Just a rewrite of the poem I wrote awhile back. Enjoy, review, don't own, etc., etc., etc.

Who is the young man with the fire in his eyes?

With the strong, prideful gait and the purposeful stride

Who carries himself with an air so forlorn?

Who faces the world, looking jaded and worn?

Who is the man with the serious face?

Who carries himself with indifferent grace?

The young man you see, with so much strength and pride

Is carrying a thousand men's burdens inside

The fire in his eyes masks a mind full of fears,

Of anger and wisdom beyond his few years

Don't be fooled by this boy, for he puts up an act

To keep secrets from the past he can never take back

The family he killed

The old life forsaken

Hopes that were dashed

Ideals that were taken

And broken like glass against a rocky shore

Forcing himself live day to day

Accepting his fate and what little he has

While secretly wishing for more.

That's the young man with the fire in his eyes

Uchiha Itachi's his name.

And despite it all, if he had his choice…

He'd do it all again.

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