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Good Boy Kurt

Chapter Ninety

For two days Dad has successfully managed to avoid me, an interesting feat in such a small house, he's used the over crowding to his advantage so I've never had a moment alone with him.

And now it's school and Dad is leading the way into the building, he wants to sign the consent forms for football, the last ones haven't run out but he wants to be up to date just in case. He's also spoken to David and I'm rejoining Glee.

Since then David has dragged me to one side and made me promise that if I get upset I will quit, and he means both football and Glee. We're still not sure what prompted the slushy attack from my friends and he doesn't want me to get hurt, he's also going with me this morning when I rejoin, to back me up and give me his support.

Walking next to my Dad I can see the students looking and whispering, ah the rumour mill is going to be in full swing since every time my Dad is seen here something big happens, that annoying kid with the blog is taking a photo of us, my hands itch to shave his hair off, I'd be doing him a favour.

At Coach Beiste's office Dad signs the forms and they chat about all the boys and how their various Christmases have been. She's pleased I've reconciled and that I'm living with my family, when Dad tells her about David being there too she smiles, "I'm glad someone can see the potential in that kid," she says.

Going to Mr Schue's office we beat him there and I now have a rare moment of alone time with my Dad, clearing my throat I ask, "Dad?"

"Yeah kiddo?" He answers staring around at the room and looking at the posters.

I'm really not sure how to bring this up, what if he changes his mind and splits us up again, "Um," I decide to just blurt it out, "Why are you suddenly okay with me and David?"

That gets me one of his unreadable looks and I squirm a little, "You really are so much like your mom," he says softly and that sad expression flits across his face he still loves her so much. "I'm not suddenly okay with you and Dave," he tells me and my stomach lurches, "But it's clear that you do love him, and I've had a chance to see him with you, he really does love you too," and a smile settles on my face, "Doesn't mean it will last, relationships take more than love, they take hard work. I'm not happy that he bullied you, or that his family is so abusive, and I'm really not happy with the way you two sneaked around though I understand why his family couldn't know, I'm still disappointed that you didn't come to me Buddy, that you didn't tell me," I stare down at my sneakers at that rebuke, "But I am proud of how long the pair of you waited before you got physical, that you bothered to get to know each other, and that you both obviously respect each other, so I'm going to butt out for now, and I'm gonna wait, if he messes up I'll get to beat him up or show him my shotgun, at close range, if he doesn't I get a boy who makes my boy very happy, and he'll be someone I can learn to trust to take care of someone very special to me."

Trust Dad to bring the shotgun into it, "Thanks Dad," I tell him gratefully and I have every confidence that David will prove to Dad how great he is.

And that is when David and Mr Schue appear. It doesn't take long to get me reinstated and David sprawls in a chair next to me, his knee touching mine and I really appreciate him being there even if I don't need it.

Saying goodbye Dad leaves for the day to go to the garage. We're all waiting for Paul Karofsky to come back so that Dad and the other nineteen people Gabriel foreclosed on can go and see that man to find out what they can do. David isn't that hopeful, he thinks his dad will just go along with his son's decisions, but that if handled right Paul will let people buy their homes back and start a new mortgage without any trouble, that way the man looks generous but he's still got people by their loans and bank accounts.

Holding hands David and I follow Mr Schue into the choir room, it almost feels like I'm coming home, all the other Glee kids are sitting there and I get various greetings thrown at me as I grin and wave, they even greet David nicely, things are looking up. Standing at the piano by Brad is Blaine, he's here for his audition, not that he needs one, he sings 'Blackbird' the same song I sang for him and the Warblers when poor Pavarotti died, and as Blaine keeps looking at me while he's singing I think we may have a problem.

After the somewhat disastrous kiss at Rachel's I wonder if anyone has mentioned to Blaine that the offer is now off, that he's not joining us, clearly not.

Blaine finishes to thunderous applause and welcoming shouts. I clap politely. And Blaine is thankfully swept up by Rachel and dragged to sit by her.

"Well Blaine," Mr Schue says, "It's great to have you here and I'm sure you'll be a wonderful addition to New Directions," that gets more clapping and shouts. Turning to me Mr Schue says, "Welcome back Kurt, we've missed you, it simply hasn't been the same without you."

Blushing I thank him and then Rachel jumps up, "Mr Schue, it you would indulge us for a moment, we the Glee club, but not Lauren or Blaine because they weren't here, would like to take this time to apologise to Kurt for our actions. We should never have done that to you, we were wrong."

