"Leah, come on! We don't want to miss our flight do we?" My mom called from the other room. Actually, that's exactly what I wanted to do. I hate planes. "Leanna!" I sighed as I shoved one last thing into my backpack and ran out the door. We drove quickly to the London airport. I was glad to leave. There's only so much England a girl could take. Especially one that thought her family should've spent their money on season tickets to the White Sox instead of a lame vacation. The thought of going back to my home in the suburbs of Chicago almost made it seem worth it climbing into that flying metal death trap.

"What's with the bag?" Sarah, my older sister, asked as we dropped into our seats.

"It's stuff I don't trust the airline people with." Sarah rolled her eyes at me.

"God, you're so paranoid!" I shrugged and closed my eyes. Might as well try to get some sleep. We had a long flight ahead of us.

I woke up about and hour later feeling nauseas. The plane was shaking and rumbling. I started freaking out and hyperventilating. "Leah, it's okay! It's just turbulence. Breathe!" Sarah commanded. I took a few deep breaths and began to relax. I realized that I really needed to use the bathroom. I unbuckled my seat belt and walked down the aisle to the bathroom. When I came out the plane was shaking even more violently than before. The pilot's voice came out of a speaker saying to put on our seatbelts. Don't need to tell me twice, I thought. I hastily buckled myself into my seat. "Just turbulence, just turbulence, just turbulence," Sarah chanted, more to herself than anyone else. The lights began to flash on and off and suddenly a sensation of falling started in my stomach. I looked out the window and what I saw made me regret that decision instantly. The plane was plummeting toward the ocean. I thought I was going to puke. All around me, passengers screamed their lungs out. Despite the fact that I was currently staring Death in the face, I couldn't help but think, Turbulence my ass!