In Fear of Destruction

By: AtomicKokoro


Princess Zera of the Seekers claims to be Zed's half-sister. They share the same Dad. However, Zera isn't interested in a family reunion; she wants Zed's power to destroy enemy nations. Zed is kidnapped by Zera and tortured into doing what Zera wants. Sagiri tries to help as much as possible and Roya, Mikki, and Noa try to get their friend back.

Before You Read

A little what-if that takes place AFTER KI-BA. Yes, Zed came back to visit and this happens. Yay!

On with the story.

Chapter 1

The Choice To Arrive

Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Every life has a birth, a living, and a death. If life is a story, the birth is the beginning, the living is the middle, and the death is the end. However, many times on his journey, on his mission, he had forgotten the story still continued long after Tusker was dead. Long, long after.

Time would not freeze in Templar while he was away. But it seemed strange to him that his life had become a circle; travel, return the wind, travel, return the wind, rest. He had lived so freely, at his own will. But things seemed so...quiet.

To have freedom, you must pay the price. The price was love. To have freedom, you must give up love. To have love, you must give up freedom. For peace was the eternal quiet. For war was the eternal loss. For freedom was love.

And that was the reason he returned to Templar.

As his black shoes touched the ground, white feather lost into the wind. As his cyan eyes opened, the wind tore through his angelic white hair. As he stood, the world was silent. He stared into the eyes of the one he loved. The state of shock, the tension, rose high. The wish was granted.

Zed had returned.

Roya stared at him long and hard, as if she didn't believe it was really him, but the word escaped her lips before she knew it. "Zed?"

"Yeah," came his gentle reply.

Roya stared at him for a moment. "You came back."

There was a moment of silence before Zed opened his arms. "Of course I did."

After a few hours of catching up and explaining and whatnot, the group ended up in Mikki's house. When Zed entered, he was hit with a wave of memories. Mikki's fresh bread, the warm breakfasts, banging Roya when Mikki was working late.

It almost seemed like yesterday.

"Mikki's business has grown astoundingly since you left," Roya said as the group settled around the dinning room table. "He even has a shop in Neotopia!"

Zed sent a smirk Mikki's way. "So they rebuilt Neotopia, huh?"

"Yeah," Noa beamed, folding his hands on the pine wood. "It's as great as last time. Sagiri would love it."

"What happened to her anyway?"

"She went back with the Seekers." Noa sighed and glanced at his folded hands. Zed frowned. So he hadn't seen Sagiri since Tusker.

Zed reached forward and snatched a clover-shaped bun off the tray. He munched on it slowly as another conversation revolving around Mikki's bread recipe started up again. He glance at Noa, who was still staring at the back of his hands. Zed frowned. Sagiri probably felt the same way.

"What about you?"

Zed snapped out of his trace and looked at Mikki and Roya. "What about me?"

Mikki chuckled. "Have you ever seen your dad?"

"No," Zed replied bluntly, sounding as though he didn't care (and in all honestly, he didn't). "He died before I was born. Now let's drop the conversation about my Dad before something like what happened with my Mom happens again with my Dad."

Mikki closed down the shop quietly that night. Naturally, he had to work late. He was sure Roya and Zed didn't mind. Shivers sent down his spine as to what the two were probably doing at that moment. He wasn't surprised to find Noa walking past the shop one last time before heading to the new home he bought shortly after Zed had left to Calm to restore the wind.

He sent a silent note of acknowledgment to the friend he hadn't met until after Tusker was defeated. Truth be told, he didn't know what a Tusker was until Noa and Roya returned. The two got along quite well: Noa actually paid for the bread he took.

Mikki caught up to Noa and they walked down the street together. It was very empty; it had to have been two in the night. Maybe people were sleeping. "I can't believe Zed is back," Mikki said as they advanced down the street.

"He and Roya are at your house, no?" the taller male asked.

"Yeah," Mikki replied. "Robes says 'welcome back sex'. Typical of him." He muttered under his breath how stupid Robes was (which turned into a lengthy rant). It hadn't even occurred to him he used the S-Word, let alone the R-Word.

Noa chuckled at his friend's slightly disorganized thoughts. He placed his hands in his pockets and looked at the moon in the top left corner of his vision. "Did you know that if there was no moon, there would be no wind? And without the wind, there would be no rain? And without the rain, there would be no life?"

Cutting off in the middle of a ranting sentence, he took a glance at the half-lit moon that hung in the sky. "Zed likes the wind," he muttered after a moment. "He's wind crazy. He's obsessed with the wind. If the moon were destroyed and the wind was gone and the rain was gone and the life was gone, he would be very depressed just because the wind was gone."

"The moon with always be there," Noa said. "Unless it is knocked out of the Earth's atmosphere. I don't think it will ever happen, but there is always a chance."

Mikki glanced down at his shoes. What would a world be like without the wind, the rain, the life, and the moon? It would be a very boring lifetime. A very boring, very short, and very hot lifetime. "Do you think Zed will stay with us permanently?"

There was an uncomfortable silence. "No," he said. "Nothing can keep Zed from freedom." Despite these words, Noa couldn't help but think there may have been one thing that may bring him back periodically. "He'll return. He can't live without Roya. Without us. He'll get lonely. He'll miss us."

A gust of wind swept up the sand and before either knew it, they were standing at the door of Mikki's house. "Do you want to stay the night?" Mikki whispered, quietly unlocking the door and opening it. "It's a little late. You look tired."

Noa nodded and decided to take up on the offer. They weren't surprised to find both Zed and Roya sharing the same bed in Zed's old bedroom, one arm over her waist and their fingers interlaced. Zed subconsciously buried his nose into Roya's neck who just shifted her weight slightly.

Both boys looked at each other, each sharing the same thoughts, before ducking into separate bedrooms to sleep for the night.