"Noroi no Fubuki!" Yuki-Onna yelled, sending off an icy blue wind that instantly froze her practice dummy all the way down to the core. And after a few moments, the dummy shattered to pieces all on its own. Yuki-Onna merely stared as the straw and other parts of the dummy melted into water. This is how strong her powers have grown.

Yuki-Onna closed her eyes as she felt her power rise and recharge just as the sun started to set. A sudden flash and swirling wind appeared in the Nura household. Her master had just taken up his Night Form she would guess. But then, she had been late. Yuki-Onna started to rush towards the gate, but she accidentally passed her master who was heading to his favorite spot on the sakura tree branch. Not thinking twice, she moved faster.

"Tsurara." Night Rikuo's voice came from behind her, making her freeze. "Where are you going? In such a hurry too."

Yuki-Onna turned her eyes to the side without moving her head and an empty smile tugged her lips. She whirled around and met his intense gaze. "It's only a small task from Master Nurarihyon. I'll be back soon."

Rikuo shrugged his shoulders and kept walking. Yuki-Onna sighed silently. 'Soon' would be the understatement of the century. She could come back, but never stand by his side. Or she could not survive and die altogether. Because honestly, she doesn't believe that she can revive something that had broken down to pieces and shattered into an oblivion. She closed her eyes and a flashback went through her head.


Yuki-Onna lied unconsciously inside a dark and hollow room. It had no doors. And no windows. It only had a rope hanging from the ridiculously tall room, and a hole on two of the walls. One where she and her master entered, and one where he exited, carrying Kana who was tied to the rope with him, but left her behind, covered in bruises and blood. Yuki-Onna looked up. There was no way she could jump that high.

The villainous youkai had already fled and probably died along the way. So that won't be a problem anymore. But Yuki-Onna was pleased when she found out that he kidnapped Kana. But of course, Rikuo wanted to save her. She was really hoping that Kana would just be a thing of the past, but instead she became Rikuo's number one concern.

She decided to sit and wait for something to happen. Hours, and maybe days passed without anything happening. Tears flowed silently from her face as she closed her eyes. And after what seemed like a century, she opened them again and yelled as loud as her voice could go and bursted into sobbing fits as she violently released chilling winds. Why? Because she had just lost to a mere human who couldn't even hit an object without yelping. And this was her shattering point. This is where everything she dared to say all backfired on her.

It was believed that when you fall for someone, you fall into a bottomless cliff where you can't climb up again. But when you confess it, and you are accepted, you will land in a beautiful world that resembles to heaven. But when you are rejected or betrayed, you will hit a ground filled with pointed rocks and poisoned scorpions that will endlessly sting you with all the hurt and all the pain that tears you apart. Just like real poison would.

And that was her. Stung with the poison of heartbrake.

After all her rage had died down, Yuki-Onna looked around once again. She felt so empty. She felt like her soul had just left her body. It felt horrible and at the same time, it felt new. Yuki-Onna soon found herself walking towrads one of the walls. She touched it. Going with the mood, she froze it. Seeping the ice deeper into the metal wall until she froze it thoroughly. Then she touched it again. It felt so delicate, so fragile. And now, she punched it. Breaking the bones in her hand as she did so. But that didn't stop her. She flung her broken hand again, breaking more bones and cracking the ice slightly.

Blood ran through her hand as she figured out that it won't be able to do anything anymore. So she flung her other hand and punched the ice harder, breaking her bones and the ice all at the same time. The frozen wall was just one more smash away from breaking. With a small strand of hope left, she threw another punch and effectively broke the ice, causing the frozen metal wall to fall apart, and leaving an escape hole.

Her face remained expressionless at her accomplishment and walked out. The sun beaming at her hurt figure. She wiped away a remaining tear with her broken hand and walked with her arms limply hanging by her side. Her eyes were empty, and her mouth was frowned slightly as she headed back to the Nura household.

She was never the same ever since. She had learned to bear no feeling.

