Authors Note: I've been wanting to do a Bella and Emmett fanfiction for a long time now and I've finally started it! Dang, I am doing like three fanfics all together now. Heck, am I an idiot? Oh well whatever, I think I can keep up with everything...I hope. Anyways enjoy, I worked hard on this! :D

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Groaning, I reached out an arm and whacked my alarm clock off. My eyes slowly fluttered open; my messy dorm room greeting me. I groaned again and pushed my bed covers off of me before running my hands through my tangle of brown morning hair.

I heard a rustle and a yawn from the bed next to me, I stretched and smiled, "G'morning Alice." I sighed. A head of blonde hair protruded from beneath the covers. That was not Alice. The face peered up at me.

"Shit, Jasper!" I yelled, jumping back into my bead as I was only wearing a cami top and panties. Immediately Jasper sat up, just as startled as me. "Oh damn, sorry Bella!" He laughed, reaching down to the floor to pick up his jeans and a t-shirt. Was he naked under there? For christs sakes.

Just then Alice came dancing out of the bathroom, a fluffy towel wrapped around her. "Good morning!" She sang, waltzing over to her bed and kissing Jasper on the lips. "Ehem." I coughed, folding my arms across my chest and looking at her. "Could have told me we had company."

She grinned her cheeky smile at me, "sorry! You were asleep when we got home, didn't wanna wake you." She winked and I rolled my eyes. Typical of Alice, you'd think after being best friends with her since third grade I would have been able to predict these things happening...not that she went around bringing guys home every night when she was in thrid grade or anything.

I chuckled to myself and shook my head before getting up and going into the bathroom. Glancing at the clock on my way, I sighed. 7:30. I only had an hour to get ready and get my books and get down to class.

Locking the bathroom door behind me, I stripped out of my clothes and looked in the mirror. "Ugh." Looking awful in the morning as usual. Back in the bedroom I heard Alice and Jasper giggling and groaning. Heck, what were they doing now?

Trying to ignore them, I switched on the shower and stepped in; the pounding hot water feeling good against my skin. I gently massaged my special strawberry shampoo in my hair and rinsed it out, not bothering to condition it; I had no time. I lathered my skin with honey scented shower gel before rinsing that off too and shutting off the shower.

Grabbing a towel, I wrapped it under my arms and cursed. "Aw dang it," I muttered under my breath, "I really should have brought my clothes in here with me." Sighing, I shrugged and braced my self before stepping back in the room.

Alice and Jasper were sitting on her bed, making out forcefully. "Ugh, could you two do that somewhere else?" I groaned, folding my arms. The grinned up at me sheepishly, "I wanna get dressed..." I pushed, waiting for them to get up and go already. "Sorry Bells." Alice giggled, tugging Jasper to his feet, "let's go Jazz." He nodded and followed her eagerly.

"I've got to get to rehursals anyway," he shrugged, shooting me and apologetic look. "Oh yeah." I smiled, trying to polite for once, "I forgot you did all that drama stuff," he nodded shyly, I'd grant Alice this; Jasper was pretty cute, "I'll stop by and watch the show when it's on."

He smiled a genuine smile at me and nodded, "I'll get you and Alice free tickets." He shrugged grinning and down at his girlfriend. "That would be great Jazz!" She squealed, kissing him, "now come on we really have to go." They strolled out the door, "catch you later Bella!" Alice called over her shoulder before shutting the door behind her.

I sighed and wandered over to the mirror, could I be arsed with make up this morning? Shrugging, I ran my hand through my wet hair and left it hanging loose down my back. Looking out the window, I smiled. It was sunny.

Jumping into some under wear and a low cut purple tee shirt and some denim shorts, I shoved my feet in my favourite gladiator sandles, I freakin' loved summer. I was pretty fair skinned but even I got a mild tan out in the sun and I loved it.

Seeing as I was making an effort clothes wise, I decided to brush some mascara on to my lashes and dab vanilla flavoured lip gloss on my lips. Grinning into the mirror I fluffed my hair and grabbed my bag, shoving books into it as I made my way out the door.

