The Epic Journey of the 10th Doctor

He can be cheeky and funny

But sometimes serious.

He's one of these people you know you can trust,

Even if you don't know why.

He likes to say hello,

But he hates goodbyes.

And he hates lies.

He has loads of friends and loads of foes.

From Rose to Wilf

From Daleks to Cybermen.

And so many more.

Although he may have had a number of bodies so far

He's still the man we know and love.

For it takes some getting used to,

I will admit.

His tenth incarnation.

Where do I start?

He's funny and cheeky

And according to Cassandra

A little bit foxy.

He'll do what you need him to

Without the question

"What do I do?"

He fell in love with his first companion.

How it broke his hearts,

When they were ripped apart.

His second companion

Fancied him too,

But he didn't realise as he was too blue.

His third companion.


She didn't fall the time lord

As Rose and Martha had done.

She stood by his side

And never sighed:

"Why am I doing this?"

When she had to go,

The Time Lords hearts,

Were again ripped apart.

Then came the prophecy.

"He will knock four times."

And this was the end for this incarnation.

He fought and fought,

But it wasn't enough.

The battle he had won, yes,

But at a cost.

He had to change,

And no matter how he tried to stop the process,

He wasn't in luck and his final words were.

"I don't want to go!"

And so there we are.

The end of one epic journey.

But no matter what happened,

It's not the end of the story just yet.

There may be a new man,

Flying in the TARDIS.

But like I said before,

He's still the same man we know and love.

A/N this is about 5 days late as it was supposed to be writen on Monday for David Tennant's birthday, but I only came up with the idea today.

anyway i hope it was all right, there may be some bits that don't make much sense, but oh well.

please let me know what you think.