"Well you should trust in this, girl, cause loving is coming our way. If you can fix me up we'll go a long way. If you can fix me up, girl, we'll go a long way. Take my love in real small doses."





Elena's Dorm Room
Location: Sweet Briar College
May 10, 1946

"What are you doing here?" Elena asked surprised as she answered the door. She had just assumed it was one of her classmates, so she was a little taken aback to find Damon standing there in his usual crisp black on black suit. The damn man was too handsome for his own good.

"I couldn't wait to see you at home." Damon shrugged, attempting to look confident when in reality his heart was thundering in his chest. While Elena had agreed to be in a relationship with him, they'd been far too casual for his taste. Of course he didn't have to worry about her seeing other men, because she was a woman of virtue. Still, the more time he spent away from her, the more he thought of her.

"This is my last week of school." She deadpanned back, raising a single brow.

"I know, but I couldn't wait." He retorted, shoving his hands into the pockets of his trousers. "Do you not have time for me? I could come back later..." He trailed off awkwardly. The old Damon Salvatore would have been laughing his ass off if 'he' were around to see this day. Oh, how far he'd fallen from his old ways, now practically begging for a girl's attention.

Elena was speechless and at the same time, didn't feel like sharing her relationship's details with an audience. Damon naturally attracted attention, so she knew there just had to be girls gawking at him in the hallway. It made sense considering she attended an all-women's college. She sighed, grabbing his hand and dragged him inside, promptly closing the door behind them.

"Where's your roommate?" Damon asked looking around her humble furnishings. He had offered to buy her a new bed, but she wouldn't let him because she said the university wouldn't allow her to have it. She was also a bit of the messy type, but he tried not to dwell on the fact.

"Out." Elena answered, stating the obvious.

"Convenient." Damon said with a lewd smirk. He instantly closed the distance between their bodies to grab her face in his hands.

Damon kissed her over and over, absolutely loving the way that she was responding to him. To think in the past, moments like this had only existed in his greatest daydreams. Her labored breaths were driving wild with want and he couldn't help wonder if this would be the day he'd finally have all of her. It had never been the right time before, but right now, things were looking promising.

Unable to contain his sheer lust, Damon hands slid down Elena's body to yank her skirt up and bunch it around her waist. He wanted her to feel his aching need through the rough material of his jeans. Feeling him instantly, Elena moaned, her body growing warm all over with tremors of desperation. Feeling smug about her response, he pushed himself against the thin layer of cotton that covered her aroused center.

Moments later, Damon's teeth clenched feeling her suck on his neck. His groined tightened even more feeling her soft lips trail up his jaw. She was acting like a savage with him and the desire to just take her was becoming harder to control. Damon took a steadying breath to try and control himself. He had to be gentle with her, even if it killed him. It was the right thing to do.

Instinctively Elena wrapped her legs around his hips to push into his hardness and Damon could tell she was getting excited by her flushed rose-tinted cheeks. Her chest was heaving as she desperately murmured his name, which was more than enough motivation for him to move things along. He quickly lifted her to lay her down on her small bed and settled his body between her legs, pressing against her.

Damon's hands moved in between their bodies, settling on either side of her panties. He never looked away from her flushed face as he pressed his fingers into her damp center. He moved his fingers slowly in circles around and on her clit. Elena whimpered, feeling her body tighten in anticipation as she fisted the fabric of her skirt. Damon could tell she was nervous by the way she was chewing on her bottom lip, so he leaned over and licked her lips until she began to kiss him. He removed one of his hands from between her thighs to cup her face as the kiss intensified. They both groaned as their lips met.

Slowly Damon's hand slid from her face to her neck to her breasts. She whispered his name, feeling his touch burning through her shirt. Her breath hitched as his hand slipped under her shirt. She made the move to sit up and remove her shirt and this time it was his turn to be breathless seeing her bare breasts because she wasn't wearing a bra. Seconds later he cupped her nipples with his left hand causing her to choke on a gasp. At the same time, Damon used his right hand to rub against her heated center until her hips began to jerk underneath him. Elena tried to relax as her eyes glazed over, but there was no use, she was quickly losing control. His thumb continued moving in circles over her clit, matching the same movement over her nipples.

Elena's mouth trembled open to utter a single word in agony. "Please." She pleaded, looking up into his blue eyes which appeared darker than usual.

Damon's own needs continued to rage hearing and seeing her fall apart in front of him. His swollen hardness ached to be released, but he was willing to wait a little longer. But not much longer. Eager to make her lose complete control, he slipped his hand inside her panties. Damon's eyes rolled back as he felt how wet she'd become for him. He ran his index finger along her slit before entering her in one slow stroke. Her warm, inviting walls clung to that single finger as he moved in and out, attempting to stretch her out as best as possible. When she felt capable to accomodate an extra digit, he slid a second finger into her and flattened out his hand so his fingers reached the barrier of her womanhood. Elena's eyes widened at the intrusion, but she didn't ask him to stop.

Elena tightened around him as her hips began to thrust against his hand, her hands fisted her wrinkled skirt even more. Soon Damon's rhythm sped up until she felt her the familiar sensation building within her, her lips remained parted while her eyes closed tight. She could've sworn to have seen stars behind her eyes. Damon's pride soared watching her desperate body seek release. Finally after a strangled cry, her hips stopped moving against his hand and her back arched well off the mattress. Elena's eyes flew open as time seemed to stop for a moment while basking in the glorious sensations running through her body.