They mean the slushy attack and my blood runs cold, David grips my hand tightly as the other kids mummer their own apologies to me. Standing up Finn joins Rachel, "As one of the leaders I should have said no, I didn't know who Dave really was, we thought he was abusing you, it was a dumb idea I should have stopped it," and those big brown eyes are full of shame, guilt and remorse, he's so very sorry and it's eating at him. I just can't stay mad at Finn it's nearly impossible and he's trying so hard to be a good brother to me now and being nice to David too.

"Boo," Mercedes says, "We know it's no excuse but after you left your Dad's we kinda ended up having an emergency meeting at Rachel's and we got really drunk, like the last big time," oh my they were a mess that time and I still can't believe they performed on stage drunk, I'm glad I stuck to my morals and refused to drink. "It turned into a planning meeting and we came up with the plan to break you two up and shock you back to your senses," she shoulders slump, "And, well, you know what happened next."

That's why they slushied me? They got drunk and came up with a seriously stupid plan? I cling to David's hand in shock.

Tina says, "We normally turn to you for an intervention, but obviously we couldn't, and any intervention we've ever done that you didn't help with has always failed," a tear runs down her face, "I'm so sorry Kurt, if we'd only talked to you."

Brittany speaks up, "I told them it was a bad idea, I didn't even carry a cup, it's cold." Sweet, sweet Brittany.

Growling David gets to his feet and steps in front of me, "That's it? That's the fucking reason you all ganged up on him and slushied him? You complete bastards, he needed you, he was so broken up over his dad and you shits turned on him. He cried his eyes out for hours, I had to put him in the bath just to warm him up, I can't believe you freaking idiots have the fucking nerve to stand there and think that saying I'm sorry makes it better just like that. What kind of friends are you anyway?"

Most of the girls are crying and the boys stare at the floor as David rants at them, not that I blame him I want to rant too. Though you'd have to be a part of Glee to understand why their actions make a crazy type of sense, they never have been able to pull off an intervention, and I've always been proud of the ones I've put together, they've always worked.

"Get out," Mr Schue's voice is quiet but carries in the silent room as he points to the door.

"I..." David says, "Mr Schue I'm sorry for my language but what they did to Kurt..." he tries to appeal to the teacher.

Frowning, the normally cheerful man says, "Not you Dave, or Lauren, or Blaine, and certainly not Kurt. No the rest of you, I am so incredibly disappointed in you all," they collectively flinch at that, "How many times have you come in here and complained about the slushy facials? About not belonging? About being alone? You even wrote a song together about it, you won Regionals with it." He shakes his head, "And then you did that. Get out, for one month you go back to being out there, no Glee, no singing, no auditorium, and you remember what it felt like when you joined Glee, when you found a home, a family, a place to belong. Until then you're not welcome here."

"Mr Schue," Finn looks ready to cry, he loves Glee, it's one of the few things at school he likes.

Stubbornly the nicest teacher in the whole school shakes his head, "No Finn," and now Mr Schue looks ready to cry, "You will learn this lesson, you will face the consequences of your actions."

I'm utterly numb as one by one they shuffle out of the choir room devastated and upset.

"Err guys, if you can give me until lunch time we'll talk about schedules then," and Mr Schue bolts for his office, I think he's crying now, and this is the reason I kept it from him in the first place, he should never of had to learn what his students did to me, he's too sweet and trusting.

Trembling in my seat I let David pull me up and into a hug as he comforts me, muttering in my ear about idiot Gleeks and their fucking crazy ideas, why don't they just learn to do things normally?

Lauren says something about going to get Miss Pillsbury for Mr Schue and then she's gone, which leaves Blaine, who I ignore too caught up in my own little drama to pay him much attention.

When the bell rings David walks me to class with Blaine trailing along behind us like a little lost puppy, no I can't think puppy, he's not like me, lamb, yes, that will do, like a little lost lamb, he has the curls for it.

Dropping me off at my class David tells me he'll see me later as he goes to escort Blaine to his lesson and he intends to give him a mini tour at the same time. Blaine looks back at me beseechingly and I give him a smile and make shooing motions as I turn to walk into class.

