A/N:Here is my revamped story. I hope you like it. There will be many changes in this story's plot. Okay, time to clean this one up a bit! It's different from your average Mystery Dungeon story. Be warned that it's darker as well.

Chapter 1 Prologue

The darkness was all-consuming, eternally present in this nightmarish world. There was no sunrise or sunset, not anymore; not since the great Temporal Tower had collapsed. Since the fall of Dialga, this world was now forsaken by darkness and misery.

Now, Pokemon struggled to find ways to survive in this harsh wilderness. They still had children, and still raised families. But there was no longer a sense of happiness and security. Instead, an ever-present fear and hostility had overwhelmed the community that lived here.

Everyone had learned that the hard way; not a living soul could trust a stranger, lest he was a member of Dusknoir's secret forces who would occasionally investigate the remnants of the community, searching for signs of dissent.

A few Pokemon were out, trying to gather some food. One was a Pikachu, the other an Absol. The Absol had a scar on his blade that was on the top of his head, and there was a wary look in his eyes as he looked around.

He turned to his friend. "Come on, Shinichi. It looks like the coast is clear. At least, for now."

The Pikachu froze, and started shaking. "But...I don't want to stay here! Not when they could be after us!" He said fearfully.

The Absol sighed. "Shinichi, pull yourself together. We always have people running after us. This is no different."

The Absol's name was Shiro. He and Shinichi were best friends, and had been for a long time. He remembered a time when things had been better, more peaceful. What had happened to those days? Why did they vanish so quickly, like the wind?

The answer lay in a sound that startled the two pokemon. The two of them whirled around to see two ugly, purple pokemon with gems for eyes and nasty, sickle-like claws. These were their pursuers, Sableye.

"We found you, traitors! We will definitely kill you for sure!" One hissed, diving at Shiro, who ducked.

Shiro unleashed a Razor Wind at one, but nothing happened. "Crap!" He cursed, and decided to use an Iron Tail. It hit the Sableye, and stunned it briefly.

The other came at Shinichi, who screamed and ran.

"Shinichi, how many times have I told you to be brave?" Shiro scolded.

"Oh, uh...right!" Shinichi said.

Shinichi overcame his fear a few seconds later, and emitted a Shock Wave straight at the Sableye. "Eat that!"

The two Sableye staggered at the force of the blows, but they eventually got back on their feet, and were joined by three more.

Shiro and Shinichi looked at one another. Upon deciding they were outnumbered, they both fled into the woods.

The five Sableye took off after them, but they were nowhere to be found. "Dammit!" One said.

"You fool! At this rate, Dusknoir-sama will...he will..." He began, but shook his head in horror.

"We can try to follow their tracks. They should be nearby," Another said.

"Why don't you deal with me first?" An unknown voice jeered.

The five pokemon whirled around, to see a figure in a dark cloak watching them. They could just make out a smirk on the figure's lips. "Who the hell are you?" One hissed, diving at the figure.

The figure only smirked, and whispered something. A pulsating blast of energy formed in his paws, and he unleashed it onto the Sableye, which killed him.

The others looked on in horror upon seeing their comrade die, but their fury escalated. "You'll pay for that!"

He just smirked. "Really? I'm afraid it's the other way around." He said, and the next thing they knew, they were out cold, and the figure was gone.

This figure in a cloak stared coldly at the Sableye who lay unconscious. They must be underlings of Dusknoir...that figures. He's still trying to capture us, huh?

The pokemon smiled sadly. He knew why he and his...former friends were wanted. He knew all too well. They were dissidents, traitors, who had tried to overthrow the government that currently ruled this land in an iron fist.

But they had failed horribly.

He had always managed to evade detection. He was quite astute, but his arrogance could get the best of him at times. He turned and started walking down the forest path, studying the footsteps of his former comrades.

"They should be around here somewhere..." He said to himself, but after searching a while, he gave up, and returned to his current abode, a small cave, "I hope Grovyle is all right," He muttered quietly, removing his cloak to reveal an orange weasel.

He was a Floatzel, with three long scars crossing his face, from the top of his face all the way to his chin. These were his insignia.

Everyone recognized those scars, because many had witnessed his brandishment and exile from his land. This punishment was for trying to topple the dictatorship.

His companions, well...most of them were dead, or exiled, like his friends Shinichi and Shiro. Some had joined his enemies.

This was Kentachi, a shadow of his former self. He had nothing or no one left since that day, but he still persevered, believing somehow, he could stop Dusknoir. In the beginning, he'd been careless, and it had cost him.

His gaze drifted over to a notebook that was open on the table, his notebook. It was worn, and soiled from constant use. Writing was all he could do now. It maintained his sanity. He picked up a small utensil, which looked a little bit like a pencil, and began writing.

"Dear Diary,

Today was another hellish day. Another day of lies, evasion, and killing. That's how it always is. But, I think I have come up with an ingenious plan, a way to make things right. Grovyle and I were together yesterday, with his partner, who is a human. The two of us figured out that somehow, if Celebi can make a portal to go to the past, that all of this can be prevented. Perhaps they can save my friends.

This is our last-ditch effort. This is my story. No, it's our story. A story of despair, of love, of tragedy, and drama. A warning to those who I hope will read this...I hope you will not make the same mistakes we made, past self.


He put down his pencil, and sighed.

Suddenly, he heard a sound. It sounded like...a footstep.

"Is it you?" He whispered, turning around.

There was no reply. No sign of her. He didn't even notice a small figure watching him in the darkness turn and walk away slowly.

The figure knew she couldn't see him any longer. It was too dangerous. "I know that," She whispered to herself.