Once Elena could think coherently, she simply stared at Damon's loving expression. Still embedded deep inside of her, his fingers worked her languidly and quietly asked if she was okay. A warm, comforting feeling came over her as she realized how much she loved him and it made her tremble.

Elena stared at him in shock over her revelation meanwhile her arousal came back in full force due to his ever-talented fingers. His thumb flicked against her clit until her expression changed.

"You still with me?" Damon asked humorously in a low voice.

Elena swallowed trying to answer him, but it was no use, her head fell back far into the pillow exposing her throat. Damon leaned down to nibble at her pulse point until she mewed in satisfaction.

Damon bent down until her breasts were pressed against his chest, making sure that his groin was lined against his hand that was working her up. In this new position, it wasn't that difficult to imagine that he was inside of her. Damon swallowed thinking of her tight walls and how they'd feel around his throbbing length. Elena's eyes went wide as feelings rushed her, knowing she was close again meanwhile Damon felt like he was going to die if he didn't have a piece of her soon. As if reading his mind, her eyes finally met his with an affirmative expression.

"Really?" Damon asked and then a pitiful little groan escaped him as he waited for her answer.

"I'm ready." Elena said in a hoarse voice after what seemed like forever. She needed a second to find her voice because she was so nervous.

Damon stared at her with a grateful expression then moved his lips over her face, peppering her in joy before extracting his fingers from her slick center. His erection was so sensitive and swollen, making it difficult for him to move around on her small bed. He gritted his teeth, trying to calm down for the umpteenth time before he over excited himself. A shaky breath emitted from his lips as he stood up to remove his clothes, feeling her eyes on him the entire time.

Elena stared up at him thinking about what it would feel like, having Damon inside of her for the first time. She had heard so many 'first time' stories from her friends, especially when she served overseas with the Nurse Corps. Her thoughts left her stunned realizing how much she wanted him. Damon felt relieved that she didn't look terrified of him. He didn't want to feel the extra pressure if her nervousness had been painfully obvious. In fact, she looked remarkably calm while scooting on the bed, making ample room for him to rejoin her. The cold wall against her back felt comforting somehow.

After laying on his side directly beside her, Damon grabbed her face bringing her close to him in a hot kiss. One rousing kiss after another they went on and on, feeling their naked skin against each other. They were relishing in the experience of being completely naked together. Elena's hands trailed delicately down his spine while his hands were rougher as they squeezed the softness of her breasts and hips. It was time, Damon thought, as he eased her onto her back. His hands slid down her body to draw her knees up, making it easier to nestle into her. She simply stared at his face in anticipation, trying to relax. Her girlfriends told her it was better if she'd just relax. The idea of relaxing during such a moment seemed ludicrous to her.

Damon leaned down to kiss her, the action caused him to rub against her making them both groan at the same time. He experimentally rubbed back and forth until he snugly rested right along her nether folds. After taking a deep breath, he reached a hand in between their bodies to open her up for him. He was relieved to find her just as wet as he left her. Her body was as ready as it was gonna get so it was all up to him now.

Damon swallowed thickly as he gripped her hips, guiding his member into her, pushing just the head in first. Elena started panting feeling the intrusion, but she refused to move away from him. She needed to be brave. He kept his eyes closed, reminding himself to go slow with her. All he wanted to do was plow into her after all of those years of longing. Regardless, he needed to go slowly, not wanting to cause her any unnecessary pain. He could feel her heart thundering against his as he pushed his hips against hers. Elena nodded once when he was about two inches inside of her and he pushed in another inch before meeting the barrier of her womanhood. He chose to remain still, waiting for her muscles to get used to the idea of him being inside of her. His tongue came out to caress her throat in slow circles when it was time to press against her again. Sweat was forming on his brow as he felt her tight walls wrapping around him in a vice grip. He could feel her her body reluctantly stretching to accomodate him.

"Don't stop." Elena commanded in breathy whisper near his ear. "Just..."

Damon said a silent prayer fully knowing what she was asking him to do, but the seriousness of her expression took away all of his reservations. Elena's eyes widened as he pushed into her with one last deep stroke. She bit down hard on her bottom lip as he tore into her. Her nails were cutting into his shoulder blades as she attempted to adjust to the sharp pain. Damon simply held her close, trying to comfort her knowing there was no way he could understand her feelings. He didn't dare to move within her as he waited for her hushed cries to fade. After a few minutes of gentle whispers and trailing tears, she settled against the bed and slid her legs up to around his hips.

"Alright." She assured him with a weak smile as she gripped his body, causing him to move deeper within her.

Damon moaned feeling her warmth squeeze all around as her body adjusted to him. After settling his nerves, he pulled out of her then pushed back in with expert motion. Elena gasped feeling her muscles contract and loosen as her body reacted intuitively to his motions. He continued the motions, going in and out, because she hadn't protested. Being within her wasn't like anything he had experienced before, all of his emotions had felt magnified in a new way. Sure he had imagined being within her over a hundred times, but it didn't come close to comparing to the reality. His heart swelled just thinking about how she had finally let him be with her. Of course a certain manly pride was there for being her first as well. A smile crept on his lips feeling her respond to his motions. She was no longer quivering around him as he continued to rock their bodies back and forth.