When I got down stairs into the kitchen every body in my dorm shared, my heart skipped a beat; Edward Cullen, my ex boyfriend was leaning against a work top, sipping coffee. Lowering my eyes, I tried to walk past him with out him noticing. Shame that didn't work out.

"Hey Bella," he spoke, softly. Aw crap. What was I supposed to say to him? "Uhh...hi." I mumbled, still looking at the ground. No way was I going to look into those gorgeous, glittery green eyes and get lost. Unfortunately Edward had other ideas, he took my chin in his thumb and forefinger and tilted my face towards him; and there they were - those freakin' eyes that looked deep into my soul.

"How've you been?" He asked me in his rough, sultry voice. I gulped, "good, you?" I breathed. What are you doing? I yelled at my self, why are you making conversation with him you idiot? He nodded, "I'm glad and I've been well too." His deep, beautiful voice alone was sucking me in, let alone his stunning face.

Gulping again, I looked away, "I-I've got to get to urr...class." I muttered, as I slowly turned to walk away. Edward nodded and took another gulp of his drink, "well I'll see you soon." He said, flashing me that crooked smile that I used to love. Wait, no, I still do love it. Shaking my head, I ran out of the kitchen, past the common room and out the door onto campus.

Seeing Edward again was a shock to the system, I hadn't seen that guy in ages. Had he been playing hooky all this time or something? I mean, he wasn't exactly a good guy. I groaned out loud; that was what I always loved about him - his rebellious side, it was so sexy, so alluring. Just the way he looked at me, with those amazing eyes, made me want him back on the spot. But I couldn't, there was no way I could want him back. The past was the past; we broke up for a reason. He wanted more than I was ready for, we just didn't match.

Mainly seeing as he was so drop dead gorgeous and I was pretty darn plain. Suddenly my mascara felt heavy on my eyes and my lip gloss felt like it was flourescent against my lips; what was the point of making an effort? It made no frikking difference.

I guess I was so caught up in my thoughts just then, I hadn't noticed that I was walking directly into a crowd of people. "Oh my God you fucking freak what is wrong with you?" They squealed as I bustled into them and fell over, taking a few of them to the ground with me. As I scrambled around on the floor I glanced up at the people surrounding me; typical - the cheerleading squad.

"Oh, I-I'm so, so sorry!" I hastened, standing up and brushing my self down. "Yeah you fucking well should be!" The head cheerleader yelled at me, I looked up at her, Jessica Stanley, her glossy brown hair waved around her face and bounced across her shoulders. She was too pretty too look normal. I guess that made it easier to stand up to her.

She stared me down, hands on hips. Taking a weary step towards her, I looked up at her from underneath my hair, "you could be a little bit more polite," I spoke clearly, "I did apologise and it was simply an accident." She laughed out loud and shot some amused glances at her minions. "Who says I should be polite to a dork like you?" She mused, "Hm?" She waited for me to answer, crossing her arms across her bulging chest.

I gulped, "me." I retorted. She laughed again, "yeah right. Get lost you loser." Shrugging, I walked away, directly through the middle of their little possee; taking care to shove against Jessica and her minions with my shoulder. Just then she grabbed me by my hair and threw me to the ground. "Next time you try pushing into me you little cow," she spat, "you'll think twice." I scrambled up back on to my feet and wiped dirt off my clothes. Hell no was she getting away with this, I was not the type of girl who went down without a fight.

I took a couple of steps towards her and smiled up at her angelically. "I'm sorry," I spoke sweetly, "not for pushing you though. Nope. I'm sorry for this..." I said and whacked her round the face with a powerful smack. Jessica's cheerleading friends all gasped and squealed; crowding around her as I walked proudly away. Heck that felt good, I slapped her orange foundation right off her cheeks. Laughing out loud as I danced to class, I grinned widely.

I heard footsteps pounding behind me, I turned around to see Edward again. "Aw crap." I mumbled, looking at the ground. "Bella!" He breathed, as he caught up with me. Placing a had on my shoulder, he remained silent for a second - catching his breath. Edward Cullen wasn't exactly known for his athletic skills. He was more musical. Anyway when he touched me, it scent a tingle across my skin.