Lessons pass me by like lightening I'm baffled as to what I'm supposed to be feeling, I'm bouncing around so much in my head, relief that they don't hate me, disbelief that they would do it in the first place, reassurance that they'll never do it again, pain from everything, adrift and unsure I stroll unseeing down the corridor after my lessons. I'm not hungry and it's lunchtime, David will be upset if I don't eat.

My feet are suddenly no longer on solid ground and the far too familiar crash against the lockers stuns me as I slide to the ground pain blooming on my side before a hand grabs my clothes and holds me up, the cold metal digging into my shoulder blades. It's the boy who was expelled, Sebastian Hyde, or something like that.

"Hey Twinkle Toes," he mocks me, "Guess what, I'm back, and hey we're both on the same football team," he grins evilly, "I can't wait for practice, imagine what will happen if a tiny slip of thing like you accidently on purpose got a bad tackle, tut tut, now that'd hurt." He laughs at me and I get angry at him.

"Let go of me you Neanderthal," I hiss at him, "And for your information I'm the kicker so the chances of you getting close to me are slim to none, and even if you were so damn stupid as to lay one finger on me not only would my boyfriend give you the beating of your life my brothers would too."

Rattling me he keeps on smiling, "Yeah well I heard that your bros got kicked out of your little gay singing club, so I bet they're not that happy with you at the moment, and I can handle that fairy you're screwing."

"Hey!" A voice calls out and a jock I don't know is walking towards us, oh please let the fact I'm on the football team actually help me. The boy looks like he's barely twelve and he muscles his way between us.

"Later bitch," Hyde calls over his shoulder as he walks off, I see a cheerio attach herself to his arm, it's Chastity, she smirks at me and snuggles into her new man, I wish them well in the clinic to clear up all the diseases I'm sure she's got and that she'll pass on to him.

"Are you okay?" The young jock asks, I nod automatically and then he's picking up my bag and holding onto me as he says, "You have Glee right?"

"Um, yes," I agree and then I am escorted there, he even carries my bag in for me.

"Kurt," Mr Schue says, "Are you okay? Did something happen?"

I don't even get a chance to open my mouth, "I think he's okay," the jock says, his voice breaking in places as he's finally hit puberty, I can't believe I was theoretically rescued by this child, "One of the jocks had him pinned to a locker and I think he was threatening him."

Can my day get any more surreal? A jock informing on another jock and not tidying it up by lying?

While Mr Schue fusses over me the jock leaves and I don't even know his name. Led over to a chair by Mr Schue the teacher says, "Well I was going to do a love songs week, and I was going to get you to sing your favourite love song to the group, something that talks to you personally, whether about the person you're currently in love with or someone else like a family member or close friend, but since there are now only three of you I'm not sure if that would be the right lesson."

Blaine politely lifts his hand up, and after Mr Schue acknowledges him he says, "Perhaps that could still work, I have a song but I'd need a partner," he gives me this love struck look, oh I am in trouble now, as much as I like Blaine that moment at Rachel's has sorted a few things out for me, I chose David over Blaine. If there had been no David I'm sure I'd be happy with Blaine, but now I have David Blaine simply isn't enough, he can't give me what I need, not like David can.

"If you're sure?" Me Schue asks and the boy nods as collected and controlled as ever. "Well alright then, love songs it is."

Getting up Blaine strolls towards me and I can see the impending doom about to happen when Lauren intercepts him and physically manhandles him over to the other side of the room talking about their amazing upcoming duet, Blaine's face makes me wish I had a camera. I nod my thanks to Lauren and she nods back. Pulling out my ipod I go through the list of songs to find one I can sing that wont cause Blaine to think I'm in love with him.

I'll ask David to talk to Blaine and explain things.

A bell rings and I try to flee for the door when Mr Schue calls me back, he then walks me to my next class, "I'm not risking it Kurt," he says, "I know I'm not the most observant person but I won't let another boy bully you like Dave used to, you make sure you come to me or another teacher, and make sure you tell your friends and family too," he pats my shoulder and watches as I go into the classroom.

The rest of the day is just as confusing to me, I don't see anyone I know but I keep my guard up in the hallways just in case Hyde comes back. And then it's football practice, I'm looking forward to taking my frustrations out on the ball, the guys are all friendly to me as I get changed, apart from Hyde who glares daggers at me. When David gets there I stand by him and help him with his pads.

Under his breath David asks, "Babe, you hanging in there?" I nod, I'm still reeling from everything that's happened, I'm so glad David is part of my life I know that I can lean on him if I have to, and that he'll lean on me too. As long as he is there everything is going to work out, eventually. "We'll talk later, just the two of us," he sneaks a kiss onto my cheek.