Sweat trailed down the valley of her breasts as Elena held him closer to her. She was nearly out of breath while experiencing of myriad of new emotions. They were making love, she realized, there couldn't be any another way to explain it. Her mouth eventually found his until they were frantically kissing. It was impossible to keep their dance slow and steady after she enthusiastically urged him to move faster and deeper. Their mounting passions were escalating as their bodies slapped against each other in an animalistic fashion. Soon her back arched while her entire body clenched from her hands to her toes. Choked moans were mixed between them as he sped up the rhythm to a feverish pace. As it became harder for her the breathe, her hands fell from his slick, sweaty body to grip her comforter.

Damon's eyes clouded until he could barely see the wonderous expression on her face. He blinked furiously trying to focus on her, he needed to see her when she came undone. He wouldn't miss it and he knew she was close. He could feel her tighten around as hips sped up, taking her harder with each stroke. His thrusts were losing their precision with each passing moment. She was so close and he couldn't take the waiting anymore. His breath hitched in tempo with his maddened movements until one long gasp came out of her as she met her oblivion. Damon had nearly came with her and followed only a few seconds after her as she floated down back to earth. Their sweaty limbs stuck together as their hearts beat against each others brutally.

Knowing he must've been suffocating her with his weight, Damon attempted to move away from her, first by slowly sliding his face off her shoulder. He didn't make it very far because her hands squeezed his biceps tightly, silently telling him not to go anywhere. He didn't bother with it, feeling exhausted, and his face settled in the crook of her neck. Elena continued to struggle to breathe, not because of his weight, but since she was overcome with emotion. Eventually she felt better while absently stroking his hair. Elena sighed, running her other hand down the muscles of his back. Breaking the silence, she giggled, truly happy with how she felt about their relationship. Her body was so relaxed causing her to forget all about her college responsibilities. She grinned feeling him grinning against her skin since she knew he also felt her happiness.

Hours later Damon couldn't stop staring at the girl in his arms. He had woken up at least an hour before her, but he wouldn't dare move from his position. Every time he was with her, it just felt right. They felt right. He never wanted the feeling to end. The idea of having her around more was just the extra incentive he needed to ask her about an idea that had passed his mind on the drive over to her college.

Fueled with positive energy, Damon decided to wake her up. Elena blushed for a second remembering everything before meeting his eyes with wonder.

"Elena... I was thinking... what if you moved in with me for the summer?" He suggested in a casual tone while stroking her collarbone.

"Wha-huh?" She almost choked, suddenly sitting up straight against the headboard. His request had startled her and seemingly came out of nowhere since he just blurted it out. She hadn't realized that he was ready for such a change in his lifestyle.

"I mean, why the hell not?" He wiggled his eyebrows in lewd manner, looking from his naked body to hers. "It's better than living with your mother." He added, rolling his eyes in a huff.

He had a point.

"You're serious?" Elena asked shocked, her lips falling open. The idea had never even crossed her mind since they weren't married or even engaged for that matter.

"Very." Damon answered with furrowed brows. He thought any girl would jump at an offer like this. For fuck's sakes, she had visited his home before. She knew very well that he could provide for her, even better than her mother ever could.

"Umm... Wow." Elena shut her mouth tight trying to come up with a suitable answer. A rational answer. It was just such a sudden request. The couple had only gone on a handful of dates. They were great dates though. Honestly though, they barely even talked on the phone because of her demanding course load and class schedule; whenever Elena was awake, Damon was already asleep and so on. She'd never been the needy type, at least not enough to warrant waking him up in the middle of the night, no matter how many times he told her that he didn't mind.

"You don't want to." Damon said, stiffening. The look on his face was enough to break her heart. He looked so vulnerable, reminding her of when they first met.

"I never said that." She protested, her lips forming a small pout. Her heart was already starting to ache deep within her chest.

"But you didn't say yes either." He replied bitterly, not willing to meet her eyes.

"It's just... this is a big step..." Elena said warily, looking down at her hands and then at his face. "I mean, how well do we even know each other? What if we end up hating each other?"

Damon shot her an incredulous look. This was the woman that took care of him when he couldn't walk or see, she knew him better than anyone and dealt with him at his darkest. Thinking about it, she had been the only constant person in his life. The one he could depend on. He never wanted to lose that.

"I could never hate you." He said softly, his right hand reached out to softly caress her thigh over the sheet that covered their bodies.

"You did once." Elena protested with a saddened expression.

"I didn't hate you... I was hurt." Damon retorted apologetically.

"You know, we still haven't talked about what happened that night." Elena said uncomfortably, looking down at his hand on her thigh.

"We don't need to, it's in the past." He dismissed. "None of that matters to me. Not anymore."

"It's just, I think you should know." Elena said in a rushed tone, getting out of bed.

"Alright." Damon said sitting up in bed, looking up at her with an expectant expression as he leaned back against the headboard looking like an adonis in her much too small bed.

"I didn't mean to abandon you. That was never my intention. You have to know that." She said shakily looking for her cast aside clothes. "I wouldn't do something like that... not on purpose at least."

"Where are you going?" Damon protested in confusion.

"Nowhere... I'm just getting dressed. You should be doing that too." She replied, tossing his shirt at him which landed directly on his head. "I'm not so sure when my roomie is getting back. But it should be soon." She explained, slipping into her underwear. It gave her chills still thinking about that ill-fated night with Klaus.

