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"Today i woke up from a dream where giant mushrooms was eating my head but then i wakes up and looked out the window and saw mushroom than i ran all the way to u base and took one of your lasers...then had funerals for the mushrooms of doom" Gir said telling Zim about his dream.

Unfortunately, gir had woken up from … what he calls a nightmare. Of couarse zim was up all night, planning for his plan of doom to take over the planet.

"That's great Gir" zim said walking into the living room door "GIR YOU LEFT THE DOOR OPEN AGAIN!"

YAY...Aww somebody needs a hug!

"...No Gir stay away!" Zim screamed as he dodged the robot that was trying to hug him. "Gir Stop!"

Gir chases Zim but slides on the floor and runs face first into the door.

"…" Zim watches as the unfazed sir jumps up and turns on The Scary Monkey Show.

"I love this show" Gir said as he pulls out a taco from his head.

"...Well, im goin down below gir dont let anyone in the house"

"Okey Dokey, master!"

As zim went down to the lab he remembered he had to fix his life source to repair one of his spider legs that that stupid Dib puke blew up. Zim had barely dodged the missile and luckily it only got one of his spider legs.

From upstairs he hears gir running through the house and then shoot down the trash can shoot.

"Yes gir?"

"Whatcha doin?"

"Repairing my life source gir" Zim said getting annoyed at gir.

"Oh-yeah, what happened now?" Gir asked with what looked like a small amount of concern.

"Dib puke tried to blow me up, gir you remember that? Oh wait gir you were eating at Taco Shack when it happened." Zim said. Gir had rather eat tacos than "protecting" him.

"Yay Im gonna go make waffles!"

"Very well" Zim sighed. "go make you're waffles"

As gir leaves, the doorbell rings.

"COMPUTER someones at the door!"

Just as Zim is upstairs, gir had the door opened.

A huge claw suddenly had its grip on gir.

"Aww it likes me!" gir commented not realizing he could be prepared for his doom.

After the claw, a purple alien stepped through the door.

"Well hello little green alien, Im Zero and I having been watching this little robot for quite sometimes now im going to take him because ive always wanted a little robot who almost does everything I say, loves cupcakes, and loves to dance."

"I AM ZIIIIMMMM! you really do know gir… and No you are not taking him, I Had Him First!" Zim yelled at zero.

"Give him back!" Zim yelled as a launched one of his spider legs at him.

"Ahhhh c'mon little robot dude ahhh Zero screams as he doges and runs out the door with gir in a picnic basket.

Gir just sits there in the basket. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!I'm runnin'-I'm runnin', I'm naked, And I'm Runnin.

"huh…Gir come here Now!" Zim yelled as his little sir unit was being taken away from him.

"Yay! Bye Bye Mr. Alien!" Gir said as he jumped out of the basket head first.

"Good gir." Zim is half way there when Zero turns around.

"Well i wouldn't be a good master if i took him without him wanting too ...let him decide!
"Gir if that's ur name ill let u go swimming and eat cupcakes all day…everyone loves cupcakes!" pleaded Zero.

"Gir, I have your tacos!" Zim bribed pulling out a taco.

Even though it may seem that the irken didn't care for gir, but he was a good friend to have around. Zim shouldn't care; none of the other irkens cared about their sirs…or did they?

He just knew …right now…that he couldn't lose gir to some stranger.

"Mhmmmm Tacos or cupcakes…AWW THIS IS ALL SO CONFUSING!" Gir cried.

Zim couldn't believe it. Gir was thinking and he was trying to decide. What if he didn't choose to come home.

Will gir stay with Zim or get a new master?

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