"Okay David," I tell him, and I can wait until later to inform him of Blaine's crush and Hyde's attack, and even my rescue by a kid.

A whistle blows and Mr Cutler math non-teacher and all round moron struts into the locker room, oh no what does he want? "Coach Beiste has been called away due to a family emergency, so I kindly agreed to fill in for her," he smiles that horrible smile as my stomach sinks through the floor, can this day get any worse? Apparently it can, "And I think what we need is some new blood, so Hyde is the new quarterback effective immediately."

Shouts, yells and boos start up drowning out the teacher, he blows on his whistle to no avail, Hyde stands there smirking at us all, it seems no one likes him in the slightest, it's a second from exploding into violence. In the end Finn stands on a bench and waves his hands, the room goes quiet, surely that is enough of a clue to get the teacher to realise Hyde doesn't have the pull to make these guys work as a team. Finn's an idiot, but he's a very charismatic idiot, people follow him.

"Right everyone outside and let's do some warm ups," Mr Cutler blows the whistle again and marches out Hyde on his heels.

We all stand there sullenly and Finn says, "Come on guys, it's just 'til Coach comes back," then we all reluctantly go out and onto the field where it's cold and dark and muddy.

Eww so much mud.

It turns out that Mr Cutler's ability to teach math far outstrips his ability be a football coach, we do warm ups and run about aimlessly. Every time the teacher gives us an order we wait until Finn tells us to do it. As I'm the kicker Mr Cutler won't even let me kick the ball, in fact he won't even let me near it. The whole thing is completely pointless and it's a very dispirited team that goes back to the locker room.

Changing I go into the showers and pick an empty stall away from the other boys, I don't want to provoke anyone, they might not remember they need me. David stomps in to a stall next to me. "That was a fucking shitty practice," he mutters, "That douche needs to drop dead," I wonder which one he means, Hyde to Cutler.

Most of the jocks are muttering and unhappy, Mr Cutler is not a very successful Coach, even Ken Tanaka was better and that says something.

Getting dressed I gather my things and smile as David strolls up to me, he picks my bag up and takes my hand, which is when Mr Cutler says, "You two, this locker room needs tidying, and as you're both homos I'm sure you won't mind the girly jobs around here, oh and it had better be good or you're both off the team, as assistant coach I have that power until Shannon's back." The megalomaniac little twit.

I know exactly what Coach is going to say when she gets back and I want to be there to hear it.

Sticking my tongue out at the teacher's retreating back I glance at David who snorts and says, "Dick," under his breath. The other guys all leave after commiserating with us, I feel a mutiny brewing.

Finn hovers for a moment, "Err, we'll see you both at home?" He waves to the mess in the locker room, "Or we could give you a hand?"

"S'Cool," David says, "We'll see you in a little while." And we start cleaning up, it's not much and it's done really quickly. Looking around afterwards David crooks his finger at me and pushes me gently against our locker, "It's been a while since we had some time together," he says, his eyes are darkening, "I think we should take advantage of that."

Standing there I lick my lips and smile, finally something is going right today, I deliberately lift my hands up and out to the sides. Stepping forward David puts his hands on mine and pins me, then his mouth comes down and he presses the barest slightest kisses lovingly on my lips.

His thumbs move so they sit in the middle of my palms and then he rubs little circles there, my palms tingle and I groan at the soft sweet pleasure shooting through me.

Kissing around my face he makes me giggle and then he nuzzles my neck carefully, I sigh and lean into him, "Hmm, you smell all clean," his breath tickles my ear just before he bites on my earlobe, I moan quietly.

Giving me one last kiss he tugs my hand, "Come on you, home, and food, and talking, and sleeping," grimacing he says, "And hopefully we'll have the good news that Coach is coming back real soon, or that dick is gonna get himself lynched by the players."

"Not just lynched David, I think they'll string him up on those big dummy things and take turns running at it," I snark and David laughs agreeing with me, it earns me another kiss.

Strolling through the darkened, empty school I yawn, today has been a bit of a roller coaster ride, I need some time to rest and sort it all out, the solid warmth of David beside me is very comforting.

Stepping out into the cold we turn towards the deserted car park as a voice calls out to us, "David, son, how was your day?" I don't believe it, Paul Karofsky is standing there smiling that soft smile at us.