Elena Calls Damon
May 15, 1946

Elena's face had gone white when she finally realized that Damon had never used a rubber with her and she frantically called him worried. She cursed in her mind for their mutual stupidity. Damon had been immensely apologetic over the phone, justifying the situation by saying that it had been so long for him and had obviously overlooked that detail. In the back of Damon's mind, he thought about how it was good that they hadn't used a rubber because it made her first sexual experience more smooth, in the most literal sense.

Damon's infamous calmness didn't make her any less paranoid though. Again, Damon apologized and said they would deal with the problem, if there was going to be one. For now, all they could do was wait and see what would happen. He didn't see the use in worrying about it at the present time.

"Problem? Our baby would be a problem?" Elena nearly shouted over the phone. A fury had overcome her at his words. How could he say such a thing?

"No, Elena... that's not what I mean." Damon said in an annoyed voice. "I'm saying we don't even know if you are indeed pregnant."

"Right." She replied tersely.

"Look Elena, I'll be here for you... no matter what. Nothing has changed." He promised.


"Nothing has changed." He repeated in a firm voice.

Elena's thoughts were still racing, but deep down she knew that she could trust him. "Alright... see you in a few weeks."



"Have you thought about my offer?"

There was silence over the phone because Elena still hadn't thought about moving in with him. Well, she had thought of it, she just didn't have an answer for him. A long pro and con list was currently sitting on her desk. Nothing on that list really mattered though because in the end, her heart would make the final decision. For the time being, her heart was a mess.

Damon would just have to wait while she was waiting too.

"Just consider it will you." Damon pleaded after some extended silence over the line.

"I will." Elena agreed. "I'll consider it after finals. Bye Damon."

The Salvatore Plantation
Location: Fell's Church
June 3, 1946

"You never told me what your mother siad. You know, about moving in with for the summer. How did she react?" Damon asked as he carried a box of her belongings into his home. Elena, of course, had been surprised that he was doing it himself, but he had explained that he didn't have much help around the house anymore. Ever since he'd gotten his eyesight back, it had simply felt so good to do things without assistance.

Elena thought it was a little extreme of him to fire most of his house help, especially for a man of his social standing. But who was she kidding? Damon was a man of extremes.

"Oh... not much." Elena replied quietly staring down at the much smaller box in her hands.

"You didn't tell her? Did you?" He pouted, tilting his head and stopping in place. "Does she even know that you're here?" He asked looking up at his front door.

Elena bit her lip. She was an awful liar. Jeremy always had to cover for her when they were younger. "It's just you know how my mom is..."

When Isobel had called asking when she'd be home for college, Elena had skillfully avoided the question by saying she wasn't sure if she wanted to do summer school or not.

"Does she even know we're dating?" Damon probed, his blue eyes squinting in a glare. Sometimes it was hard to read him, this was not one of those times. He was not happy with her, which made her slightly tremble in place.

"I mean, yeah... she's seen you around. I... what does it matter?" Elena replied attempting to stay calm, but was failing miserably. "I don't even talk to my mom. I can't stand the woman. Why do you care so much about what she thinks of you?"

"Why do I care?" Damon choked on the question, his expression turned hard as he muttered the words over again.

"Care..." Damon whispered to himself.

Elena could tell she was losing him. He looked broken and she didn't want that. She didn't want him to go back into his shell like he'd been in Italy during his recovery.

"I just moved in with you, Damon!" Elena shouted, struggling to get him back. "Doesn't that prove that I'm serious about us?"

He looked at her with the same helpless expression, feeling as if maybe he'd been wrong about her this entire time. Maybe she was using him for his money, maybe she was... well, he didn't know what she was up to, but suddenly he was regretting so many recent choices.

Unable to deal with the idea of taking steps backward in their relationship, Elena decided it was time to lay her heart on the table. Damon had done more than enough for her since they reunited and now it was her turn.

"Damon. I'm in love with you." She said in a near whisper, but he managed to hear her. She hadn't said those words to a guy since Matt's death. It felt so significant to say the words, especially aloud, because she knew how true they were. She had fallen madly, deeply in love with Damon Salvatore; in a way no one would have ever expected. He was it for her.

Damon's eyes widened hearing her words. The box he was carrying for her instantly dropped to the floor.

"My books! Those are expensive!" Elena protested with a slack jaw since he stirred her with the loud sound.

"I'll buy you new ones." Damon replied in a hushed voice because nothing in the world matter. Nothing mattered except for that fact that he was hers and vice versa.

Elena crossed her arms annoyed. "That's not the-"

"Shut up, Elena." He said in a sing-song voice as he picked her up, throwing her legs around his hips.

Damon carried her over to the staircase, but had to stop for a second to kiss her. He couldn't resist. Elena shivered feeling his breath on her cheek as he leaned closer to her. "You're perfect." He swore before kissing her once with the barest of touch.

Elena wanted more, needed more, so she wrapped both of her hands behind his head to pull him closer. Sensing her urgency, his lips met hers again and this time there was no softness. His tongue slipped inside her mouth while he pushed his body into hers. Damon's hands pushed her shirt off and easily jerked it away from her body, breaking their kiss only for a second, before caressing her soft skin with his palms.

