Speak Now

I am not the kind of girl who'd be rudely barging in on white veil occasion but you are not the kind of guy who'd be marrying the wrong of girl

Sure enough Garrison was marrying some girl named Brittany Madonna Smith (sorry if you like them I do to but I'm thinking of the dress the girlfriend of the boy in it's a girl/guy thing described her dress). She acted all sugary sweet to Garrison and cruel like a cat to a mouse to anyone else and Garrison didn't find it odd.

I sneak in and see your friends and her snobby little family all dressed in pastels and she is getting out a bridesmaid somewhere trapped inside her room wearing a gown shaped like a pastry.

All Garrisons friends where there sitting in the long chairs they have at church (piers?) on one side comfortably, while her family sat like if they leaned back or slouched they would die. And the colors they were wearing looked like a pink chocolate bunny vomited on them. Maddie snuck back to where the bride gets changed and saw Brittany's dress. It was white, silk cloth underneath and had a really short front and got longer at the back and bridesmaids were wearing knee-high boots, a pink mini dress with so many frills it looked like the inside of a uncooked oyster…or a pastry.

IIIIII, lose myself in a daydream. First stand and say don't say yes run away now. I'll meet you in the aisle of the church at the back door. Don't wait say a single vow . Meet you in the isle at the church at the back door.

Maddie imagined Garrison and I riding a boat to France and we would laugh and be forever young. But she quickly snapped out of it when the priest started saying vows.

And he said speak now or forever hold your peace. Here's my last chance I standup with shaky hands all eyes on me.

"I am not the kind of gir who would barging on a white veil occasion but you are not the kind of guy who should be marrying the wrong girl." said Maddie

Garrison looked back and fourth at the two girls. He kissed Brittany's forehead and asked Maddie to come down to the alter. Brittany got so angry she….

X x X

I'll leave that for you guys to decide but watch the prom part of "It's a girl/guy thing" to see the dress and what I would like to be done to the dress.