David stops dead in his tracks and looks about as Solomon steps up beside his dad. "Hey Dad, you're back early, rumour had you gone for a few more days," my master's voice is neutral and his face is hiding his true emotions.

Taking a step back I move behind David a little and glance around behind us so we can't be sneak attacked that way.

"And there is your bride to be," Paul sounds happy to see me. "David I may have been a little hasty in how I handled your being gay." He went ballistic, how is that being hasty? "I now realise I was wrong." My head jerks up, did he really just say that? "So I've been thinking and I realised I'm your legal guardian, at least until you're eighteen," Oh no he's worked it out just like my Dad did, "So you'll come home with me until then like the good son I know you are, I'm really proud of how well you've done on your own."

David's hand is sweaty in mine, he's afraid of his father for good reason, "Thanks dad, but I'm fine," he turns his dad down.

The smile falls off of Paul's face, "I don't think you realise what you just said son," his hands bunch and Solomon steps away from him fear on his face. "You're coming back home one way or another," there is a threat in his voice. "You will be a good son and do as you're told, because one day all this is going to be yours, you're the only one worthy of it. Gabe's a mess, Cain's an idiot, Solomon could do it but he lacks the imagination. You for all your gayness are it, the perfect son," the smile is cruel and evil.

"Yeah, is that right," David says, "And what do Gabe, Cain and Solomon say about that?"

"Cain's too stupid to realise," Paul says, and Cain has managed to get out of this one, I suppose his acting skills have served him well. "Gabe is too much of a loose cannon to understand, but Solomon here is fine with it," and Solomon does look like he's fine with it.

Going silent David thinks furiously and I keep scanning the darkness around us to make sure we don't get ambushed. "If I decide to come back home it's only until I'm eighteen," and I'm glad I'm hiding behind David because my jaw just dropped, what is David doing?

Nodding Paul says, "I thought you'd say that son, so independent, so ready to be a man," he sounds proud of him. "Once you're eighteen you can go back to living wherever it is you currently are, but I expect you to go to college, you're not like Cain, you're smart."

"I've always intended to go to college," David says.

"I know," Paul agrees, "Though there was that incident when your grades slipped, but I can understand why now," that gentle kind smile is back, it's creepy, "You'd found the one you wanted and he needed some persuasion before he understood his place was with you," oh, Paul means me, he doesn't realise it was because David's gramps died that triggered David lashing out at people so dramatically, and at me in particular.

Digging into his pocket for his mobile David lets go of my hand and then rings a number, "Hey Mr H, yeah is me sir, look something's come up with my dad and I need someone to pick Kurt up," he pauses and listens while I struggle to keep up, what does he mean? "Yeah at the school car park, I'm gonna be living with my dad 'til I'm eighteen, yes sir I know, okay, thanks." Clicking the phone off my master looks down at me, "Stay here and wait for your Dad to come get you," he tells me and I nod even as I'm screaming inside for him to stay, David touches my face, "It won't be long, my birthday's soon," I see the panic in his eyes, the fear, he doesn't want to go, he's already escaped once.

"Yes David, I will miss you David," I can at least be this honest with Paul and Solomon eavesdropping on our conversation. My hands are just as sweaty as David's now. Come on Dad, hurry up, maybe he can save David from his own father.

"Okay son, let's go we have lots to talk about," and I see my boyfriend pale at those words.

"In a minute sir," he says and then starts ordering me, "Now Kurt I want you to behave, I don't want to hear anything bad, just because you are going to be living with your dad doesn't mean you can just laze around, it's only a few weeks and I expect you to welcome me back properly," David's voice is hard and cruel, and all the while he is fiddling with his phone sending a quick message. He whispers, "Phone Cain, I've sent his number to Noah."

Staying in character I nod and say meekly, "Yes David, I promise I'll be good, and everything will be clean and ready for you to come back." Whispering too I tell him, "Yes, and be careful."

I get a kiss on my forehead and then David is gone striding over to his dad who congratulates him on training me so well. Even Solomon is impressed. They get in David's truck and I stand there helplessly and watch my master drive away back to his evil family and there is nothing I can do about it.

A gust of wind hits me and I shiver from the cold, wrapping my arms around me I wait in the car park all alone in the dark and mentally urge my Dad to hurry and I try to stop my brain from worrying about what Paul is going to do to David once he gets him home.

And that is the end of GBK

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