Elena bit on her bottom lip as he pinched her nipples which he continued teasing until she couldn't stand it any longer. Each expert touch made her grow anxious for him to be inside her. He could sense her anticipation, so he stopped playing with her to take them the rest of the way up to his bedroom.

Finally in his bedroom, Damon gently laid her down on his luxurious duvet for the first time and joined her by laying on his side. First he kissed her cheek a and then moved to the corner of her mouth to her lips. Elena moaned into his mouth and pulled on his shirt, nudging him to get on top of her, but he wouldn't move. Instead his lips slid across her to cheek to her ear making her shudder feeling his hot breath.

"Are you wet? I bet you are." He whispered in her ear causing every muscle in her body to grow tense. She still hadn't grown used to hearing him talk in that vulgar manner.

She continued staying tense on the bed, simply waiting for his next move.

"Show me." Damon demanded, stroking her face while meeting her direct gaze.

"Show... you." Elena repeated in a quiet, hesitant voice. Damon nodded and she felt a shiver go down her spine.

Very slowly while desperately searching for courage within herself, Elena pressed her palm to her abdomen and slid her hand lower to the top of her skirt. She carefully removed the top buttons before sliding it off of her completely. Her breath caught when her hands returned to the top of her panties until she finally slid those down as well. While removing them, she blushed lightly knowing how damp the fabric had gotten after their few kisses earlier. Once again she looked up at Damon's face before sliding her fingers between her wet nether folds. Damon licked his lips as he groaned seeing her displayed before him. It was such an irresistible sight, still he still considered her the picture of innocence. Unable to rest his passion for her, his hand reached out to cover hers and their fingers tangled, both rubbing her clit together at the same time. It was a delightfully intimate scene.

"Oh." Elena began to moan and lose sight of Damon as her eyes fluttered opened and closed in pleasure. Truth be told, after their first few experiences together, she had started to touch herself often and now everything was just so much better.

"That's my girl." Damon said appreciatively as he continued to stroke her while Elena rocked her hips up and down in time to their expert fingers which were still linked.

Gently Damon slid his index finger into her opening as he started to kiss his way from her shoulder to her ear. Elena's breath became ragged as he sucked on her her earlobe before he moved down her neck. The entire time, he continued to finger her in and out, working her into a frantic frenzy. She could barely see straight at this point, so needy for sweet release.

Each time Elena got closer to the edge she had felt like something was missing. She wanted more. She wanted to feel him inside of her, which was an amazing feeling that she could never give herself. Opening her eyes, she saw how equally badly he wanted her by the bulge in his pants. With a giddy smile on her face, Elena reached for him, cupping him over his pants. Damon jumped off the bed slightly, much to his embarrassment. She gave him a knowing looking, a silent plea of how much she wanted him. Not having any self-will to resist her, Damon shifted beside her, removing his hand from within her to yank his trousers off. Elena instantly reached for him and they both sighed as her hand closed around him.

"Uh Uh Uh." Damon said, meaning for it come out as teasing, but instead it sounded more like begging. His voice was strained from having worked himself up already.

"Get over here." Elena demanded, much to both their surprise, as she tugged on his hard erection.

In just moments after covering himself with a rubber, Damon shifted to lay between her legs. They kissed in a languid battle as he nudged her thighs further apart. They both groaned as his hard, swollen length rubbed against her most intimate area. Elena legs wrapped high around his waist, pulling him closer making it clear that she wanted him in. Not bothering to waste anymore time, Damon slid into her with one stroke and a strangled cry escaped her lips.

"Hey." Damon met her gaze, pushing in and out. "Elena."

Elena moaned a reply unable to form any words.

"I love you." Damon pushed harder, in and out before crying out the following word. "Too." He assured her with a weak smile on his face as he continued to drive into her. The time for soft lovemaking was over, he knew this wasn't going to last long. A ghost of smirk made its way to his face when he thought about how he'd be able to with her all the time now that she lived with him. They had plenty of time to take it slow another time.

Damon's words made Elena ecstatic, but she could barely think at the moment. The time for thinking was over. They had already found a rhythm between them, their bodies were so in tune with another. It had been awhile since the last time they had made love, but her body had accepted his easily within just the first few strokes. All of the sudden their breaths started to mimic each others in rapid bursts. Elena dug her fingers into his arms, trying her best to hold on as he moved faster. Damon's open mouth clung to her throat, sucking on her, kissing her as he felt her squeeze tighter around him.

"I've got you." Damon murmured, loving how she felt around him. His pace remained rough until she arched against his bed, her completion felt like the sweetest agony. Her sweaty hands slid from his arms, down to bed, clenching the duvet with tight fists. It felt like she was going to slide off the bed any second, but of course he had her still in a tight embrace.

Damon groaned loudly feeling her clench around him and finally cried out as he tensed soon after her. His head dropped to her her shoulder, as he gasped gibberish while spilling within her. He landed on her with a heavy plop, but it didn't bother her as she looked up at the ceiling. She realized this was her first time in his bedroom and she hadn't even look around yet. A small smile spread on her lips as he nuzzled into her. She loved how comfortable he'd grown to be with her.

Damon lifted his head for a moment to kiss her on the lips. "Welcome home." He said smugly, grinning before moving to toss the rubber and then settled beside her as she laid on her side.

