Almond Oil and Evil Schemes: Chapter 2

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They were lying on Blaine's bed and facing each other, just like they had the first time they had taken a sexual step in their relationship. That had been months ago. Over the hum of the air conditioner, they could hear the squeals and splashes of Blaine's sister and her friends faintly in the background. They could also, very faintly, make out the buzz of a lawn mower off in the distance. Blaine reached over and pushed a strand of hair out of Kurt's eyes.

"Are you nervous?"

Kurt smiled slightly. "Please don't judge me."

Blaine laughed softly. "It's okay, I'm nervous too."

"I'm really afraid of hurting you, Blaine."

"Yeah, I know, know what you're doing. I mean, the initial steps, anyway." Blaine lowered his voice and his eyes darkened noticably. "It feels really incredible when you have your fingers inside me, Kurt. I can only imagine how's going to feel."

Kurt swallowed hard.

"I need you to promise me...that you'll tell me. If I need to slow down or stop, or change what I'm doing or anything at all, I need you to tell me."

"I promise."

There was an awkward pause, as neither boy was sure quite where to go from there.



"I think you should kiss me."

"I think you're right."

Blaine moved in and kissed Kurt, very softly at first, but then as they both began to relax, the kiss naturally deepened. They moved closer, until they were completely intertwined, and Blaine trailed his fingers down Kurt's back, cupping his ass and moving their hips closer together. They ground their erections together gently, groaning into one another's mouths and mashing their faces even closer together. This kiss was so important. This was the kiss that would lead them to the next step. And that step would lead them to the next step...and before long, they wouldn't be virgins anymore.

Their tongues did a sensual dance, moving with instead of against one another, each one curling and trailing and lingering delicately across the other.

Blaine was still slightly moist with almond oil, and as Kurt slid against him the scent of sweet almonds wafted through the air. Kurt began to stroke Blaine's cock gently with a sweaty hand, and Blaine followed his lead and did likewise to Kurt. Their lips parted ways but stayed close, and they whispered I love you, and you feel amazing, and I'm so glad I'm doing this with you, their lips brushing against one another as they spoke, their words interlaced with kisses.

When Kurt felt like he was getting a little too close to the edge, he moved away, and proceeded to kiss a path down Blaine's chest, taking small detours to suck and tease each of his nipples, grazing them lightly with his teeth and blowing cool air on them when he was done.

He kissed his way down Blaine's stomach, and then kissed a horshoe-shaped path down one thigh, back up, and then down the other thigh. When Blaine began to whine at the lack of contact with his cock, Kurt took Blaine's balls into his mouth and suckled them gently, letting his tongue swirl incredible patterns across them as he gently stroked Blaine's perineum. Blaine groaned and arched his back and called out Kurt's name, tangling his fingers in Kurt's hair. Kurt finally moved to Blaine's cock, hollowing his cheeks and swirling his tongue as he moved up and down. Blaine pushed him off gently but firmly when he felt the pressure building a little too much.

This was interesting. This was different. They had always just gone with it, had let themselves come, but now all of their usual activities were relegated to foreplay, and they had to keep stopping.

Blaine gently pushed Kurt back onto the bed, and knelt over him on his hands and knees. He kissed his mouth and then his neck, paying special attention to the area just below Kurt's collar bone, because that was the place that always made Kurt moan especially loud. He placed feather-light kisses all over Kurt's chest and stomach, sliding his hands down Kurt's sides and onto his hips. He cupped Kurt's balls gently and proceeded to knead them very, very delicately as he slowly consumed Kurt's entire length. This was something that really impressed Kurt – while Kurt's gag reflex was sensitive enough that he always had to use his hand when giving a full-on blowjob, Blaine barely seemed to have a gag reflex at all. He all but swallowed Kurt's cock, sliding and sucking all the way down to the base like he'd been doing it all his life. Yet another reason why Kurt had been surprised to learn Blaine was a virgin.

Blaine fumbled with his free hand until it closed around the nearest bottle. He moved his other hand from Kurt's balls and – while continuing his hands-free blowjob – poured a little of what turned out to be the sweet almond oil onto his fingers. He oiled them up, and then slowly slid them between Kurt's plump, firm ass cheeks. Kurt moaned. Blaine simply slid his fingers back and forth for a moment, sliding across Kurt's entrance and to his perineum and then back again.

