A/N: This was just a random idea I got while watching The Vampire Diaries and now it has somehow snow-balled into a full blown story. I hope you enjoy!

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"Ahhhhh! Why is this so sappy?" Alice threw her head back into the couch, covering her face with one of the decorative plaid pillows. Whoever thought plaid was 'decorative' for anything other than school girl uniforms and kilts was seriously disturbed, and definitely hadn't seen Charlie's design scheme .

I pulled futilely against the pillow trying to pry it from Alice's cemented grip, as she wriggled back and forth attempting (and succeeding at) blindly dodging my hands.

"No fair Alice, you said I could pick our next activity if I went shopping with you. I have twelve shirts and five new skirts -that'll I'll never wear- that proves I honored my end of the bargain." I scolded, as I gently tugged on the edge of the pillow, resigned to the fact that I couldn't pull it away.

"But Bella," She whined as she moved the pillow into her lap, and stared at me directly. "watching The Vampire Diaries is just plain cruel. You do realize that don't you?"

"I know you think I'm doing this to get revenge for the whole shopping thing today, but honestly the show isn't so bad." I said sincerely, although the disbelieving look Alice was giving me proved it wasn't working.

"You'd think after meeting Vampires in real life, that watching this drabble wouldn't be so interesting to you." Alice said sighing heavily as she took the remote from my hands and grudgingly pushed play.

I gave her a gracious smile as I pulled the blanket that was draped on the back of the couch around the two of us and rested my head against her shoulder.

"Thanks Alice." I whispered softly against her bare shoulder, feeling her stiffen for a second before she smiled and pulled the blanket tighter around us. I ignored her reaction as I focused my attention back to the television where Stefan was fighting with Damon…again.

I'd spent the entire weekend with Alice while Edward and Jasper went out for a hunting weekend. Lately it seemed like all my free time was spent with Alice. If Edward had a problem with it he certainly didn't show it. He knew Alice and I were close and was very understanding about our "girl time." Which only made me feel guiltier in moments like this where all I could think about was how Alice's hair tickled my cheek when I leaned in too close, or every time I touched her my skin felt like it was buzzing, and most of all how much I wanted to kiss her.

But, no.

It was wrong. It's a betrayal to Edward and Jasper. I couldn't do that to them.

Could I?

Sometimes when Alice was concerned I simply couldn't think straight. No pun intended…well…maybe a little.

"So, Stefan and Damon are both in love with this Elena girl?" Alice asked, distracting me from my inner musings.

"Uhh, yeah." I answered.

"Hmmm." She hummed contemplatively.

"What is it?" I asked, my curiosity getting the best of me because she was clearly thinking about something.

"Nothing. It's just…you do realize how similar this is to you, Edward and Jacob right?"

"No, it's not! It's completely different, they're both vampires and it's…completely different." I stuttered lamely, even as my mind began to slowly piece the similarities of my life and the TV series together.

Alice gave me a you-can't-be-serious look and I conceded once again, as I realized she was right. "Well, maybe just a little bit." I agreed.

"A LOT of bit!" Alice shouted jokingly, and I laughed at her enthusiasm. "I guess if Edward is Stefan that would make me who? Caroline?" Alice asked excitedly, staring at me for confirmation.

"Probably. I mean she does love parties, and shopping, and she's super peppy, and…"

"Okay, I get it. I'm Caroline." Alice cut me off, pressing her fingers to my lips to stop me from continuing. I froze with the sudden contact, looking down at her delicate fingers grazing my lips.

When she didn't immediately move her hand I grabbed it and slowly pulled it away from me, my eyes never leaving the sight of our two hands touching. I brought it to my lap and turned her palm over as I lightly traced the outline of it with my fingertips. "You couldn't totally be Caroline though." I heard myself say softly, still enraptured by the tingling feelings that touching Alice was giving me.

"Why not?" Her voice sounded strained and heavy, as if she was in pain or something. I looked up concerned, and was met with ink black eyes staring back at me. I jerked my hands back suddenly, thinking that maybe I'd cut myself or done something else equally clumsy to cause her instincts to peak.

"Alice…your eyes." I said, reaching towards her face and resting my hand on her cheek.

"I know." She hummed as she leaned into my palm. The feeling was so exquisite that for a moment I forgot about the 'wrongness' of it all and the fact that Alice was clearly in a vulnerable state- and I allowed myself to gently stroke her face.

"Am I imagining this?" I asked, unable to determine if this moment was just another one of my impromptu Alice fantasies or reality.

"No." She answered, her eyes had lightened to a dark amber and her voice sounded more in control than before but was still somewhat strained.

She leaned in closer to me, and I felt my heart hammer in my chest as if it would explode across the room any second. She inched closer and closer until our faces were centimeters apart and our lips were lightly grazing each other.

"If you were imagining it you wouldn't be able to feel this." Her mouth moved softly against mine as she spoke and then she dipped her head in and captured my lips between hers.

It was the softest touch I'd ever felt on my skin. So different from Edward's or Jacob's kisses. It was like the petals of a flower bud were blooming against my lips, and I could taste the sweetness of Alice on my tongue.

Alice felt so good.

I moved by mouth against hers tentatively at first, like drinking something hot and taking sips to get a small taste even though you really want to gorge yourself on it. I was drinking small sips of Alice's tongue, her lips, her neck and then along her collarbone.

I was burning up, it was like she was setting me on fire and it felt amazing. It wasn't until I felt her hands slowly creep under the edge of my shirt that I pulled away, breathless and flushed.

"I'm sorry." Alice blurted as soon as I pulled away. I looked to the carpet to keep from meeting her eyes, knowing that I didn't have the will power to keep myself away from her for too long.

"No. It's fine…I…" I paused. "I liked it Alice." I chanced meeting her eyes again and held her gaze to let her know that I was sincere.

Alice moved in closer and I involuntarily tensed, afraid of how my body might betray me again. She noticed my reaction and stopped short, a forlorn and disappointed expression on her face.

"I don't think I'm Caroline at all Bella." She said quietly looking at her hands. "I'm Damon, always wanting someone I can never have."

I felt my eyes begin to cloud with tears as I listened to her speak. She was blaming herself, when this was both of our burden. I crawled over to her and laid my head in her lap as I the tears softly escaped my eyes and slid down my cheek.

"Forget about the people we could be. You're just Alice. That's all you'll ever need to be. My Alice." I said quietly, grabbing her hand and softly touching my lips to her fingers.

"I love you Alice." I said as I closed my eyes and relaxed against her fingers that were softly raking through my hair.

"I love you too Bella." She whispered gently into my ear. "Always."