Elena snuggled closer to him, looking around his bedroom. She felt wonderful as his arms tightened around her and they fell asleep moments later exhausted from their quick tryst.

Please celebrate with us
the freshness of new life as we,
Caroline Forbes
Tyler Lockwood
exchange wedding vows
on Saturday, July 22, 1946
2 o'clock
at Founder's Hall
Mystic Falls, Virginia

The Lockwood Mansion
Location: Fell's Church
July 20, 1946

"Oh God! You guys look beautiful!" Caroline gushed seeing Elena and Damon arrive on time for her rehearsal dinner.

"I know." Damon joked in return.

Elena nudged him with her elbow before hugging her best friend. "No, Car, you look better." She complimented, pulling away, playing with a stray blonde curl. She looked like a movie star, better than Grace Kelly even in her shimmering blue gown.

"Hey Damon. Good to see ya." Tyler greeted, walking up to him on the right side. "Drink?" He offered simply.

"Please." Damon replied in agreement as he looked around at the mass of guests that were standing around and mingling. He still didn't 'do' crowds.

Elena shot her boyfriend a quick look of 'behave yourself' before she got dragged away by Caroline.

"It's just so great to see you. I've missed you! I feel like we barely see each other anymore." Caroline said with a sad smile.

"Well, you are planning a wedding. And knowing you, you've left nothing unplanned." Elena retorted with a knowing look. Seriously, Caroline had been planning this grandiose event since their sandbox days with dolls.

Caroline simply shrugged at the truth. "Don't forget Elena, you have a Maid of Honor fitting next Thursday."

"I wouldn't dream of forgetting something like that." Elena laughed lightly at the thought. She'd surely be murdered if she didn't show up. "Are you absolutely positive that you don't want a Bachelorette party?"

"Oh, stop Elena." Caroline teased. "I already told you no." Since coming back from the war, she had been working on cleaning up her reputation. Caroline didn't want to be known as rowdy, she wanted to be known as remarkable.

Elena froze before replying, looking straight across the room. Caroline followed her line of sight and instantly looked ashamed. "I hope you're not mad at me for inviting her."

"Of course not." Elena said, looking down at her shoes.

"It's just... She practically raised me, especially with my mom always working late nights."

"Stop. Caroline. You don't have to apologize for inviting my mother to your wedding." Elena assured her. "This isn't about me, this is about you. I understand..."

Caroline hadn't invited Elena's father because he'd been a sort of taboo subject even between them. He'd been in and out of rehabilitation centers for alcohol ever since their return from the war. Elena was happy he was finally getting much needed help, but that didn't change the fact that her father felt like a stranger to her.

"I didn't mean to make things awkward." Caroline swayed back and forth looking uneasy.

"I'm the only one making things awkward." Elena said, attempting to come up with a change of topic. "Well, future Mrs. Lockwood, did you ever pick out your cake?"

"Yes! Finally!" Caroline practically shouted, capturing the attention of some guests. "And I'm completely in love with it. In love! There's bit of strawberries mixed with cherries in with this to-die-for chocolate mousse."

"That sounds... Delicious." Elena remarked with raised brows.

"It's too die for!" Caroline repeated her enthusiasm, but her expression changed seeing the time on the grandfather clock behind them. "I think it's about time for this rehearsal to get on its way."

"We better find our guys." Elena nodded.

"They're probably still at the bar." Caroline said slightly annoyed.

"How was Tyler?" Elena asked, sitting down with Damon at their seats.

"He wouldn't stop talking about Caroline." He replied, slightly annoyed by the fact.

"That must mean he's great." Elena grinned, happy for her two friends.

"He asked me to be the best man." Damon whispered.

"And you're what... surprised?" Elena asked, reaching to take a sip from the water in front of her.

It dawned upon Damon just then that he wasn't surprised in the slightest. Somewhere between Italy and coming home to Virginia, he had built a life for himself that was better than the life he had left. It was rewarding life of substance with people that weren't just humoring him for his resources.

After the instructional speeches from Caroline and company, Elena was squirming in her seat because she desperately needed to use the restroom. She practically flew off her seat the second it was clear to go.

Coming out of the bathroom stall, Elena paused in place seeing her mother powdering her nose in front of the large couture mirror. The two of them hadn't spoken in a long time, hardly at all during the summer due to Elena's decision to move in with Damon. Isobel had made it clear that she did not approve of her daughter.

"Mother." Elena greeted coldly as she walked over to the sink to wash her hands.

"Elena." Isobel replied with a tight nod, barely bothering to give her daughter a glance.

"I bet it's going to be a beautiful ceremony." Isobel remarked as she placed her powder back in her purse.

"It is the Lockwoods, I wouldn't expect any less of them." Elena scoffed knowingly.

"You certainly expect less for yourself. Such a shame." Isobel muttered under her breath, still looking anywhere but her daughter.

"What was that, mother?" She replied, turning the faucet off with a tight grip. She could feel her anger building.

"I just think it's a shame that I can't expect to be as proud of parent someday. That's all."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Elena asked drying off her hands.

"You know exactly what I mean."

"No, I don't, actually." Elena replied, grabbing her mother by the shoulders, forcing her to turn.

"That man you're with... He'll never marry you." Isobel remarked sadly. "He's just using you and you're weak. A weak little girl for not standing up to him."