"GOD, Blaine, that feels so nice," Kurt groaned, his voice surprisingly deep and throaty.

Blaine then moved one finger to Kurt's entrance and gently pushed. Kurt spasmed slightly in a twist of pleasure and pain. Blaine began moving his finger while stroking Kurt's perineum with his thumb.

Kurt suddently grabbed Blaine's hair, hard.

"S-s-stop," he managed to croak. Blaine pulled his hands and his mouth away from Kurt, and looked at him.

"I...I need to take a minute, Blaine. I'd like to last longer than five seconds when I'm inside you."

And just hearing him say that, when I'm inside you, made Blaine groan deeply, and he realized that he probably needed a minute too.

Blaine lay down beside Kurt, and they both concentrated on breathing. Blaine reached over and took Kurt's hand, and Kurt laced their fingers together.



"What – how should we, what position would you like me in?"

"Mmmm," Kurt said, sounding like he was contemplating what to order off a dessert menu. "Well, I don't know whether it would be the most comfortable for you or not, but it would be kind of nice to be able to see you – to look in your eyes."

Blaine felt himself blush a little bit, and he couldn't figure out why.

"That sounds perfect, Kurt."

And they were ready. Finally.

They had a bit of book-learning, so to speak, in this area, so they knew that stacking pillows under Blaine's hips made sense for leverage. Kurt reached over to Blaine's bedside table to open the drawer where he kept his lube.

"Oh no," Blaine moaned, smacking his forehead with the heels of his palms.


"I'm all out of lube. I can't believe I didn't even think of that."

Kurt laughed. "You're forgetting my evil scheme," he said, holding up the bottle of sweet almond oil. "I think this should work just fine."

Kurt drizzled the fingers on his right hand with the oil and moved them down to Blaine's ass. Blaine was lying there with his legs spread and his knees up against his chest. Kurt paused very briefly, sighing happily at the sight, and gave Blaine his Sexy Smile. Then he proceeded to move one slick finger to Blaine's entrance. Blaine groaned at the contact.

Kurt enjoyed anal stimulation with the best of them, but both boys knew that Blaine's body responded to it like he was on fire. Kurt couldn't wait to see how Blaine would respond to literally being fucked up the ass.

Kurt slid his forefinger inside of Blaine and very slowly began to move it around and in and out, stretching the tight ring with as much sensuality as he could. Before Kurt could even add a second finger, Blaine was thrusting against him and letting out little cries of pleasure. Kurt was as hard as a rock.

He slid in his middle finger and then shortly after his ring finger as well. He moved slowly and gently, stretching and stroking his beautiful boyfriend's tight hole, finding his prostate with a practiced ease and brushing his fingertips against it until Blaine began thrashing and sobbing and begging Kurt to fuck him.

Blaine was splayed out, waiting for him, needing him, whimpering and shaking and looking like he might die if Kurt didn't fuck him. Kurt used some almond oil to slick up his cock and then slowly, trying not to shake too badly, mustering his courage, becaue holy shit this was hot, but holy shit this was terrifying, he knelt over Blaine and moved into position.

Kurt gently cupped Blaine's ass cheeks and slowly let himself sink in to a tight, hot world of heaven.

He let out a yell because it felt amazing, and Blaine was groaning loudly and writhing beneath him and the writhing, well, it was really working for Kurt, and he moved his hands from Blaine's ass and used them to hold him up unsteadily, while he just tried to deal with how it felt because he was still only halfway inside of Blaine. Kurt forced himself to breathe, because as incredible as this might feel, if he just followed his body's instincts he might really hurt Blaine, and that was the last thing he wanted to do.

"H-h-how are you doing?"

"Kurt please." It was little more than a whimper.

"What do you- do you want me to stop or to keep going?"

And because Blaine was utterly unable to form the words, because his brain had become utterly detached from his body, Blaine simply moved his feet to Kurt's ass and pressed down hard, while simultaneously bucking his hips up.

Kurt slid in balls-deep and screamed at the top of his lungs.

And it was almost like he blacked out for a second and his body was taken over by some other entity, because the next thing he knew his hands were back on Blaine's ass cheeks, and he was moving in and out, pumping slowly, while Blaine moaned and twisted beneath him.

