold for you to keep her
Who's that chick? who's that chick? (x3)

*Dances while moving around*

Back on the dance floor
Bad enough to take me home
Base kicking so hard
Blazing through my beating heart

*Does some more tricks*

Baby I just wanna dance
I don't really care
I just wanna dance
I don't really care.. care.. care

*back tucks and finishes routine*

*Audiences claps* "Thank you Hinata, next team please" says Ino as I get up and jog up to my friends", "That was AWESOME Hinata!" says Tenten as she gives me a Hi-5, "MANNN YOUR ROCK!" Says Lala as she pats me on the back. "That's my girl!" says Temari as she also Hi-5's me...

*1hr later*

"That is all for today, by tomorrow there will be posters up of who made it in" says Ino as she dismisses us from the try-outs, " I'm starve, let's go down town and have something to eat" says Lala as we go to the locker room and change,

*15 mins later*

"Man that was some awesome moves girls!" says Lala as we exit the school, "Hinata! Your one sexy bitch! You know that?" says Tenten, "what do you mean?" I asked confused, "I swear you're so innocent, Your performance was amazing, so amazing that Sasuke couldn't take his eyes of you the WHOLE time we were there" says Tenten, "Your delusional" I say while blushing like crazy, "No you are!" teases Tenten as we approach the bus stop, when a car approaches us and beeps, "Oi Lala, we have a family meeting, let's go" calls out Sasuke from the his car, "Nawww! I have to go girls talk to you guys later!" says Lala as she gives us all a hug, "Oi Hyuga, who knew you had it in you" smirks Sasuke as he drives off, "AHHH! What a asshole!" I say, as I plop down on the chair at the bus stop, "No, What a HOT, SEXY, SOOO INLOVE WITH YOU asshole!" said Temari as they both laugh at me, "YOU GUYS ARE NOT HELPING!" I say as I pout, when I get a phone call,

"Hello?" I say, ... "When?" I say as I check my watch, "Ok, I'm coming home now" I say as I hang up, "I'm sorry girls I have to go home my parents are going out and they want me to babysit, I'll see you guys later" I say as I get up and begin walking home.