Elena bit her lip trying to come up with a retort, but her mother continued before she could.

"No man with a right mind would ask a girl your age to move in with him without some form of a commitment."

"Mother... I love him and he loves me. That's what matters." Elena protested, crossing her arms. "That's all that matters."

"What's going to happen when you bore him or some younger hussy comes around?" Isobel questioned with furrowed brows. "You used to be so dedicated to your future and now you've abandoned it."

"Mother, you don't know Damon. He loves me."

"I know men, Elena." Isobel said cornering her into a wall. "Men like that, men that have that much money get what they want. They always do. And more importantly, they'll just walk all over you. It's in their nature."

"Stop, mother." She protested at the harsh words.

"I raised you better than this." Isobel's eyes crinkled venomously. "Now no one will have you. He's ruined you." She said before delivering a hard slap and immediately left the restroom without waiting for a rebuttal from Elena.

Elena gasped in shock, rubbing her hand over her cheek. She couldn't get that look of disappointed look off her mother's face. It was heartbreaking. For once, Elena felt disgusted with herself. A single tear ran down her cheek and she wiped it off trying to put a smile on her face. She didn't want to start anymore gossip with half the town attending Caroline's rehearsal dinner. She wouldn't destroy the happiness of her best friend. Taking a few deep breaths in and out, Elena was able to calm down significantly before exiting to the main hall.

Damon startled her outside the restroom's door, since he was standing directly outside.

"How long have you been standing there?" Elena asked quietly. A light blush covered her cheeks in shame.

"Long enough." Damon said sheepishly. "I couldn't handle that crowd without you. I only came to this shindig because you asked me to."

"Right." She replied, giving him a shaky smile, uncertain of how much of the conversation with her mother he had heard.

"You okay?" Damon asked, placing both of his hands on her cheeks.

Elena held back a wince because her mother's slap had really hurt. "I'm fine." She lied, putting on another fake smile on her face.

Damon gave her a doubtful look.

"Fine." Elena rolled her eyes. "I'm a little hungry."

"Then we should head back. Aren't they supposed to be serving dinner at this thing?"

Elena nodded, looping her arm with Damon's hand as they walked in union in the direction of all of the guests.

Elena remained stiff for the rest of the night and Damon definitely noticed, but he didn't think it was appropriate to confront her around so many gossiping town folk, so he waited until the festivities died down.

Once the party had died down with only a few select close friends remaining in the Lockwood mansion, Damon pulled Elena into the study, unable to wait a second longer to talk to her.


"What is it, Damon?" Elena asked tiredly. She was ready to go home. Her feet were killing her after the long day. Heels had never been her thing.

"Will you marry me?" Damon gulped, just blurting out the question in a rush. He hadn't met to start the conversation that way, but he couldn't hold it in anymore. He could feel the judgement from everyone all day and seeing Elena distressed earlier after her confrontation with her mother had stirred him into action.

"What?" Elena replied, it was hard for her to breathe. She felt lightheaded and the room started to spin. All of the sudden everything faded away as she lost conciousness.

Thankfully Damon had reacted quick enough to catch her before she hit the oak wood floor. With her firmly in his arms, he stared down at Elena in horror. He wasn't expecting that reaction. He thought she'd be happy. He had expected them to be kissing senseless by this point. This was supposed to be happy news.

"Elena." Damon whispered, stroking her face, hoping she'd wake up soon. When she didn't come through, Damon ran to get a damp hand towel from the kitchen.

"Baby." He said wiping her brow back and forth until her eyes slowly opened.

"Hey." Elena said staring up at Damon's bright blue eyes in confusion.

"Hey yourself." Damon replied with a hint of a smirk on his face.

"What am I doing on the sofa?" She asked realizing her current position.

"You kinda fainted."

"Right." Elena's lips parted open and close reprocessing the situation. "You asked me to marry you." Just saying the words aloud caused Elena to feel dizzy all over again.

"Easy, there." Damon said and leaned over to kiss her forehead.

"You really want to marry me." She stated in a breathy voice.

"Of course, I do."

"Not just because of what my mother said..." She replied uncomfortably.

"No, no." Damon insisted, lifting her up in his arms. He hadn't heard much of Isobel's argument earlier, but he was smart enough to fill in the blanks. "I've been wanting to ask you for awhile."

"You have?" She interrupted him in shock.

He nodded. He couldn't bear the thought of not spending the rest of his life with the woman that saved him many times over. "I was just waiting for the right moment. Wanted to make it romantic and... today was just the extra push that I needed."


"I've been selfish with you." Damon said stroking her face with his left hand while holding her hip bone with his right. "I really hadn't realized what a mistake it had been to invite you to move in-"

"Mistake?" Elena bit her lip in confusion.

"I hadn't considered what it would do to your reputation."

"Oh, Damon."

"And I realize that now. I want to make an honest woman out of you."

Elena felt herself grow warm and emotional at his words.

"I can't imagine ever wanting anyone but you. You're it for me. So what do you say?" Damon let out a quick breath. "Elena Gilbert, will you do the honor of becoming my lawfully wedded wife?"

"I..." Elena started to say and settled for a searing kiss. She had basically jumped him right there and then, pulling him roughly to her by the lapels of his sleek black blazer.

When they broke apart from the kiss for air, they were smiling so hard that it almost hurt. It was such a joyous moment, knowing they'd be together for the rest of their lives.

