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Old friends, Eric and Amelie last fought together to bring down her father five hundred years ago, a common enemy between them. They are the strongest of their individual types of vampires and whilst the Great Revelation may have happened for Eric's people, Amelie is still very much keeping the vampires in Morganville a secret…

But what happens when Bishop returns?

Who will fight, and who against who? And can Sookie be of assistance to the vampires who are more like humans than they would care to admit?

Who will live? And just who will die?

Set around the time of Feast of Fools/ Lord of Misrule and ends at the end of Carpe Corpus…

Amelie's POV:

"We must fight," I declare to the people in the Glass House, ensuring I appear as strong as possible, even though I am still recovering from the staking I received. "We must keep the Founder's houses, the hospital, the phone towers and the Bloodmobile. Oliver, come with me," I order him, sighing internally at what I must do now, what concession I must make…

I have to engage in open warfare with my father – this is not something I particularly enjoyed last time. I was winning five hundred years ago, when I was able to sneakily attack his guards, destroying him one by one… but then he declared open war and I didn't have that much experience. So then, I had to call in the back up that I didn't want to, for fear that I would have to repay the favour to them in the future.

So I called in Eric Northman, an old friend of mine from when we were both new vampires, although from different 'breeds'. As humans have different races, it turns out that within vampires, there are the more stereotypical vampires (Eric) and then ones who have more leeway and are, technically, (although I really don't see it) more human like. I think just because we don't have to sleep during the day and just because I set up this town to ensure we can survive humanely whilst we find a cure for this disease, it doesn't mean that we are any less of a vampire. Oliver would most certainly agree to that, and I think the case of my father puts up a pretty strong argument also.

Then there is the disease: I have only seen Eric twice since I found out we suffered from this disease, and others of his kind merely once or twice as they passed through Morganville – I didn't let them stay, simply because it would interfere with my set up here. I can put up with Eric, although he is a selfish and egocentric creature, but his Queen, Sophie-Anne, (I mean seriously, who came up with the entire 'conquer different areas of America and put Kings and Queens in head positions?) is another kettle of fish. She came here, even though she isn't the 'ruler' of Texas, and ordered me to pay taxes to her! She barely left with her life, I can assure you that, and three of her guards didn't leave at all.

They are so much easier to kill than us, and are much easier targets since they have to sleep during the day – I plan tactical movements whilst I cannot go out in the sun – although I can fight if I have to – but they sleep. I could kill them all as they slumber, but there would be no point in that: I would simply have armies of their kind coming here and disrupting the peace.

Yet here I am, fighting my father once more. I never thought this would have to happen – I thought he had died the first time around. But evidently I was wrong… rather, it was Eric who assured me he was dead, but I needn't go there – if I need his help, I shall have to ring him up now and ask him to come over.

"Are you sure?" Oliver asks me, evidently knowing exactly what I must do. I nod my head, closing my eyes as I consider this – I need backup, as I do not know how many are on my side in this town, so why not take on Eric and his team of vampires? I am sure I can get rid of them quickly and easily once we have won – for good, this time.

"I have to, Oliver, you know that," I sigh, reopening my eyes to look at his concerned expression. I know that he is entirely on my side here, although he is going to be pretending to be a spy for my father: he has hated Bishop ever since he destroyed his family and killed the one woman he loved. I know he would never turn turncoat on me. "I am not strong enough, and we do not have enough vampires, to kill him here without them. I feel Eric is the only solution I have to getting us through this alive," I continue, walking towards the wall and the portal which I pluck from midair.

"And what about your lover?" he presses as he follows me through the portal to my office, shutting the door behind him. "I know you and Eric had a 'fling' in the past, Amelie, so how is Sam going to feel when he sees you with someone else?"

How dare he use my love for Sam against me! I have kept Sam away from me for half a century to keep him safe, to ensure that he doesn't die or something around me, as bad luck circulates me.

"I may have had something with Eric five hundred years ago, but that is no longer relevant," I snap at Oliver, who recoils at the venom in my voice. I pull the jacket Claire loaned me tighter around my body before commencing my search for the telephone book amidst the mess of paperwork which has built up over the past week; with my father in town, work has not been my top priority. Which is something I feel will continue throughout the coming weeks: fighting my father is not a one night event – sometimes it appears you must appear to concede before striking back with a victory…

"Here it is," Oliver says, handing it out to me. I try to take it but he keeps ahold of it before looking me in the eye. "Think carefully about whether or not you wish to do this… if not for you, then for Sam. He deserves better than this, Amelie… if you truly love him, you would be with him…" he continues, but I let the anger I am feeling loose and turn my eyes blazing silver.

"Do not dare to insinuate you know me well enough to be able to make decisions for me, or try to tell me what to do!" I snap, ripping the book from his hands. "Myrnin learnt that a long time ago, and I feel it would be a good idea for you to take a leaf of out his book! I love Sam and I feel nothing for Eric, so if you will excuse me, I have to try and save my town from my father… unless you want him to destroy Morganville as he did your hometown!" I continue, hitting him below the belt (metaphorically speaking) in terms of reminding him what my father is capable of.

His face smoothes out but barely conceals his pain as he nods curtly before walking out of the door. I sigh but search through the phone book for Eric Northman, dialling the number carefully…

"Hello?" a questioning voice answers the phone, and I recognise the silky smooth honey of his voice as if we had been speaking yesterday, rather than fifty, sixty, years ago.

"Eric?" I question, just to clarify that it is him. he chuckles and evidently recognises my voice.

"As if that is my little friend, Amelie," he makes his joke about my size, evidently forgetting just how violent I can be – much more so than him, and he would care to remember that. "It's been fifty years, or more most likely!" he continues, and I grit my teeth slightly, not liking what I have to do.

"Eric, we need your help," I sigh and wonder in my heart why I am doing this…

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