"So if I find myself... How much will the pain have grown?" She asked to herself. "Can I possibly bare it? Or will it kill me?"

Exhaling in utter desperation, she rushed to the gate once again. Bursting it open as she did so, and ran into the empty and dark streets. Not really caring about the stares she had earned from the other youkais that were passing by, invisible to the human eye. She ran swiftly and gracefully, leaving a trail of chilled air behind her.

Time seemed to fly from her grasp as she mounted her first foot onto the rocky mountain ground. Her yellow eyes stared at the tree leaves above her. Now what? Sit around and sulk? No, no... Just... Remember. Yuki-Onna inhaled and exhaled as she sat in a meditation position on the ground, and looked into herself, closing her eyes. She asked herself a few questions like 'Why did I change' or 'how much pain had been sticking onto herself?' and she answered them easily.

But then, she saw something inside herself. Something white and shaky. She examined it closer and found a young girl that resembled much to herself, but she was beaten up, tattered, and crying. She approached herself, but Yuki-Onna was terrified to be her again. What if she gets hurt again?

She reached out a hand, trying to touch the figure, and as she drew near, the figure evaporated into her finger. Yuki-Onna pulled away instantly, opening her eyes in a flash, just as something similar to daggers stabbed into her back. She whirled her head around to see a giant spider youkai.

Her eyes sharpened and yelled as loudly as she could, "NOROI NO FUBUKI!"

Swirls of frozen air whipped around and grabbed the poor youkai, freezing it ultimately and causing it to break down to chunks of ice. Yuki-Onna coughed out a bit of blood and pulled out the frozen claw that had punctured through her back and out her stomach. "D-damn... I can really put my guard down." She chuckled coldly to herself. And then, she snapped the ice claw apart with just the grip of her hand.

Suddenly, hissing sounds and snapping where heard. Yuki-Onna looked up and saw twelve dozen more spider youkais. She groaned angrily as they charged to avenge their fallen member. Yuki-Onna summoned a blade of ice to her left hand and prepared to counterattack as fiercely as she could in her current fatal condition.

"Master, master!" Nato Kid yelled panickedly to Rikuo who was sitting casually on the sakura tree. "Master, you will miss your meeting with your grandfather if you don't hurry!"

"What are you doing? Last time I checked, it was Tsurara's job to boss me around like that." Rikuo muttered in a clearly annoyed tone.

"Master there is no time to talk about that! Your grandfather is expecting you!" Nato Kid yelled once again. His stress getting worse and worse by the second. Rikuo found that amusing in his own twisted way, and decided to toy around with him some more.

"Calm down, Nato. If I really am running late, Tsurara would be here right now." He said calmly, shrugging his shoulders lightly. Nato yelled at the top of his lungs while rambling how Nurarihyon won't be happy about his current situation, and accidentally yelled out something that finally caught the young master's attention.


"Wait, Tsurara isn't here?" Rikuo asked, finally jumping down from his branch, making Nato gasp and bow to him in shock, planting his face to the ground as he did so. "She hasn't come back yet?"

The small youkai looked up, dirt stuck on his face and said, "Well yes... No one really knew where she went." And then his face turned smug as he got an idea. "Maybe you should ask your grandfather about it...?"

"Very well, you win Nato." Rikuo sighed walking away. Nato grinned (If that's possible) and pumped his tiny fist in the air. Rikuo could care less as he made heavy steps to his grandfather's large room. He slid the door open and sat on the cushion in front of the elderly youkai who was sipping his tea calmly. "Rikuo, you shouldn't keep your grandfather waiting like that." Nurarihyon said.

"Cut the crap old man, I just want to know where Tsurara went." Rikuo cut in sharply.

Nurarihyon smirked leaned to Karasu Tengu who was sitting on his left and smugly said, "I told you someone was bound to tell him anyway..." The crow demon sighed and nodded, "I guess you were right, master..."

Nurarihyon chuckled proudly and turned to his grandson once again, "Now, Rikuo... About your question..."