Founder's Hall
Location: Mystic Falls
July 22, 1946
The Lockwood Wedding

Damon pressed Elena against the wall which felt cool against her think silk dress. Her breasts were pressed against his chest without a slip of space left in between them. He reached down to grab her arms to hold them up, leaving her at his complete mercy. She felt utterly exposed to him, but it was thrilling. Certainly, she had never doubted that he wouldn't be the type to take control in the bedroom. In fact she had known that as fact even when he couldn't walk.

While Elena's hands were aching to run down the planes of his muscular back, she didn't make a sound or attempt to escape him. She tilted her head back encouraging him to kiss her. She longed to be devoured by him once more. His hips grounded into her as his hands slipped from her hands, to her arms to down the sides of her body. Elena quivered feeling him hard against her, such sweet torture just waiting to feel him inside of her. The feeling of his heated hand that smoothed over her body reminded her of wax to a fire. Slowly Damon's hand moved inward toward the tender juncture between her thighs. She trembled feeling his fingers slip inside of her panties causing her knees to buckle, which made him chuckle in a teasing manner.

"So sweet." Damon said bringing his fingers to his lips. His tongue flicked out, eagerly tasting her nectar, tasting her desire for him. She was delicious and reminded him of summer rain. It was hard for her to restrain herself seeing such an erotic sight. Her nails pressed tightly into her palms, wanting his slow seduction to be over. It felt like she would melt right into the wall at any minute.

Elena's thighs slid apart and the back of her knees rubbed against the wall as her body begged for attention. Their foreheads pressed together as they exhaled deeply at the same time before he captured her lips once more. She panted as their lips parted. Elena's head lolled back against the rough brick, feeling his knee come between her shaking legs, pushing them apart. All of his touches felt like pinpoints as his fingers returned to teasing her clit in unruly circles. He whispered softly in her ear, coaxing her to come undone and promised her great pleasure. Elena cried out, feeling terribly hot between him and the wall.

Unable to wait any longer, Elena's hand reached out to caress his hardness over his trousers. Her fingers curled around him through the fabric causing him to groan and he pushed into her touch. She wanted to drive him crazy as she stroked him through his pants. He groaned once more before pushing her hand away. He sped up his efforts on his clit and slid two fingers into her ready heat. It only took a few seconds later before she shattered before him. He continued moving his finger in and out of her, riding out her climax. Once she was done and good, he quickly unzipped his trousers, grabbed the rubber in his back pocket and pushed down his boxers.

Damon thrust hard, burying himself inside of her. She screamed, but he covered her mouth since they were outside. He didn't fancy having any spectators. Elena's hands reached for his arms, clawing into him as her contracting inner muscles gripped him tighter. She moaned against his palm, arching her back against him. She bit into his palm indicating he should remove it. He grinned cheekily then bit at her lower lip for awhile and after nipped at her neck and shoulder. He moved inside her with slow and hard strokes, slamming into her and picking up the pace. The wall started to feel rough against her back, but she didn't mind, she just wanted that amazing release. She pushed back against him using the wall to favor her momentum.

Feeling Damon's harsh breath against her neck, she knew that he was close. His hand reached down to the place where their bodies met so he could tease her clit as he pumped into her. His thrusts were hardly steady anymore and it wasn't much longer before they both came apart against the wall.

In the distance Elena heard bells ringing and her eyes opened in shock. Her best friend was about to get married. She started slapping Damon's body furiously in a temper tantrum. "What's gotten into you?"

"I got into you, actually." Damon joked with a wink.

"Damon!" Elena shouted his name in panic. She needed to remedy her appearance. Her hair was probably a disaster! She was about to stand up next to a pastor after having wild sex out where anybody could have walked by.

"Is my dress okay?" She turned around hoping it wasn't ruined from being shoved up against a brick wall.

"It looks great." He fibbed seeing a few scratches to the silk, but there wasn't any time to get her a new one before ceremony. Oops.

"I cannot believe you."

"Haven't you heard that it takes two to tango?" Damon replied, zipping up his trousers.

"You and your stupid jokes." She growled, grabbing his hand and dragged him along. "We're never doing that again."

"Never?" He scoffed. "We both know that's not true."

She growled again, this time louder. "Fine. Not for a week. At least."

"Whatever you say, sweetheart." Damon pecked her on the cheek, well-knowing that she wouldn't last longer than a day, maybe, without some form of loving from him.

"Where the flying hell are these two?" Carol Lockwood shouted while opening the door of Founder's Hall, encountering Damon and Elena on the other side of it. The look on Carol's face seeing their appearances, well, there were no words to describe it.

The Salvatore Plantation
Location: Fell's Church
November 17, 1947

On Damon Salvatore's birthday, he married Elena Gilbert under a white tent on the grounds of his luscious estate. Elena was dressed in a candlewhite satin and lace wedding dress custom designed just for her.

During the private ceremony, the couple promised to love one another in sickness and in health which made them smile at their memories. A small number of guests were invited to the reception including Bonnie and Jeremy Gilbert with their daughter, the family had traveled from France just for the occasion. Old friends Caroline and Tyler Lockwood, of course, attended with their two children.

Katherine and Stefan Salvatore learned about the news since it was covered by every local newspaper. They remained estranged by Damon's choice and Elena supported the decision.

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