Summary: Serenity Starr is the youngest, and only, tribute to win the Games being the age of 12. This is her story through the games and after when she meets Haymitch, who will end up being the love of her life. This is just as if THG and CF were real and she existed but she was Haymitch's secret. Hope you guys like and R&R.

Part one: The Youngest Tribute

In District Four the reapings go by like a breeze. To us, the Hunger Games are the most prestige and honorable thing in the world. And just to be chosen is like being the wealthiest person in the world.

Up at the stage is the usual. There's Mags, the fifty-something year old mentor that's here every year. Then there's Wave, the newest mentor that won three years ago. There's Trixxa Knight, the Capitol escort. There's Mayor Derter and the usual two tributes just waiting to be chosen.

This is my first reaping, I just turned twelve two days ago. Am I excited? Just a little. I never got to experience a reaping when I'm actually part of it. But if I wasn't excited then I wouldn't be able to say I'm from District Four. I take pride in my district.

I'm dressed in my favorite pair of jeans that cling to my skin. Rhinestones are bedazzled all over the pockets. As for my shirt I wore a simple white cotton see-through shirt. Since it's see-through and I'm not a slut I used a bikini top as a bra. Maybe in other districts, dressing like this is offensive but not here in good 'ol District Four.

"Let's go backwards this year!" Trixxa says in her Capitol accent that I just adore. Other people find it annoying or silly but I think it's sweet. She seems to think going backwards is the most brilliant idea there is.

Her dyed pink hand dives into the pool full of male names. She picks the one at the very bottom and you can see this because of the glimpse of pink in the transluctant bowl. Trixxa fishes the slip of paper and unfold it. "Blue Tressas."

A boy that has to be around seventeen stumbles onto the stage. He's pretty handsome, I'll give him that. His eyes are amber like the color of honey. His hair is tawny brown. His jaw is strong. His body is well built. It's quite obvious. Blue Tressas is a Career.

"Isn't he a handsome one?" Trixxa asks perkily to the roaring crowds. "Now for the girls!" Her process with the female names is different. She just picks the first one her hand touches at the surface.

"Serenity Starr!" Trixxa cries.

The insides of me freeze. But I plaster a smile on my face as I walk up the stage. I feel sick but I still stand next to Blue and flash my perfect teeth to the crowd. I just forget about everything for a second and look up at Blue. Next to him I'm a munchkin. He's like 5"9 and I'm only 5"1. He grins down at me and I continue to smile back up at him.

He gives me a slight nod and I blink. Our hands entwign. It's a symbol of Career alliances. I just told him I'm a career or at least I'll try. At the same time he's telling me he'll be my ally.

"Isn't that such a sweet name? I'd die to have a natural name like that!" Trixxa gushes. "I give you District Four's tributes!"

I looked into the crowd to find my mother. Needless to say she was sobbing her eyes out. I felt a pang of guilt. Here I was smiling like I won millions of dollars and she's heartbroken thinking that I'm going to die in a few days.

Blue and I unfasten our hands to depart to the Justice Building where we say our goodbyes. Before we turn he looks at me and says, "The Games just started, Starr."

I smirk and reply, "I familiar with how to play, Tressas."

The first person to visit me is my mother, who is still bawling her eyes out. She crushes me in a death grip. From the words I can make out between tears she doesn't want me to kill people. She wants me to stay the innocent girl I am.

I pull away from her. "Mom I'm going to do whatever it takes to win even if that means..." I told her, not being able to say the 'k' word.

She bursts into more hysteria. "My own daughter, a murderer."

At that comment I just about had enough. I tell her I lover her and snap for the guards to escort her out. She thinks that trying to guilt me will make me not committ the crime. But she always forgets I'm all she has left but she's not all I have left.

My next, and last, visitors are my older sister, Trinity, and her husband, Troy. Her and my mother hate each other. Trinity ran off to get married two years ago at eighteen. Trinity still remains as my older sister and fulfills her duties like one should. Troy is like a brother to me, more or less. And sad to say, I'd rather live with them.

Trinity strangles me in an embrace. She isn't crying but her eyes are red and glistening with fresh tears. When she releases me I hug Troy. He plants a tiny kiss on my forehead.

Trin grabs my shoulders and makes me look her right in her eyes. "Promise me you'll win. Promise me!" She finally lets the tears stream down her cheeks.

"Trin, Serenity is probably shaken already, you shouldn't make it worse." Troy soothes my sister. She calms down at the sound of his voice but I'm sure I can see her sanity level going up.

I still promise her I'll do everything I can to make sure I come out. I'm not kidding anyone though. These stupid Games have been going on for forty nine years and no one has won younger than fourteen. It doesn't matter what district I come from.

Trinity is crying when she leaves. Troy stays behind to give me one last word. "We were going to tell you today." He says.

I look at him curiously. "Tell me what?

"Trin's pregnant." He says quietly. Finally, a real smile washes over my face.

"Oh." Is all I can really say.

"You mean the world to her, you know, Serenity." He pauses then corrects "To us. You know you're like my little sister. Can you just try to win, for us?"

Instead of repeating myself and saying I'll try I say, "I won't just try, I'll do it."

I just hope my lying is as promising as twenty two other kids dying with me.