Kurt had never felt anything so incredible in his life. Half of him wanted to just pound away and lose himself in oblivion, and the other half never, ever, ever wanted this to end, and would rather do what he was doing right this second than ever come, because if he came it would have to end.

Kurt slid his hands from Blaine's ass cheeks to the backs of his thighs, and he managed to push forward and lift a little, changing the angle slightly and lifting Blaine's ass a bit more.

On the very first thrust he knew that his plan had worked. Blaine let out a ragged wail and arched his back and choked on sobs, and managed to somehow get out the words "Yes!" and "Right there!" before he once again lost the power of human language.

Blaine wanted Kurt to go faster. He wanted Kurt to really, really fuck him hard. He could tell that Kurt was holding back, and it was at least partially for Blaine's benefit. Blaine began roughly rocking his hips up, slamming up into Kurt as he thrust into him.

"Oh, God, Blaine, FUCK!"

Kurt was overcome, but he seemed to be getting the message. He began fucking Blaine harder and faster and Blaine tried to communicate that yes, this was what he wanted, it felt so unbelievably amazing and he couldn't believe he'd lived in the world this long without being fucked.

Blaine wanted to jerk himself off, but even more than that, he wanted Kurt even deeper inside of him. He reached his arms back and clutched at the thin wooden slats of his headboard, holding his arms taut and using the leverage to push even harder against Kurt on every thrust.

And God, Kurt's athleticism was definitely something that Blaine had underestimated, because now Kurt had lost all control, and he had literally lifted Blaine's ass off the pillow and he was slamming into him hard, and the sound of Kurt's balls slapping against him and the smell of almond oil and sex was making Blaine feel drunk with arousal, and when he managed to focus his eyes enough to actually see Kurt, he saw the muscles straining in his arms and his chest, and sweat was dripping down his body and he looked so unbelievably fucking hot that Blaine didn't understand how he wasn't coming from the mere sight, never mind the fact that he was getting fucked within an inch of his life.

The noises they were making had become more animal than human, and when Blaine felt Kurt move one hand away from his ass and wrap it around his cock, he felt like he would never be fully human again.

It only took a few strokes before Blaine was coming, screaming and thrashing and panting, utterly submerged in the throes of ecstasy. Kurt watched it happen with raw, hungry eyes and that was it for him, he couldn't take another second of this, and he grabbed Blaine's thighs and lifted him up and drove into him one last time and came harder than he thought it was physically possible to come.

Kurt's limbs utterly gave out and he literally fell on top of Blaine, and they panted heavily and felt one another's hearts pounding beneath hot, heaving chests, and they stayed like that until coherent thoughts slowly began to unfurl in the corners of their minds.

Kurt slowly lifted his head and stared down at Blaine. Blaine opened his eyes and stared back. Neither of them could come up with words. Language simply felt too small. So they started kissing instead, very slow and very soft, pausing every so often to simply stare into one another's eyes some more.

Kurt finally remembered to pull out of Blaine, and Blaine hissed and tensed slightly before once again relaxing into Kurt's embrace. Kurt rolled onto his side, taking Blaine with him, because he did not want to lose contact, not for a second.

"I love you so much," Kurt whispered.

"I love you too," Blaine replied, just as softly. "You were incredible. I can't believe you've never done that before."

"That was kind of shockingly good for our first time, wasn't it? Does that mean it's going to get even better?"

"I'm not sure I could survive it getting any better."

Kurt smiled. "I know. You were incredible too, you know."

They snuggled even closer, Kurt's head on Blaine's chest, floating along on their post-sex high. Kurt felt his smile broadening into Blaine's chest.

"Hey Blaine?"


"You're not a virgin anymore."

He could almost hear Blaine smiling in return.

"Yeah," he replied, "and neither are you."

Kurt angled his head ever so slightly and placed a small kiss to Blaine's chest. Blaine stroked Kurt's back tenderly.

Over the hum of the air conditioner, the splashing and squealing of the girls in the pool could still be heard. The lawn mower wasn't going any more, but somebody was doing something with a hammer, and there was a faint, steady thumping. A neighbor's dog had started up a steady thrum of barking, and occasionally a truck could be heard rolling past on the freeway nearby. But neither boy stayed awake long enough to register any of it. They drifted off to sleep intertwined and forever changed, while the outside world went about its day without interruption.