"You shouldn't have slapped Jessica." He finally said, catching me off gaurd slightly. Hell yes I should have! I wanted to yell at him, she deserved everything she got! But, of course, I didn't say that and I settled for; "Urr...why?" I asked, looking up at him timidly. He shrugged, "you could have got badly hurt. Just 'cause she's a cheerleader doesn't mean she's weak." He warned, touching my face. I shrugged.

"Just cause I'm a book worm doesn't mean I can't stand up for my self." I spoke proudly before spinning on my heel and walking away from him. It felt good to just leave him standing there. Heck. I was toughening up by the second! About time too, I needed to get thicker skin.

"Bella!" Edward called after me, I just shrugged and continued walking to class. When I reached my Spanish class it was 25 to 9, I was five minutes late thanks to Edward and the little scrap with Jessica. Thankfully Professor Alvarez wasn't too stressy about lateness, still, I like Alvarez so I said "sorry I'm late sir," for good measure as I snuck around the door. He simply nodded at me and began teaching the lesson I plonked down in my seat next to Rosalie.

"Hey Rose," I whispered, grinning at her as I got out my books. Rosalie smiled back at me and whispered a hello. I liked it that Rosalie and I were friends, it definitely hadn't started off that way - the first day of college we had hated eachothers guts; it took an entire semester for that to change.

I sat back in my seat reminising my first day, Spanish was my first class and I was late - as usual - the only seat left was next to a rather striking blonde girl with pebbly grey eyes. Feeling quite intimidating, I sat hesitantly next to her, leaning away slightly. I remembered how she'd looked down her long, perfectly angled white nose at me and frowned. I guessed a pretty girl like her didn't want to be seen with a dork like me.

I grinned at how, after thinking that, I'd jumped to the conclusion that she was a whore who slept around with the entire soccer team and I hated her immediately. To be honest, I wasn't quite sure why she hated me but she did.

Shaking my head, I chuckled and began writing Spanish vocab down in my book. "Something funny?" She mumbled, raising an eyebrow. I shook my head at her, "just remembering how bad we used to hate eachother." I laughed. She chuckled along with me, "oh when we were young and couldn't see past our own noses." We giggled, smothering the noises with our hands.

When the bell rang, I rushed out the door, eager to seek Angela so I could ask her what she thought about Edward speaking to me again, usually I would ask Alice about this kinda stuff but Edward was her brother so something told me that wouldn't be a good idea.

Flipping open my cell phone as I walked, I scrolled down my contacts and mashed 'OK' when I got to Angela's name. I pressed my phone to my ear and waited, Angela picked up on the first ring.

"Hey Bella." She answered, I could hear the smile in her voice.

"Hi Ang, we've got a free period, where are you?" I asked, still walking in a daydream.

"With Alice, Jasper and Mike by the football feilds." She trilled. I sighed, crap she was with Alice; I would have to ask her about Edward some other time.

"Alright, I'll be there in a bit." I said, still trying to sound chirpy.

"Bye!" She called, I flipped down my phone and plunged it down to the dark, depths of my bag. I continued walking, my mind still stuck on the Edward situation. I really wasn't fully over him and I had no idea what to do about it now he'd suddenly gained all this interest in me.

The all of a sudden I was tumbling to the floor, "shit!" I yelled as I fell, it took me a second to realised I'd landed on top of someone. Yeesh, what was it with me knocking people over today? "Sorry!" I hastened as I scrambled up to my feet.

"No problem," A low, manly voice sounded from beneath me, I glanced down and the sight I saw sent every thought of Edward Cullen cowering to the back of my mind. I had just laid my eyes upon the most gorgeous person I had ever seen. His big, round, glistening, ocean blue eyes, stared back at me. His wide, happy grin made me want to smile with him, especially at the adorable little dimples on each of his cheeks.

I had just laid eyes on Edward's older brother. Emmett Cullen, the football jock.