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Escaping to the park

Usagi smiled as she watched the children swing back and forth on the swings and absently rubbed her swollen stomach. Usagi pursed her lips as her child kicked from within her womb, 'yes little one that's what we'll do in a few years.' Looking around the playground Usagi's heart melted at the she noticed some fathers playing with their children. Usagi grimaced when her child moved again and kicked her in the process. "Calm down little one he'll be here soon."

Usagi breathed a sigh of relief when her child seemed to listen to her. Usagi closed her eyes for a second when she felt an unfamiliar presence starting to sit down with her and when she opened her eyes Usagi smiled softly at her old crush Motoki who looked at her incredibly.

"Usa, look at you! You look radiant" taking another curious glance at her belly, "Motherhood certainly agrees with you." Usagi couldn't help but smile brilliantly at him and whisper a thank you. Motoki and Usagi talked for about half an hour, which Motoki taking frequents glances at her stomach before he took a deep breath and asked the question Usagi was expecting. "It's Mamorus right?" Usagi couldn't ignore the maternal instinct to hold her swollen belly and looked past Motoki to the dark haired man standing next to him a brilliant smile breaking out on her features.

"Of course it's mine Toki," Mamoru moved to sit on the empty space next to Usagi and brought her in for a hug then rested his arm against the back of the bench. "Sorry i was late, the hospital was really busy." Usagi smiled and leaned into his side as Mamoru and Motoki made some small talk. Usagi looked between the two men and smiled at the stories that the pair exchanged glad that Mamoru was able to have someone to talk to other than her girlfriends. Mamoru looked at his watch and frowned before giving Motoki a small smile, "Sorry Toki, we've got to get going. It was great catching up."

Mamoru stood up and stretched a hand towards Usagi and pulled her up and into his embrace. Both waved bye to Motoki before Mamoru pulled her away from their long time friend. Before turning to face her and gently placing his hands on her shoulders. "What were you thinking leaving the palace without someone Usa? You could've been hurt!"

Usagi frowned and bit her lip, just waiting for him to rip into her again but her frown fell away when she felt his warm hands slide down to her belly and she understood that he was genuinely worried about losing his new family. Usagi frown melted and she moved her hands to cup his face,

"You're not going to lose us Mamo-chan, but you can't expect to hole me up in the palace throughout the rest of pregnancy." Mamoru nodded and brought Usagi in to a hug, kissing her forehead.

"I'll try to act less like a warden and more like your husband." Usagi smiled into his chest and countered,

"I'll let you know when i want to get out of the palace and when you can't come, I'll take one of the girls with me."

Mamoru smiled against Usagi's head and then kissed the crown of her head. "Thank you Usako. Come on lets go home."